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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, My Lover (Chapter 4)[18+]


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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, My Lover (Chapter 4)[18+]

“That’s it baby, you love me.” Chioma stated confidently.

I ignored this statement. As I continued to lick her fingers, Chioma reached into the waist of my trousers and underwear and grabbed my now rock-hard cock and began pumping it very quickly. Again I felt overwhelmed, I ran my hand up her flawless leg and reached her wet pussy lips. I slid 2 fingers into her and started sliding them in and out.

Chioma again let out a long moan. I heard some noise in the kitchen and returned to sanity, I promptly removed my fingers from her pussy. Chioma removed her hand from my cock, grabbed my hand, and sucked my 2 fingers into her mouth. She then gave me a smile and a wink with my fingers still in her mouth. She then removed them and leaned close to my ear.

“I love you baby.” after she said this she licked my ear.

I was shocked by this sentence, I was starting to think this girl was absolutely crazy. Chioma again winked and returned to her seat.

“Lick the rest of my juices of your fingers.” this sounded like an order from Chioma.

I did love the taste of her, so I moved my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean. As I removed my fingers from my mouth, Bidemi turned the corner with some drinks for the 3 of us. Chioma resumed her best friend act, which I had to say she was exceedingly good at.

As we carried on our conversation, every once in a while Chioma would make eye contact with me, then look down to her pussy, leading my eyes to her uncovered lips, which she showed me several times.

Finally some other guests arrived, some of my friends and some of Bidemi’s had arrived at the same time, we invited them in and introduced Chioma to them.

All the girls headed to the kitchen, and not surprisingly as soon as they left, all of my friends were talking about Chioma. It was about all the comments you would expect, she’s so hot, those breasts are huge, those legs and that ass. I knew these things all too well.

More and more friends arrived and soon the house was quite busy and loud. I had managed to avoid Chioma since our earlier encounter but then found myself upstairs with Bidemi, Chioma, and some of Bidemi’s other friends. I had expected some of Bidemi’s friends to hate Chioma, but they all seemed to love her, this girl was good with people that’s for sure.

“Honey, Chioma is super horny.” Bidemi said, this immediately caught me off guard and I felt panicked, “could you take her downstairs and introduce her to some of your friends, maybe she’ll find one she likes.”

“Let’s go, matchmaker,” Chioma said moving beside me.

I thought it might be a good idea if I could get Chioma focused on one of my friends, maybe she would leave me alone. We walked down the hall and turned the corner heading for the stairs.

As we turned the corner Chioma grabbed my hand and pulled me hard into the bathroom. She pushed me further into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, locking it, and pressing her back up against the door blocking the exit.

“What are you doing?!” I asked, beginning to get frustrated.

Sure I had behaved inappropriately, and surely hadn’t done enough to discourage this behaviour from Chioma. Hell, my fingers had been in her pussy while my wife was in the next room. But, for the first time with this sexy girl, I employed some common sense. This had gone too far, and I decided I had had enough.

“This has to stop!” I told Chioma firmly.

“I’m the one in charge here, baby, we’re totally in love with each other.” Chioma smiled her evil smile at me.

“I’m in love with Bidemi! I’m a married man.” I felt better about myself finally doing the right thing.

“I know you’re in love with me! Now kiss me, show me how much you love me.” This girl was insane.

“Get the fuck out of my way!” I had had enough and reached to move Chioma out of the way.

As I grabbed her by the waist to move her, she grabbed my cock through my jeans and started rubbing it, at the same time she wrapped her other arm around my neck and shoved her tongue into my mouth.

I was not about to let myself be seduced by this woman again, so I used both hands around her waist to pick her up and spin her around away from the door. As I did this she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, never removing her tongue from my mouth.

I removed my hands from her waist, but she held on tight with her legs, and her tongue was relentless in my mouth. I turned a little and this allowed her to sit on the counter in the bathroom, big mistake, this only allowed her to get a tighter hold of me with her legs.

This girl was much stronger than she looked. I tried to reach in between us to push her away, but my hands ended up on her large firm breasts. She squealed with delight into my mouth as my hands touched her luscious breasts. She reached down right into my trousers and underwear and started stroking my cock, which I’m sad to say, was hard again. Finally, she broke her lips away from mine.

“Fuck me, my love, right here right now,” Chioma demanded.

“No! I’m not doing this with you anymore!” I was determined.

“Awwww, but if you don’t I’ll have to ruin your little party.” Chioma threatened.

“What do you mean?” I asked a little worried.

“I’ll walk out of the bathroom and start crying, then I’ll go tell Bidemi and all of her friends that you took me into the bathroom and made me touch your cock, and tried to make me suck it.” Chioma had a truly evil smile on her face as she said this.

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