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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, My Lover (Chapter 3)[18+]


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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, My Lover (Chapter 3)[18+]

“Mmmmmmm, that was great baby, I’m glad you want me as bad as I want you.” Chioma’s voice was full of lust.

“Okay, you got what you wanted, can you let me go now please?” I probably should have been more forceful given the situation.

“Based on how hard your cock feels against my pussy, I would say it’s what we both wanted baby.” Chioma gave me another small peck on my lips after saying this.

“Look, this is really bad, I need to go now.” I was pleading with her.

“I think I’m the one in control here. All I have to do is lift my hips a little and I could get that hard cock to slide right inside me, do you wanna fuck me baby?” my cock twitched at her words.

“That’s not gonna happen!”, again panic began to overtake me.

“Like I said, I’m in control here, give me another kiss like that and I’ll let you go.” Chioma’s eyes twinkled as she said this.

I decided to relent, sensing my acceptance, Chioma returned her lips to mine and again pushed her tongue into my mouth. I put my arms back around her and put both of my hands on the soft skin of her ass. I kissed her back, sliding my tongue out into her mouth.

Again I heard Chioma’s sexy moan as I kissed her passionately. I won’t lie, I was enjoying the kiss. Chioma resumed grinding her pussy lips against my cock, but this time the motion was up and down, causing my shaft to slide along her pussy lips. Even underwater I could tell that her pussy was very wet.

Suddenly I felt her legs tighten around my waist, and she lifted her hips up a bit higher. As she started to settle back, I now realized the head of my cock was resting against her pussy lips. This time Chioma broke our kiss, and our eyes met.

Again I was transfixed by the beautiful shade of brown. Chioma raised one of her eyebrows almost as though she was asking me a question, I knew what she had in mind, and I immediately began to protest. Before I could get a word out, Chioma shifted her weight down, and my hard cock slid into her tight wet pussy.

Chioma’s face then turned to what I can only describe as slut face. Her jaw dropped just a little and her mouth was partly open, she immediately moaned in pleasure as inch by inch slid inside of her. I was in shock, and certain the expression on my face matched the feeling.

“Mmmmmmmmm baby! You’re SO big!” Chioma loved my thick 9 inches.

“You have to stop!!” I was completely panicked and turned on.

“I can’t believe you’re cheating on Bidemi!” Chioma’s mischievous smile took on an evil quality now.

It was obvious she was enjoying her little game. I tried to lift her off of my cock with my hands on her ass. Just as she was almost off, she tightened her legs again and drove her pussy back down on my cock. This time I couldn’t help but moan a little, and my resolve was weakened.

Chioma heard my moan and was revelling in it. Chioma started bouncing up and down just a little on my cock, keeping most of it inside her.

“I knew you wanted me, baby!” Chioma’s confidence and her words were only making me harder.

I again realized what I was doing and tried to lift Chioma off of my cock, but again right as she was almost off, she tightened her legs and drove her pussy back down.

“OH GOD!!! Give me that married cock baby!” Chioma yelled this loud enough for neighbours within a few houses to hear.

Chioma again drove her tongue into my mouth. But her words were very sobering for me, and with all my strength I lifted her off of my cock, and managed to push her away from me. I immediately turned and started to lift myself out of the pool. As I was almost out I felt Chioma reach out and grab my hard cock from behind.

“I’ll see you and your nice big cock at the party tomorrow lover,” Chioma said like an evil slut.

I quickly grabbed my shorts, put them on, and immediately headed for the gate.

“Bye for now LOVER!!” Chioma called to me as I left.


As I returned to the house, I realised that she had said she was invited to the party tomorrow and would be there. This made me very uncomfortable to say the least. I thought about asking Bidemi to un-invite her, but I knew she wouldn’t, and would also have questions as to why. I felt very guilty about what had just happened, but I was still hard as a rock. I went up to the bathroom to take care of the situation.

As I pulled out my cock, I could smell the faint scent of Chioma’s pussy juices still on it. I jerked my cock furiously and right as I came the only thing in my head was Chioma’s pussy on my cock, and her tongue in my mouth. There was no question I wanted her, but I was a married man. Had I been single I would’ve fucked that woman all day, but something told me had I been single, she would not have been as interested.

She seemed to enjoy that I was a married man and to be honest it turned me on too. I couldn’t help myself, and I smelled Chioma’s pussy juice on my hand, her pussy smelled just as sexy as she did, and I probably spent close to a full minute enjoying the aroma. I hopped in the shower and cleaned myself off, making sure to wash any smell off my cock.

When Bidemi got home that evening I grabbed her and took her up to the bedroom, the whole time I was thinking of our neighbour, at one point I stopped myself just before I called Bidemi Chioma, that would have been disastrous.

As the day of the party arrived I decided to avoid Chioma and hang out with my friends. Unfortunately for me the first person to arrive was Chioma. She came wearing a very tight purple low-cut top that showed off a good amount of cleavage, and a very short black skirt that just barely covered up the bottom of her ass.

To top it off she had on 6-inch heels. We had added some new seats to our living room in time for the party so I could sit across from Chioma as far away as possible. Bidemi offered Chioma a drink, which she accepted and Bidemi got up to get it from the kitchen. As she left Chioma whispered to me,

“Hey, take a look lover.”

As she did she uncrossed her legs revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her tiny skirt. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t force myself to do it. Chioma moved her hand down and slid 2 fingers into her pussy, I could hear that she was wet, and her fingers slid in pretty easily.

She let out a long moan, I was worried that Bidemi would hear her and held my finger to my mouth to shush her.

“What? You seemed to like this pussy yesterday when you cheated on Bidemi.” Chioma had her evil smile showing.

“I didn’t cheat on Bidemi!” I protested her statement.

“Then what do you call having that big hard cock buried in my pussy?” Chioma continued her cocky attitude which was turning me on. “I bet you came right home and jerked off thinking about it, didn’t you?”

My cock was starting to strain against my trousers, and all I could do was nod my head, yes answering her question. Her smile got a much bigger hearing this. Chioma began fingering her pussy even faster.

“Mmmmmmmm, you should have come inside my house and shot that load into my pussy!” Chioma was again a little too loud for my liking.

I held my finger up to my mouth again. As I did Chioma stood from her seat and walked over to me. She took her fingers that had been in her pussy and waived them in front of my face, letting me smell them.

“Suck on them, taste my juices lover.” Chioma’s voice sounded full of lust.

“Just go sit back down please.” I was very worried about Bidemi returning to the room.

“Just suck on my juices baby and I’ll sit back down.” Chioma moved her fingers onto my lips as she said this.

I relented and opened my mouth, Chioma slid her fingers into my mouth. They were soaked in her juices which tasted delicious. I closed my lips around her fingers and began licking and sucking them, trying to taste as much of her as I could.

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