June 10, 2023

Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Jide + Onyi [Finale][ (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adventures of Jide + Onyi [Finale][ (18+)

He kissed her, hard, and she responded passionately. Jide undid the tie on her robe and reached down and felt between her legs. She was still soaking wet. They continued kissing while he stuck two fingers up inside her pussy, making her moan loudly and arch her back.

“Let’s go back upstairs,” she said.

They went up and kissed some more. Onyi caressed Jide’s dick, still slippery from his wetness, while Jide fingered her. She was so wet, he tried putting three fingers inside her, and succeeded easily. She moaned loudly at that. Then he got his little finger into position and shoved that inside her as well, for good measure.

“How many fingers have you got inside me?” she asked him.

“Four,” he told her.

“Mmm, feels good,” she said.

Then they were fucking again. It was just like before. Perfect wetness; Jide slid in and out with ease. But he was still only halfway in at most. It was time to show Onyi what the full length of his dick felt like inside her. He pushed but the angle wasn’t quite right to get further inside her.

“Put your legs up”, he told her.

Onyi raised her legs and rested them on Jide’s shoulders. Now he could really thrust into her. Jide pushed; there was still quite some resistance. He started fucking Onyi faster, getting some momentum. Onyi was shuddering by now at the speed and intensity of Jide’s fucking, and she couldn’t stop moaning with pleasure.

Jide decided it was time to go further. He took a big plunge into Onyi and put more force behind it. Onyi’s pussy stretched once more and she screamed. Jide kept the rhythm up and pushed hard on the next stroke, too. Onyi screamed again.

He fucked her harder and harder on every stroke, trying to ram his dick all the way inside her. Each time her pussy opened deeper for him, and each time she screamed at the top of her voice. The only thing on his mind now was to fill her with his cock, to let her feel the whole thing inside her, to give her a proper fucking.

Soon Jide was pulling his dick slowly the whole way out, to let her breath, and then ramming it inside her as hard as he could, forcing his way through the last untouched parts of her virgin pussy, and making her scream every single time. He didn’t know if the screams were pain or pleasure, but they were turning him on immensely.

Soon Jide was fully inside her, and grinding against her pussy on each stroke. He wasn’t opening her up any more, but she was still screaming every time he rammed his dick into her, and she was so tight he had to use some force anyway. He kept up the rhythm without respite, sliding out slowly until his dick was only resting at her entrance, pausing for effect, and then suddenly ramming himself inside her as hard as he could.

Onyi screamed and screamed, completely driven by lust. Her face was getting redder, her skin was hot where he held her, and she was breathing fast.

Again and again he pounded her pussy. Her screams changed tone slightly; she sounded like she might die from the fucking she was getting. Then she gave one long scream and stopped. Her face was sweaty and she was panting, and she looked like she was trying to say something.

Jide looked at her questioningly while she got her breath back enough to say it.

“I think I just came.”

Jide grinned. His job was done. Onyi had given him her virginity, and he had taken it well – carefully and lovingly. And he had given her an orgasm; the first orgasm she ever received from a man. Jide couldn’t imagine how a young woman’s first sexual experience could be any better than that. He was very proud of himself.

“How was that?” Jide asked.

Onyi couldn’t speak again for a minute. She fanned her face with her hand, and took a breath slightly. Then she grabbed him around the neck and pulled him towards her.

“That was amazing,” she said, and kissed him. Jide pulled away after a minute.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you more,” Onyi joked, and kiss him again. Then she looked at him.

“Now I’m gonna make you come.”

After the screaming, which turned him on more than he would have ever guessed, Jide was already very close. He let Onyi lie back while he propped himself up with his arms, and started fucking her slowly. He was doing it for himself, now; it was his reward for getting her off.

He chose a rhythm that would make him cum quickly, and relaxed the pace and force of his thrusts. It was a very gentle fuck now, slower and less insistent than before, but designed to stimulate his special spot as much as he could.

Onyi was tight and her insides rubbed insistently against his cock, so it wasn’t long before he could feel his orgasm approaching.

“I’m really close,” he said, pulling out of her.

“What are you doing?” Onyi asked.

“Wank me off babe, I’m ready to cum.”

Then he got his second surprise of the night.

“I want you to cum inside me,” Onyi declared.

“What?! No! Just wank me off,” he protested.

He couldn’t believe his ears. Was she serious? He tried to guide her hand to his dick, but she wouldn’t let him.

“Cum inside me, please, Jide, I want to feel what it’s like. Please?”

Jide had no resistance left. He urgently needed to cum. He thought about doing it himself, but he couldn’t help being completely turned on by this beautiful babe begging him to cum inside her. She’d melted him. The idea of squirting his sperm into her unprotected pussy melted him too. It would be fine, as long as …

“But you are going to have to take that morning-after pill tomorrow, OK?”

“Yes, I’ll get it as soon as the pharmacy opens, I promise.”

She pulled him down and kissed him passionately.

“Now squirt your cum in me,” she said, guiding his dick back inside her with her hand.

Jide fucked her as slowly as he possibly could, savouring every last moment of the sex, holding her close and kissing her neck, telling her how much he loved her, running his hand through her hair.

He delighted in the feeling of her soaking wet pussy around his dick as he felt the orgasm building inside him. He delighted in the fact he’d just taken her virginity, making her cum in the process. He started shaking uncontrollably. He slowed down even more, to make it last. His fantasies – fantasies he had for months – had all come true, tonight.

His orgasm was building to the point of no return now. He lifted his head and looked at his young lover. She was lying there, wide-eyed and smiling, looking as sexy as she ever had, and happier than he had ever seen anyone.

“Cum for me, babe,” she said, and she squeezed his dick with her pussy and pulled him down and kissed him.

He pushed his dick inside her as far as it would go and she arched her back and cried out again. He was so, so turned on. The cum was boiling in him. The end of his dick was on fire. So close now. He pulled his dick nearly the whole way out, then he felt her squeeze the end with her pussy and it pushed him over the edge. This was it. He was there now; he could feel it rising inside him.

If he wanted to pull out, now would be the time to do it.

“I love you,” he told her, studying her face and gazing deeply into her eyes.

In that moment, he realized that he couldn’t rely on her taking the morning-after pill. There would be some excuse, some reason, but she wouldn’t take it.

Deep down, they both knew why she wanted him to do this. And, deep down, he knew that they both wanted the same thing in the end. Jide and Onyi. In love. Together. Now he had an opportunity to seal that forever.

With one final decisive stroke, he shoved his dick all the way into the teenager’s soaking wet pussy and came violently inside her, splattering his semen right through her unprotected cervix and into her young fertile womb. He screamed her name as he felt it shoot out of him, and Onyi cried out in ecstasy as she felt something like lava splashing against her insides for the first time in her life.

He squirted and thrusted into her, over and over again, holding her body tightly to his as he shuddered and spurted his orgasm inside her while she screamed with delight.

There was so much, it never seemed to end. So much teasing and so much phone sex and video sex so that finally he had a ton of it waiting just for Onyi. He couldn’t stop it now, even if he wanted to.

He was overwhelmed by the desire to impregnate her, deliberately and uncontrollably sending load after load right into the heart of the schoolgirl’s unguarded reproductive system while she moaned her heart out in blissful appreciation.

She had begged him for it, begged him to let her feel his cum inside her, and he had given it to her in abundance. Now she was filled to overflowing with his hot sticky semen, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Not his wife, not Onyi’s mum – nobody. He felt tense again at the thought of it, and he helplessly pumped the last of his seed deep inside her receptive teenage body.

As the last remnants of his orgasm died out, they both collapsed in a hot sweaty hug, still joined by penetration, and completely spent for the night.

They were in heaven. They had consummated their affair, and Onyi was now Jide’s mistress. They belonged to each other now. There was no going back. Nobody could undo what they had just done.

They bathed in the joy of it all. There was nothing to say. No words could touch this. They just looked into each other’s eyes, until the sun streaming through the window indicated that it was morning, and it was time to face the rest of their lives, together.

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