May 23, 2022

Crazy Lenny: Adventure with Best Lesson Teacher, Mrs. Chika (Part 2) [18+] (Legend Series)

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Crazy Lenny: Adventure with Best Lesson Teacher, Mrs. Chika (Part 2) [18+] (Legend Series)

My alarm clock rang and I woke quickly from my restive sleep. If last week had passed slowly then this week was a real torment. The past few days were especially hard, as I had been following Mrs. Chika’s instructions to not masturbate. 


I felt like I had a constant erection. Friday finally had arrived and I was counting the seconds until my lesson. I had memorized the directions she had given me last week.

“The next lesson will be on Friday at my house starting at 10 PM sharp. My house is at 15, Gbenga estate. When you arrive the gate will be open. Walk into the gate, gather your things, go through the door on the left side of the gate, and be sure to hit the button to close the gate as you enter the house. This lesson will be more intense so come prepared to stay until I feel you’ve learned what you will need.”


The last bell of the day rang and I hurried home to get ready. As usual, my parents had gone away for the weekend and I would be on my own until Sunday night. Finally, the time came and I drove to Mrs. Chika’s house. I followed her directions exactly and glanced at my watch as I got out of the car taxi near her gate. 9:58, perfect. I entered the doorway as instructed and closed the gate.

I didn’t know what to expect inside Mrs. Chika’s house and as I stepped into the entrance I said a quick, “Hello?” Her house was very simply but stylishly decorated. The windows were shut and some candles were burning. Some music was softly playing on the stereo. 

“Hi, Lenny. Right on time. I figured you weren’t going to be late.” Mrs. Chika slowly stood as she greeted me and my jaw dropped open when I saw her.

She had been sitting on a couch that was turned away from me so I hadn’t seen her until she stood up. Mrs. Chika was wearing a pink colored silk robe that was loosely tied around her waist. The robe was open in several places revealing what she wore underneath which was a silk nightgown the same color as the robe. 

The nightgown was very low cut in front and revealed much of Mrs. Chika’s boobs. The only other clothes that Mrs. Chika wore were a pair of strapless high heels.

“Shall we get right to work?” she asked knowing what the answer would be. She lightly grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. The silk sheets on the king-size bed had already been turned down and there were more candles burning. “Now, were you a good student for me? Did you do your homework?”

I said yes. Mrs. Chika continued, “So when was the last time you played with yourself?”

I was slightly startled by the question, but then softly said, “The morning before our last lesson.”

“Good. Very good. Now, did you cum?”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure where Mrs. Chike was heading with this.

“What were you thinking about when you came?”

I felt a bit awkward and told her that I had been thinking of her. Mrs. Chika smiled a very sexy smile at me when I said it was her. 

Mrs. Chika tried to adopt a proper teacher voice as she said, “Our previous lessons were quite brief. It occurred to me that you haven’t really seen your teacher yet and I haven’t entirely seen my student. 

So to begin I want you to remove all your clothes for me. Mrs. Chika sat down on a chair in the corner of the room and watched as I began to remove my clothes. My dick was already fully erect and stood straight out from my stomach as I straightened up after removing all my clothes. 

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked over at Mrs. Chika.

Mrs. Chika slowly stood and said, “You may not touch yourself unless I say so.” She walked over and stood directly in front of me. She slowly ran her hands up the sides of her legs and across her stomach. 

She continued rubbing herself through her robe being very careful to avoid her breasts or pussy. She slowly untied the robe and let it softly fall to the floor. She slowly turned in a circle so I could see all of her.

I could now see that the nightgown had spaghetti straps so Mrs. Chika’s shoulders and most of her back were exposed. The gown was cut to the top of her fat ass in back. It was also slit up one side to the middle of her thigh. 

The gown itself was plain silk, very simple, and elegant.

I knew Mrs. Chika wasn’t very athletic, but she clearly kept herself in good shape. Her large breasts sagged slightly, but it only made them more alluring to me. Her nipples had stiffened and were very noticeable under the gown.

Mrs. Chika continued letting her hands roam all over her body. She would occasionally run them over her boobs and when she saw the reaction that got from me she started paying more attention to her breasts. Her fingers would circle her erect nipples and then she would cup each breast in a hand and lift them slightly.

When she felt that I had enough she pulled the straps off her shoulders and let the gown fall to her waist. Her breasts were now fully exposed to me. She briefly massaged them and then shifted her hips to let the gown fall completely to the floor.

My head was spinning and my heart was pounding. All I wanted to do was cum. I felt like I was going to explode. The show I was getting was better than anything I could have imagined. I desperately wanted to throw Mrs. Chika down and fuck her.

Mrs. Chika ran her fingers slowly down the side of my face and whispered, “Show me how you play with yourself. I want to watch you.”

She returned her hand to her nipples and started to gently roll them between two fingers. Her other hand moved across her stomach toward her pussy. I finally tore my glance away from her boobs and looked at her pussy. 

I was surprised to see it looked much different than it had the only other time I had seen it. Mrs. Chika had shaved her pussy hair so only a thin line of short hair remained.

She could see the effect her “new look” was having on me. I watched intently as her hand explored her newly shaved area. Mrs. Chika put one foot on the bed next to me to provide her better access to her pussy and to improve my view. She dipped her fingers still lower and they were soon covered with her juices. Mrs. Chika touched my chin and pushed my head back slightly I was looking at her face. “I want to watch you masturbate.”

I lightly wrapped my fingers around my dick and in a single stroke, all my pent up sexual energy was released. With a loud grunt, I started to pump my cock as I came. Having not cum in several days combined with Mrs. Chika’s show left me with a lot of cum and it erupted from me with a surprising force. 

The first jets shot through the air and landed on Mrs. Chika’s stomach. The following jets seemed to land everywhere. When I finished cumming there was cum on the sheets, my legs, my hand, and on my stomach in addition to the original deposit on Mrs. Chika.

She instructed me to lie on the bed on my back. I quickly scooted myself up onto the bed and laid down, all the while watching Mrs. Chika see what she was planning. Mrs. Chika slowly crawled onto the bed and knelt down beside me. 

She brought her hands to my chest and started running them over the smooth skin. Mrs. Chika spoke softly, “Too many people think cum is dirty or that it is perverted to enjoy a man’s cum. don’t be afraid of playing with your cum. It makes a great reason to give someone a massage.”

As she spoke her hands slid down to my stomach and her fingers picked up the drops of cum that lay there. She softly massaged my chest as she rubbed my cum into my skin. She turned slightly and continued the massage on my legs and feet. 

Whenever she found my cum she paid particular attention to that part of me and softly rubbed the sticky fluid into my skin. She finished my legs and moved to my arms giving them the same wonderful massage. 

I watched her in a satisfied bliss and enjoyed the way her boobs swayed softly as her hands explored my body.

She asked me to roll over and continued her massage on my back. She started at my feet and slowly moved up my body. She paid particular attention to my ass but eventually moved up to my back. Everything about what was happening was turning me on. 

I had just cum a few moments ago but the combination of my soft touch, her smell, the silk sheets, and the realization that I was going to get to fuck her combined to bring my erection back very quickly. 

As I lay on my stomach I had to shift my position a couple of times to keep my hard dick from being uncomfortably pinned beneath me.

Without saying a word she guided me to roll back over onto my back with her hands. My dick stood straight up from me and seemed to be just waiting for her touch.

Mrs. Chika softly gripped my dick in her hand. She lightly stroked me and enjoyed watching me wriggle beneath her touch. I was trying to watch her as she fondled me, but I often was overcome with the sensation and had to shut my eyes. 

I hadn’t yet even tried to touch her naked body, but that was just fine with her. For now, she just wanted to feel me and make me cum.

She stroked me at a tempo that she thought wouldn’t be enough to make me cum. She would periodically release my shaft and massage my balls. She softly held them or rolled them in her fingers. I groaned the first few times she did this so she paid particular attention to this part of him. For my part, I had never really thought of my balls as a sexual object. I never touched them when I jerked myself off and was amazed at the sexual charge I felt at her touch. 

Mrs. Chika continued stroking me and teasing my balls until she felt I had enough and finally decided to let me cum. She concentrated on the shaft entirely and increased the tempo of her strokes slightly. That small increase made all the difference to me as I immediately groaned and felt my cum getting ready to explode. I grunted and started cumming. 

The cum sprayed all over my stomach with the last of it slowly oozing from my dick and running down onto Mrs. Chika’s hand. Mrs. Chika kept her stroking constant as I came and only stopped when I had spent my entire load.

I looked up at her face and watched as she seductively licked my cum off her fingers and hand. The look in her eyes had changed slightly as her own passions had started to overcome her.

She leaned over me again and began to greedily suck the cum off me. She started with the drops that shot the farthest, continued down my stomach, and then sucked my dick into her mouth. She began sucking and licking my dick urgently. In addition to her mouth, she also brought both hands to my dick to bring it back to life.

This was a much different blowjob than she had given me in the car. Then she wanted to tease and excite me, but now she simply wanted me hard again so she could fuck me to relieve the tension in her own pussy. 

Before long my dick was erect and ready for her. She straddled my waist. She reached down and held my dick with one hand as she lowered herself onto me. As soon as I was securely inside her she dropped all the way down so my dick was fully inserted in her. 

Mrs. Chika started moving her hips back and forth to enjoy the feeling of having a young cock inside her.

When I entered her all I could do was sigh, 

“Oh God.” The feeling was beyond anything I could imagine. It was warm and wet and her pussy seemed like it knew exactly how to squeeze me for maximum pleasure.

Mrs. Chika leaned forward so her hands were on either side of my head and she began to thrust herself up and down on me. Her eyes were closed and I noticed she seemed utterly lost in her pleasure. I glanced down at her boobs and saw that her thrusts were causing them to sway and move in the most unbelievably sexy way. 

I couldn’t help myself and I reached up and grabbed one breast in each hand. Mrs. Chika groaned and adjusted her position so she could still fuck me but that she was more upright so I had an easier time massaging her boobs. I initially just held them and enjoyed their soft weight. I then began caressing them and soon was drawn to her erect nipples. 

I pinched each nipple as I had seen her do and pulled on them slightly.


Mrs. Chika reacted strongly to this and increased the speed of her thrusts. Suddenly she pushed herself straight up and ground her hips into me. Her eyes were tightly shut but then they suddenly came open as she looked into my eyes. She yelled, 

“Oh God!” and I could feel her pussy contract and start to twinge around my dick. 

With loud grunts, Mrs. Chika thrust herself up and down on me as her orgasm passed.

When she finished she fell on top of me while still keeping me inside of her. I hugged her tightly and loved the feel of her naked boobs pressing into my chest. She raised her head and lowered her lips to mine. 

As we met she parted her lips and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We kissed deeply for several minutes. Mrs. Chika broke the kiss and started to slowly move up and down on my dick.

Just then the phone began to ring. Much to my surprise Mrs. Chika leaned over and picked the phone up from the bedside table, all the while keeping herself firmly impaled on me. Just before she said hello she gave me a wink and put her finger to her lips as if to say, “Shhh.”

“Hello. Oh, hi darling.” My heart jumped into my throat as I realized that Mrs. Chika was talking to her husband at the same time she was fucking me in their bed. 

If I was nervous Mrs. Chika didn’t appear to have any problems as she calmly continued her conversation while slowly grinding her hips into my dick. 

She began a slow back and forth motion that felt so good to me that I had to work to suppress a groan of pleasure from escaping my lips.

“How was the journey? (Pause) That’s good. Are they all there already? (Pause) So what are your big plans for tonight? (Pause) That sounds great. (Pause) No, don’t worry about me; I have plenty to keep me busy. 

I’ve brought a project home from work that I have wanted to work on for a while. (Pause) Oh, the project probably isn’t anything that you would be interested in. (pause) OK; you had better go catch up to them before they take off and leave you. 

Have fun and hurry home to me on Sunday. I already miss you. Love you.”

As she leaned over to drop the phone, one of her breasts brushed against my face. I turned my head and kissed it before saying, “So, uh, that was your husband?”


“Yes, but don’t you worry about him. You’ve got your hands full right here.” As she said that she lifted herself off me and rolled over onto her back. As she rolled she pulled me over so that when we stopped I was now lying on top of her. 

I rose up slightly to admire the vision before me. Mrs. Chika was truly more beautiful than I could have imagined. Her short hair was slightly roughened, but that only made her all the more tempting. I next moved my gaze to her boobs and I for a moment became lost in them. 

Mrs. Chika sensed my interest in her boobs and she again cupped them in her hands. She rubbed them gently and motioned for me to come closer with her finger.

I lowered my head and sucked one nipple into my mouth. I held it for a second and then began to twirl my tongue around and around until it stiffened. When it had become very hard I did the same to her other nipple. 

I continued for several minutes as Mrs. Chika lay back and enjoyed my work. She had released her boobs and now had her hands behind my head and was idly running her hands through my hair.

Mrs. Chika finally pulled my head up and said, “I want to feel you inside me.” She then reached between us and pulled my dick to the entrance of her pussy. “Just do what feels natural,” she told me.

I gently pushed my dick into Mrs. Chika. She wasn’t quite as wet as she had been before but there was still more than enough lubrication. I slowly slid my entire length into her and held it there as I ground my hips from side to side. 

Mrs. Chika seemed to enjoy that as she moaned and started moving her hips. I then started to fuck her as slowly as I could. I pushed myself up on my hands and watched her boobs jiggle and bounce as I moved. 

I slowly increased my tempo until I settled into one that seemed comfortable for me and pleasurable for Mrs. Chika. She started thrusting her hips in rhythm to mine and the effect was wonderful.

This continued for several minutes and I began to work up a sweat. Mrs. Chika had moved her hands back to her breasts and was pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers. I was distracted by this and lost the rhythm I had been keeping with Mrs. Chika. 

I increased my speed and the power of my thrusts slightly as I became more turned on by watching Mrs. Chika play with her nipples.

Mrs. Chika whispered through her clenched teeth, “Oh baby, just like that. That feels sooo good.” One of her hands dropped from her nipple and moved between her and me. 

I could feel the back of her hand on my stomach and realized that she must be playing with her clit. The thought of that made me even hornier and I started to drive into her even harder.

Mrs. Chika began yelling yes with each of my thrusts and soon I felt her body tense again as she was about to cum. She grabbed my hips with her hands and pulled me tightly into her. She held me there very firmly so I couldn’t thrust into her so instead I began to grind my hips into her in the same side to side motion that she seemed to enjoy earlier. 

The effect was nearly immediate as Mrs. Chika screamed, “Yes!” She pulled me even tighter and raked her nails across my lower back

We each slept late into the morning. As I started to stir it took me a few seconds to remember where I was and what had happened the previous night. If I had woke up in my own bed I could have been easily convinced that the whole thing had been a dream. 

I looked over on the bed next to me and saw the sleeping form of Chika, my former teacher turned-lover. I watched her naked body as she slept. As I observed her naked body, I could see some wrinkles and some sags, but for a woman, over twice my age Chika was definitely still beautiful.

As I watched her she began to stir and soon woke up. She smiled warmly at me and said, “Morning lover.” We kissed each other and then just lay still holding each other in our arms. We kissed again and as we broke the kiss she said, 

“I don’t know about you, but I could use a shower to clean up.”

I agreed that a shower sounded good and followed her into the master bathroom. The bathroom was very large and quite impressive. It was obviously a custom bath and had a walk-in shower with two shower heads, two sinks sitting side by side, and an oversized tub. 

Chika stepped into the shower and adjusted the water. She came out and gathered some towels. I stood and watched her move. Even naked she carried herself with maturity and class that turned me on. 

As she passed with the towels I couldn’t help but reach out and grope one of her boobs. She gave me a quick smile and massaged my completely flaccid dick and said, “OH, your mind is willing but the flesh is weak.” We both laughed and stepped into the shower.

We let the warm water run over us for a few minutes as we caressed each other before Chika said, “Lenny, every woman I know loves to have her hair washed for her. In fact, bathing your partner is a very erotic experience.” 

She handed me a bottle of body wash and turned her back to me. I quickly soaped her hair and gave her a long, slow rinse. I enjoyed the intimacy of this act and especially enjoyed watching the foamy lather as it dripped down her naked body. 

I rinsed her hair and picked up a bar of soap. I built up big foam and began to wash her body. I made sure I rubbed every part of her at least twice. I spent the most time soaping her pussy and breasts; however, the simple feel of her soapy skin under my touch was driving me wild.

After I had thoroughly soaped and rinsed Chika she picked up the soap and began to wash me. As I had done her hands explored every inch of me. She paid the most attention to my ass and dick. As she stood behind me she built up lots of foam and began to massage my ass.

I loved the feel of her hands working the lather into my ass cheeks. I was surprised as she slipped a finger between my ass cheeks and it began to explore my crack. I parted my legs slightly to provide her better access. 

Her hand dipped lower and rubbed the sensitive skin between my asshole and my balls. I had never thought much about this area but Chika’s touch was sending shivers through me. I felt Chika’s hand begin to leave this area and I was momentarily sad until I felt her fingertip on my asshole.

I had never explored my ass sexually and generally felt that was something only “gays” did. Her touch caused me to be anxious at first. She whispered, “Relax, trust me.” I tried to relax as her finger returned to my asshole. 

The finger was still quite soapy and slid easily back and forth across my anus. I visibly relaxed and was beginning to enjoy her touch. I felt more pressure on my asshole and heard Chika say, 

“Don’t fight it. Relax and enjoy.” I felt the tip of her finger enter my ass. She stopped there to give me time to adjust. The feeling was unusual at first and I wasn’t sure what to think.

I stood still for a while as Chika massaged me with her free hand. Soon, I again felt the pressure increase as she shoved more of her finger up my ass. I didn’t know how much she had shoved in but the pressure built even higher as she pushed. I expected it to begin to hurt but it did not. Instead the pressure I felt started to arouse me.

Chika had inserted her index finger to the main knuckle and was waiting for me to again relax. When she felt I was ready she started to slowly fuck my ass with her finger. She started with her motions very small and slow and allowed them to build as I became more comfortable. 

After a long time and lots of work, she was able to fuck my ass with nearly the whole length of her finger.


Although reluctant at first I began to enjoy my first anal experience. As she finger fucked my ass my dick had become semi-hard again even though it hadn’t been touched recently.

“Do you like getting fucked like this?” Mrs. Chika quietly asked.

I replied, “Uh-huh.”

Chika continued to finger fuck me for several more minutes until she felt I had had enough. She slowly removed her finger from me and spun me around. She began to thoroughly wash my front. With soapy hands, she gently fondled my balls and stroked my dick. As she did this I became nearly fully erect and began thinking I might get to try fucking in the shower. Instead, she released me and began rinsing me off. She said, 

“We’ve got to save something for later.” We kissed and fondled each other for several more minutes until Chika said she was starving and suggested we fix something to eat. I agreed and we toweled off. 

Chika put on only her silk gown and she got a second silk robe for me to wear.

We headed into the kitchen in search of food. We prepared a very large breakfast and sat down together to eat. 

We chatted and read newspapers as we each took our time finishing. When we had finally finished and the paper had been read, Chika said, “I’ve got some work I need to mark. Did you happen to bring a swimming trunk?”

I replied that I hadn’t and she went off to her son’s room to see if one of his swim trunks would fit me. Although it was still before noon the weather was getting hotter.

Mrs. Chika returned with a trunk and said, 

“Try this one on, it looks your size.” I slipped on the trunk and, although it was a little big, it was close enough. 

“Looks good,” Chika said as I modeled the attire for her, “I’ll be right back.” She disappeared down the hall to the bedroom and was gone for several minutes. When she returned she wore a robe and a pair of sandals. 

“Shall we head out back?” she asked.

I nodded and got up to follow her. She collected some stacks of notes and led me to the backyard. Just on the other side of the backyard was the swimming pool. There were several comfortable looking chairs there and one large table shaded by a big umbrella. Chika moved to the table and began spreading out her work. 

“Make yourself comfortable,” she said to me, “there are plenty of drinks in the kitchen and there is a radio over by that other chair if you want to turn that on.”

I got the radio and took a seat in one of the chairs. I took a dip in the pool. As I swam I noticed their backyard was surrounded by a tall wooden fence which, combined with some trees and bushes, effectively blocked all views from neighboring houses. 

He liked the fact we could just hang out and relax without having to worry about being “caught”.

We passed the rest of the morning and the early afternoon in this way. Chika diligently did her work at the table and I read, dozed, swam, and relaxed. Occasionally one or the other of us went into the house and came back with a snack or a drink, but otherwise, we both just relaxed by the pool. As the temperature increased Chika initially loosened her robe and then ultimately removed it completely. 

Underneath she wore a bikini that was low cut in the front and revealed some of her beautiful cleavages. The back was open all the way down to her ass and it was held in place by a couple of thin straps that were tied behind her neck. 

I found myself staring at her more and more often as the day progressed.

She finally finished her work and put all of her books away inside the house. She came back outside and did a beautiful dive into the pool. She began swimming back and forth and I figured this was how she helped keep her body in such great shape. 

I watched her as she swam back and forth for several minutes. She finally paused and caught her breath. “Care to join me?” she asked.

I was out of his chair and in the water almost immediately. I dove in and swam over to where she was. The water was deep enough at this part of the pool so that only our heads and shoulders remained out of the water. 

We wrapped our arms around each other and began kissing. Chika lifted her feet off the bottom of the pool and wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed. With the help of the water, I was easily able to hold her in this position as I stood on the bottom of the pool. Having both her arms and legs wrapped around me as we kissed really turned me on and my dick started growing. 

We stayed like that for a short while before she unwrapped her legs and stood on the pool floor.

I stood up on the pool floor and moved over to her. I reached behind her and untied the single knot that held her bikini behind her neck. I then grasped the fabric just above her breasts and started peeling it off her body. 

When I had removed and discarded her bikini Chika remained floating on her back. I was standing near her feet looking directly at her. She spread her legs wide before me and simply said, “Come here.”

I moved forward slightly and Chika dipped her waist into the water. I held my dick in my hand and used it to guide myself into her waiting pussy. It took me a few moments to find the right spot, but when I did I smoothly slid into her. 

Once she felt me inside her she pushed herself off the wall and wrapped her arms around my neck as she wrapped her legs around my waist. We were now in the same position as when we had been kissing but we were now both naked and my hard dick was firmly inside her pussy.

Again, the water’s fluidity made it easy for me to hold this position and I started to “bounce” Chika softly up and down in the water and on my dick. 

Chika helped by pushing on my shoulders slightly and I soon found a tempo of leg and arm movements that was comfortable and provided a good fuck for us both.

I greatly enjoyed fucking in the pool. I found that the water helped control my tempo so I didn’t thrust too fast and end things too soon. The resistance of the water meant that, even if I tried to speed up, I had to keep my pace nice and slow. 

The feel of her wet skin sliding against mine was also a huge turn-on for me. We exchanged many deep tongue kisses as we continued to fuck. I wanted this feeling and this moment to last forever, but the need to release the building pressure in my dick was becoming overwhelming.

Chika, too, had become overwhelmed by her pleasure and started to cum with a soft moan. She hadn’t given me any indication she was close to cumming so I was slightly surprised when she tensed and I felt her pussy start to spasm. 

I watched her face as she came and she moaned and sighed softly as her orgasm peaked and then passed. Watching her cum with her face only inches from mine pushed me past the point of no return.

I started breathing hard as my own orgasm built up and finally released inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at me just as I started to cum and that eye contact made me cum even harder. I drove her up and down as quickly as I could as I shot all the cum I had into her. 

We kissed deeply and then hugged each other and remained that way for several more minutes. We each enjoyed the feeling of being inside each other. After many more minutes of fondling and kissing we moved away from each other and relaxed, still naked, in the water for a while longer.

“I’ve got to get something to drink,” Chika said as she climbed out of the pool and walked naked over to where she had previously been sitting. She finished the rest of her drink and looked up at the hot late afternoon sun. 

“It’s getting a little hot for me,” she said, “let’s move inside where it is cooler.” I agreed and hopped out of the water. Chika handed me a large towel and we each toweled off. We moved to the living room and sat together on the sofa. We flipped on the TV and flipped some channels for a little while.

With a look at the clock, Chika stood and said, 

“It’s starting to get late and we should get ready for tonight. I’m going to take a quick shower and run some errands. There is another shower in the second bathroom that you can use.” She gave me a quick kiss and then walked down the hall toward the master bedroom.

I wondered what she had planned for tonight as I walked down the hall and looked for the second bathroom. I heard the water running in the master bath and considered for a moment sneaking in to join her in the shower. 

I decided against it though as she had been clear about my using the other shower and I didn’t want to do anything to mess up her plan. Finally, I found the second bathroom and took a really long, hot shower. 

Feeling revitalized after my previous efforts I got dressed in a change of clothes from my overnight bag and wandered back out to the living room. I looked around for Chika but found no sign of her. I then noticed her car was gone from the garage so I grabbed the remote and relaxed on the sofa until she returned from her errands.

Chika returned about 30 minutes later carrying a few bags. She wore a tight dress that really showed off her figure. She also wore a pair of high heels on her bare feet that looked a little out of place with the dress, but I hoped she had worn them for my appeal. 

She went into the kitchen with everything and came out in a few minutes with some takeaway food on a couple of plates. We had each already came several times over the last 24 hours so they had released their pent up sexual energy. 

This allowed us to eat a wonderful dinner and enjoy each other’s company for a while after dinner. We sat close on the sofa and watched some TV, and our hands often wandered to caress each other. 

We talked through the night also, but not as a teacher and former student as we had normally previously interacted. Instead, they talked as lovers and friends.

As the series we watched ended, Chika turned to face me and I could see a definite glimmer of lust in her eyes. She leaned into me and we embraced in a wet, needy kiss. As we kissed I could feel her hand slide down my chest across the front of my shirt. 

She pulled my shirt up from my waist and easily over my head. She then unsnapped my shorts and lowered my zipper before sliding my boxers down my legs and onto the floor. We kissed again after she had tossed my shorts away. 

Chika broke our kiss, sat back slightly, and looked at me. She slowly and sensually ran her hands up my stomach and chest to my shoulders and back down my arms. Chika stood up and surveyed my naked form in front of her. 

Chika slowly reached up to the top button on her sundress. She slowly undid that button and then every other button down to her waist. She let the dress slide off her shoulders and fall into a heap on the floor at her feet. 

She brushed it aside with her feet and moved her hands behind her and unclasped her lacy black bra. With a shrug of her shoulders, she slipped the bra off and tossed it aside. She then looped a thumb on either side of her panties and slowly slipped them down her legs. She then paused and stood naked in front of me letting me see her completely. 

She sat down on the sofa next to me and resumed briefly our previous kiss. Chika again broke the kiss and began lightly kissing and sometimes licking me along the jawline on either side of my face. She continued to my cheeks and ears.

As she did this I was lightly exploring her body with my hands. I massaged and caressed her flesh constantly moving my hands. I wanted to experience every possible part of her body.

Chika shifted slightly and began kissing and licking my neck. She gradually moved down to my chest and stomach. She paused for a time at his nipples and gently sucked and circled each with her tongue. This felt electric to me. I had never thought of my nipples as erotic before, but Chika found a way to make every part of me scream with pleasure.

Skipping over my legs and the most obvious target Chika slid down to the floor and gently picked up one of my feet. She brought it to her mouth and proceeded to suck and nibble my toes. I watched her closely as she worked on one foot and then the other. 

While still holding his foot Chika said, “I feel the feet and toes are a vastly underutilized erogenous zone. Take the time to do this to a woman’s feet during foreplay and she will definitely make it worth your while.”


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