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April 17, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy [Finale] (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy [Finale] (18+)

Haruna’s butt tightened and quivered also. He too must have had a second orgasm and splashed his seed all over Oluchi’s virgin vagina. She looked up into Haruna’s face with pure desirous passion and wrapped her long legs around Haruna’s waist. Her future husband wasn’t going to be the first to take her, but she didn’t pause for a second.

Soon they both slowed their breathing. Haruna got up, put his clothes back on, cleaned up Oluchi’s body with a warm washcloth and asked her, “Would you like to shower again?

“Yes,” she replied. And with that Haruna tucked a large bath towel around Oluchi’s upper body, kissed her on the lips, and escorted her back to the shower room.

There Esther was waiting for her, having been watching the performance on the cameras.

“Do you like table or stall shower? ” she asked.

“Table, Esther” Esther guided her to lie face down and gave her a thorough shower, even to repeated washing up Oluchi’s crotch until Oluchi was very worked up again. Esther then asked Oluchi to turn over and again lathered up Oluchi’s body with her bare hands.

She rubbed her breasts vigorously, her belly vigorously and her thighs and legs vigorously and then finally she used her palm to lather up Oluchi’s pubic hair. Then while Oluchi was all lathered up with soap, Esther quickly stripped naked, mounted the table naked, and used her nude body to continue to lather Oluchi up.

She ground her own hairless pussy into Oluchi’s until Oluchi sustained yet another orgasm. Then rinsing off Oluchi with the shower hose, she produced some gel and a razor and asked Oluchi if she would like trim for her husband to be.

Sexed-up as Oluchi was she simply nodded and said, “Heart”. Using a marker Esther, still wet and naked, and still in contact with Oluchi’s naked body, drew a heart shape that pointed to Oluchi’s very swollen clitoris. She now smoothed shaving gel all over Oluchi’s pussy and shaved her smooth except for a little, heart-shaped bush that sat just above her pussy lips.

Esther said, “You beautiful and sexy, Ms Oluchi.” She held up a mirror so Oluchi could see her own bald pussy lips with her very swollen and very pink clit peeking out and bald belly with the little curly patch of pubic hair sitting in all that beautiful smooth white skin.

“Must do every day to keep smooth. First do this so lips swell, vibrating Oluchi’s clitoris until she came quickly. This engorged her lips and made them easy to shave and to shave around the stiff clitoris pushing up on her clitoral hood.

“Then gel and stroke downward with the hair,’ she used her bare finger like a razor sweeping downward on the skin of Oluchi’s belly and then down over the right set of lips and then the left set. Using her fingers she tugged first the right outer lip to shave all the hairs off and then tugged on the left outer lip to shave the hairs more readily off of it.

“You want really smooth, then use hair removal cream to make smooth like a little girl. Husband go naughty seeing you bare pussy. He keep this, “she slid a finger inside Oluchi’s vagina which caused Oluchi to shudder sexually, “very happy.”

“You want permanent smooth use laser; you stay smooth for long time. Make other men want to keep this,” and again she slid a long finger up inside Oluchi’s vagina, “very happy.”

By now Oluchi laughed, took Esther’s finger and brought it to her own lips and licked her own cream off of Esther’s finger.

“I do taste good,” she remarked and laughed again at how vulgar she had become.

“We have one more thing to do. Close eyes and just enjoy.” Oluchi closed her eyes. Esther leant over Oluchi and sliding two fingers inside of Oluchi’s vagina to work her g-spot, she lowered her tongue to work Oluchi’s clitoris, producing such a violent orgasm that Oluchi actually ejaculated the contents of her vagina out onto the shower table. She squirted out most of what Haruna had left inside of her and her own creamy liquid.

“This clear out what Haruna leave in you. Not want baby by Haruna. Wait for husband to do that.”
“But I’m on birth control,” responded Oluchi.

” No, never mind, Esther enjoy to do to such young girl with smooth pussy. Like face when pleasure fill whole belly and explode from Ms. Oluchi’s hips.”
For a moment Oluchi, all naked and exposed and just having been pleasured by a woman, and Esther, with Oluchi’s juices still on her lips and chin, stared at each other. And then they busted out laughing.

Esther stood Oluchi up, rinsed her off with the shower hose, towelled her off and led her back to her room, where Haruna was waiting. He dressed Oluchi tenderly. He marveled at her new bare pussy look and kissed her naked pussy lips, then slipped her panties back on.

He kissed her bare nipples until they glistened with moisture and then tucked her breasts into her bra. He kissed the back of her neck as he slipped her blouse on and then placed a long kiss on her mouth as he buttoned her blouse up. He had her sit on the massage table as he tugged her jeans on, kissing her navel just before he snapped her jeans up. And lastly, he kissed her bare toes before slipping on her sandals.

He then asked her to sit down and Esther joined them and combed out Oluchi’s long hair. And then they brought her out to her mother, Adaora, who was waiting on a couch in the waiting room and checking out the men who were now coming and going and the ladies who were escorting those men to and from their rooms. Some of the guys had given Adaora erotic ideas and she was by now quite damp between the legs.

And that was Adaora’s and Oluchi pre-wedding wedding gift from me. Boma told me that they both continued to use Wale and Haruna’s services and Oluchi would occasionally just ask for Esther.

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