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April 17, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy IV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Adaora & Oluchi’s Massage Therapy IV (18+)

So Haruna kept up the light caresses until the blood had risen to Oluchi’s skin. Her hips and her pussy were especially aroused with hot blood. Now Haruna stepped off the table so he could caress Oluchi’s body in different ways. As he stepped down he slipped his boxers off and was now naked and quite erect. Oluchi’s face was still facing down through the hole in the massage table as Haruna positioned himself at the head of the table and began to lean far forward in order to caress Oluchi’s naked body.

Bear in mind that Haruna’s cock was erect at a 60-degree angle so as he pressed his naked groin into the top of Oluchi’s head and the table, his cock must have slid along the underside of the table.

On the video the third time, Haruna leaned forward you could see him jump and then stop moving. I learned later from Boma that Haruna’s long cock had actually been bumping Oluchi in the face and on the third time she moved slightly and took the soft mushroom head into her mouth. And then she swirled her tongue around it as if to taste it.

On the video, you could hear Oluchi giggle, look up to Haruna and say, “I’m sorry, Haruna, I’ve never done that with any man…even my fiancé. I’m sorry.” She was clearly embarrassed that she had been so overt.

Haruna said, “No, never mind, Miss Oluchi. It time to change position anyway. You wish me to put my clothes back on?” Oluchi paused, but then looked at that long cock of his standing quite erect, and said, “No, let’s continue. I’m kind of liking this.” She giggled to herself. Yeah, she was fully aroused and ready!!

Guiding her to roll over and placing a pillow under her head Haruna remained at the head of the table until Oluchi was settled. He then began to climb up so his knees were on either side of her head. His cock was pointing less than an inch from her lips.

Scooting down even further he began to use his hardened cock as well as his fingers to caress Oluchi’s skin. When she opened her eyes his tight little butt was in her face with his testicles hanging down between his legs.

As he stretched himself over her naked body he began to use his tongue and his cock to trace a line down the centre of her body, from between her large breasts down into the hairy triangle of her light brown pubic hair.

Pulling her knees up opened Oluchi’s pussy to the tip of Haruna’s tongue as he traced a wet line back and forth along the indentation in her pubic hair that marked where her pussy lips came together. Soon she was moaning as her pussy lips folded open from the constant tonguing Haruna was giving Oluchi.

“Mmmmhhh,” Oluchi sighed,

“No one’s ever done that for me either.”

Haruna focused his attention now between Oluchi’s legs. Quicker and quicker he flicked his tongue around her slit. With his fingers, he pulled the hairs aside to reveal her inner labia, the hole of her vagina and most importantly that delicious little bud, her clitoris.

It wasn’t long before Oluchi’s hips shook, her nipple hardened as her breasts jiggled, and she let out a long, low,

“YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS”, and then came.

Haruna paused, knowing that the skin of her clitoris, her pussy, and even her thighs and hair-covered belly would be too tender. He placed tender, slow kisses until he sensed that she wouldn’t shudder. Then he started in again. Oluchi let him continue.

Multiple times Haruna aroused Oluchi to yet another climax. Each time grew a little louder as she let herself go further and further into the pleasure flowing out from Haruna’s tongue in her belly. Each time grew a little more violent as the waves of pleasure radiating out from her clit and pussy pushed to the tips of her toes and fingers and the top of her head.

Finally, while Haruna began to prod her with his tongue and push her towards yet another orgasm, Oluchi reached up as if it were the most natural thing to do and grabbed Haruna’s long, black-brown cock and slid her mouth around it, engulfing the shaft as far as she could.

In the video, you could see her at first just sliding her mouth up and down the shaft, and then realizing that she could actually suck on his hardened member. She was milking it. She knew enough to know that if she kept this up she would soon have a stranger’s semen splashing in her throat, but she didn’t stop.

She was reciprocating sexual favours with the man who was just causing her so much erotic pleasure.

In a word…she was HORNY AND OUT OF CONTROL.

As Oluchi began to moan Haruna’s little butt began to spasm. Oluchi didn’t want to let go of his cock until she had done for him what he had been doing repeatedly for her? So the vibrations from her orgasmic cries just added to the pleasure that finally milked Haruna’s semen out and into Oluchi’s mouth. With a jerk, Haruna’s butt tightened and he paused for a long time as spurt after spurt of semen filled Oluchi’s mouth. Like an expert, she didn’t crank his cock fast but instead milked it for all it had for her.

As Haruna stopped cumming Oluchi separated her lips from his still stiff cock and semen dribbled out the corner of her lips and ran down her cheek. Haruna hopped off the table, grabbed a towel and asked Oluchi,

“You want to spit out?”

“No, my goodness, I’ve never tasted anything like it, so salty, so creamy, so warm, and so much.” She swallowed.

Haruna now rained light kisses over Oluchi’s face, her ears, her neck, her chest, her breasts with each nipple getting special attention, her stomach, her pubic region, down her thighs, her knees, her shins, and her toes. And the whole time both of his hands never stopped caressing Oluchi’s body all over, never stopped teasing her pussy and her by-now-very-swollen clitoris.

Oluchi was soon vibrating all over and her chest was heaving with deep breaths as she was about to cum once again. When Haruna finally placed his tongue and lips against her tender clit she shook in a violent orgasm and wrapped her thighs tightly around Haruna’s head which was deep between her thighs. Her moans and cries just went on and on and on. It was fantastic to watch and listen to.

Haruna’s tongue kept exploring Oluchi’s naked, creamy pussy and at one point he lifted her thighs up in the air so her little tight anus was exposed and he slithered his tongue inside her anus while pushing his nose between the slippery, full lips of her pussy. She shook again with yet another orgasm. And then again with yet another.

Oluchi had explored herself and masturbated in the past, but she had never climaxed so intensely and so many times in a row. A huge smile was on her face and her arms were at times wrapped around her head as she thrust her hips into Haruna’s mouth and at times rubbing her own breasts vigorously so her nipples tightened and pointed skyward like little pebbles.

Her hands wandered down to her own pubic hair and she rubbed Haruna’s head and then her own pubic hair. Haruna took her hand and guided her to explore rubbing her own swollen clitoris and slipping two fingers inside her wet vagina.

Using his own fingers thrumming against that delicious g-spot just inside her vagina, Haruna showed Oluchi how to pleasure herself with her fingers curled and beating against her G-spot and her own thumb vibrating her excited clitoris. She brought herself off…once, twice, three times.

Haruna continued to kiss and caress her skin and bring his hips closer to Oluchi’s now very open pussy lips. As her fingers worked her own pussy a third time, Haruna brought his now erect penis up against her fingers and as Oluchi was reaching her third climax he guided her fingers to the shaft of his hot penis.

Almost instinctively Oluchi grasped the shaft, worked the mushroom hood on his cock between her glistening pussy lips and guided Haruna’s penis inside of her vagina. As the thick, hot shaft sank into Oluchi’s vagina she got a pained look as if she were about to lose control and as if she were about to experience something so wonderful that it was overwhelming her emotionally.

And then she changed before my eyes on the camera, reached out with her hands to grasp Haruna’s hips, arched her slightly rounded belly upward, and engulfed the entire length of Haruna’s penis inside her vagina.

Her eyes rolled up and Oluchi began a long, guttural moaning as she lost control and fucked Haruna for all she could give him and for all of that divine, warm length she could take into her.

Then she started repeatedly crying out,

“Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh my god, yeah,” again and again and again until her voice went up in pitch like a little girl’s, not a twenty-two-year-old woman’s and she cried out,

“O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h.” She crushed Haruna to her body, kissed him on the mouth intensely and shook like only a woman can when she’s having an unbelievable orgasm.

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