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Cougar’s Tale : Episode 7 (18+)

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Cougar’s Tale : Episode 7 (18+)

Gracey called me the next day and I told her how it all went. She proceeded to ask me if we spent the night together and I asked her to mind her business.

“Felicia no dey slack o. I know that your coochie has not seen a joystick in over six months now and must be dying to get some action so I don’t know why you’re slacking.”

I laughed until my stomach hurt. “Jesus. Grace. When did you become so dirty?”

“Abeg leave matter for Mathias. Sha me I;ve done my own part. It’s up to you to take the bull by the balls. The bull being David the young bobo.”

I had to end the call before Grace said anymore but she was right, though. It had been a while I’d had real sex. I still had the vibrator Bisi gave me but ever since I started seeing young boys I stopped using it as much as I used to. I didn’t even know where I kept it.

My ex-husband had found it and used it in making one of his points about me being a whore. The bloody idiot. I searched for it and found it in one of the boxes I’d used to pack my things. I plugged it into the power outlet to charge that night while I went to take my bath in the shower. Just as I came out with the towel around my body my phone was ringing. I quickly ran for it and almost slipped. I picked it up and it was David.

“Heyyyy” I said after picking.

“Hey Felly” he had been calling me that and I loved it. just because it was him. “How are you?”

“I’m fine. Just took a shower.”

“Wow, really?  I would’ve loved to join you.”

“Really? You could still join me. I wouldn’t mind going back in with you.”

“Agh, If only I could just appear over there right now.”

“You could fly. I’ve always suspected that you have some secret powers that you’ve been hiding from me.”

He laughed “I swear if I could I’d fly over there right now, take you in my arms and we’d soar to the tallest building in the city so I could make love to you beneath the stars.”

“Awww, that’s so romantic. Now I really wish you were here right now.” I said and eyed the vibrator charging in the corner.

“I wish I was there too, baby. Just so I could explore your magnificent body and use my tongue to lick up every droplet of water the towel has failed to clean up.”

And from there our conversation turned to a heated phone-sex session. His deep voice over the phone and his sensual words were enough to put me in the mood. I grabbed the vibrator and put it on, grateful that it wasn’t making too much of a sound.

As David spoke, I used it on my self. When he talked about sucking on my nipples I used it there, watching them come alive and erect, pointing into the cold air of the bedroom. He was talking about how he would devour my pussy when I used the vib to part my quivering pussy lips enjoying the sensation he gave me and waiting for him to progress.

He told me how he was going to take me slowly, letting his hard rod go slowly into me and I pushed the vib into my pussy, just as slowly as he said he would. I moaned into the phone and told him to keep talking. I shut my eyes and imagined him inside of me, I moaned his name out loud as I pushed the vib deeper into my pussy.

My body shook as I felt my orgasm wash all over me. I pushed the vib in faster when he told me how fast he was going to fuck me. I closed my legs together and tightened my walls against the vib, pushing it harder inside me until it suddenly stopped vibrating… mid climax. I hadn’t charged it enough before using, I threw it away in frustration and used my fingers instead.

I played with my clit and pushed a finger inside me as he continued to speak. I came again listening to his voice and felt my heart crash hard inside my chest. I felt so damn good but I knew deep down that I hadn’t been satisfied enough. I told him that I wanted to fuck him.

I couldn’t wait anymore, I told him that I wanted to fuck him that night if possible. I glanced at my phone’s clock and it was 17 minutes past 10pm. I asked him to come. I begged him, even. It was a Thursday night and he had to be at work the next day. I told him to bring his work clothes and his briefcase. I almost cried until he agreed to come.

Almost 30 minutes later and he called me that he was at the entrance to the estate but the security guards were not letting him in. I put on a shirt and shorts and my night robe over my body and ran. Yes, I ran to the security post, not caring that I looked like a mad woman running like that at that time of night. I got there and told the security guards to let him in.

They told me to sign something to show that they would not be held liable if anything happened to me and I almost wanted to yell at them to shut the fuck up. I signed it though, just because I wanted David in my arms as soon as possible.

I got in his car and looked at him. He smiled at me and I smiled back, He reached for my hand as we drove into the estate. We reached my place and immediately he parked the car and put off the engine I dived at him and kissed him.

I didn’t even let him catch his breath, I crashed my lips against his and forced my tongue into his mouth, tasting his sweetness in my mouth. His hands were all over me, grabbing my ass and my boobs. Squeezing and caressing. When I finally got off him, all he could say was
“Wow. That was… intense.”

“That was nothing” I said as I got out from the car and went inside the house, removing my robe to show off my body in just the t-shirt and shorts.

He got down from the car quickly and followed me inside the house. Just as he got in and closed the front door, I got rid of the t-shirt and threw it at him. He caught it while his eyes were on me. I smiled shyly and disappeared towards the bedroom.

He followed, by the time he got there the room was dimly lit and I lay on the bed, totally nude and waiting for him. Strawberry scented incense was slowly burning in the corner to give the room a romantic fragrance.

David quickly got rid of his shirt and jeans and climbed into the bed with just his boxer shorts on. I didn’t know how big his dick was yet but I was going to find out. We didn’t say any words. We both knew what we wanted. I wanted him so badly and I used my hand to caress his strong body as we resumed kissing. He held my boobs in his hands as he kissed me passionately.

His hands slowly went down and soon they were between my thighs. I parted them and gave him access to my pussy. He circled my pussy with his fingers, the sensation was ticklish and electrifying at the same time. He slowly parted my lips with his fingers and expertly inserted his index finger inside of me while flicking my clit with his forefinger and thumb. I moaned as his fingers fucked me, he kissed my neck and licked my earlobes. He kissed my chin and nibbled my nipples.

He licked at them with his tongue while his heated body pressed hard against mine. I felt his erection on my thigh as it got bigger and bigger. I reached for his crotch and inserted my hand into his shorts to grab a hold of his dick. My heart fluttered when I felt the size of him. It felt long in my hand and my fingers just barely went around it. It felt quite huge and I knew this night was going to be a marvelous one.

I made him lie down and proceeded to kiss his body just like he’d done mine. I kissed his nipples and nibbled at them too. I licked his hard body with my tongue and kissed his navel. Then slowly I got rid of his shorts and his dick jumped at me. He held my hair to the side while I put his dick in my mouth. It was warmer than the rest of his body.

I sucked on it like candy, taking him whole into my mouth until I felt him in my throat. I’d long since overcome my gag-reflex problem so his huge dick wasn’t a problem for me. I liked the way he moaned my name while I sucked his dick.

He moved his hips slowly as I bobbed my head up and down on him, stroking his hard dick and playing with his balls. He smelled of bathsoap and cologne, that sweet cologne that I told him I liked when we first met. Just as I sucked on him he told me to bring my ass towards him and sit on his face, I smiled. He wanted a 69, I obliged.

I planted my huge butt in his face and immediately his tongue went straight for my clit. I cried softly as he grabbed my asscheeks and buried his face inside my crack, sucking and slurping and licking and moaning as he did all of this. I proceeded to suck on his dick, while he tongue-fucked me.

We sucked on each other for a while before I disengaged from his face and wiggled my butt at him. He leaned forward and bit my ass playfully. It was painful and pleasurable. I went a bit further and with my ass still facing him, I guided his dick slowly into my pussy until it was halfway in.

I arched my back and proceeded to fuck him. My ass slowly went up until I got to his tip and back down I went. The view of my ass while I fucked him was driving him nuts as I looked back to catch his amazed expression. I smiled and decided to increase my speed, going up faster and coming down until my ass slapped on his crotch. David grunted and grabbed my ass while I fucked him.

My fluids had already began to pour all over his dick and soak up the sheets. I went faster and faster, the slapping of my butt on his crotch getting louder and his grunts and moans getting wilder. David fucked me from beneath, using his hip to meet me midway in the air as the sound of our sex filled the room. I came and my walls tightened around his cock. David screamed and I screamed too.

My butt quivered and I just couldn’t stop myself from shaking uncontrollably as David continued to fuck me from beneath. He hadn’t cum yet but he disengaged from me and dragged me back up, making me sit on his face as my cum poured out of my pussy.

He licked and slurped some more, taking every bit of me into his mouth and making me go crazy with desire. I rode his face and wondered how he could hold his breath for so long. His dick glistened with my cum and I reached for it and sucked it again, tasting my sex on him.

David made me lie face down and placed a pillow just beneath my crotch. He gave me another to place my head on and kissed me gently on my cheek, my neck, his kisses going all the way down my back till he got to my butt. He kissed both buttcheeks and parted them.

He never got tired of using his lips and tongue and I never got tired of being tongue-fucked. He made me part my legs as he spent an eternity licking up my pussy and sucking hard at my clit. I came again… moaning his name loudly as I did. And just as my juices started to flow he went inside me with his dick and proceeded to fuck my senses away from me.

David drove his dick deep inside of me until it felt like I could feel him in my stomach.  He kept pushing and thrusting and fucking, his grunts wilder with each thrust. I just lay there and accepted this sweet violation. It had been too long and this was just perfect to bring me back to life. We had been fucking for almost 30 minutes and he hadn’t even cum once.

What a guy, he was. I wondered how he managed to keep it in but I dared not tell him to stop pounding me. My body was prepared for whatever onslaught I was going to receive from his dick that night. David went on fucking me until all I could feel was pleasure. I buried my face into the pillow and wept tears of joy and happiness. Yes, happiness. That’s what my name meant. I had found happiness in the dick of this young man, and I was never ever going to let go.

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