June 26, 2022

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Carrot-Stick Approach

Hi Guys,

I know its been long since you’ve read anything from me. For several months now, its been me delving straight into stories, no introduction or preambles. Moreover, I haven’t been able to rant or anything, maybe put my rant into writing.

Well, this year, I hope to document my so-called rants. Hopefully also, I get to write more relationship posts, short stories or web series. I would like to thank everyone who has been following all of our short stories from the days of 17 Awosika, The Adjacent, Average Joe, DS Series, Zoe’s scribbles and Following Chris. Thanks for all the support.

The honest truth about short stories is that it can be tedious and most especially when one has a regular demanding job, it’s a bit of a hard hustle to combine it with writing but you can be rest assured we will try our possible best  to deliver entertainment to you.

I will try to continue the 17 Awosika Season II this first quarter, I promise, on scout’s honor! 😀

This year, this blog will be 2 years. Amazing right? We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and for that, we’re grateful.

Final digression before my rant, on the anti-gay law.

Seriously, what we you guys expecting? I saw this from the on-set even before the house started discussing it. Let me let you in on something, the whole of the country will be at war, I mean north, east, west, south will be boiling with turmoil, bombs exploding here and there, and during all of this, the president will still sign the anti-gay bill.

We’re Africans, and Nigerians more importantly, we have never tolerated that, there will never be a day when we will see 2 men or women at Ikoyi registry getting married. I can assure you even gays in Nigeria wouldn’t want to do that. We’re like that.

All this clamour from the rest of world that it isn’t fair, we’re depriving people of the choice of their sexuality and all that will not yield anything. We will never embrace homosexuality, it’s just what it is. Senators/Reps members might go home and shag their boy toys in the ass every night for a week till the boys bleeds in the ass but whenever they come out in public, they will never plead to the fact that they’re gay, if tougher sanctions are called for homosexuals, they will all say “Aye” to it.

That’s the kind of country we live in, nobody is gonna wash his/her dirty linens outside. We know the beneficiaries for this new law, money making season for the police, even if 2 guys just hug in public, they need to be sure the police isn’t watching them. That’s the kind of society we’re in. I saw a tweet some days ago, which i found interested, it goes thus

“The President isn’t saying anyone cant be gay, he is simply saying not here in Nigeria”

So, all the girls calling eachother soft words such as my love, sweetie, darling, and so on, you might wanna leave that in your house, don’t take that public for now.

So, in my own opinion, let it go… I know there are many other issues that should be addressed instead of nailing gays to the cross, I understand.

*breathes out*

Now, as many of you know, I love women, especially those with B cup boobs upward, I can’t get enough of them, It’s incredible, I can control my thirst for them so, don’t worry, I know how to check myself. A few days back, after a couple of beers, one jerk who happens to be my friend just told me how he turned down a girl who asked him for money. My first question was “did you guys fuck?” and his reply was yes. I couldn’t believe this guy, I mean there is a chic you’re shagging a girl besides your girlfriend and you refuse her help?

I went ballistic on his ass, why the fuck not? You should give her money if she asks, she knew your ass has a girlfriend and she still sucked your dick and rode your dick like a horse and you’re not sure if you should help her out with cash. The honest truth is that I believe if you’re shagging a girl, relationship or no relationship, you should help her out with cash if she needs it. It is important that you reward good “work”.

I would even buy her a car, if I could. There is a gist that there is a certain Lagos Big boy, he was heading some financial stuff in Alausa. He made it his hobby buying cars for Unilag chics way back. I know like 2 girls that he bought cars for and I’m like, that’s my nigga right there. He’s an older man married with kids. I like his method, I would do it too if I had the cash, maybe I will some day.

My theory is simple, if you fuck me good, as in sexually blow my mind. If you need anything I’m capable of doing, do not fucking hesitate to ask. It’s one of the ways I can pay you back. Some self righteous nutjob was arguing with him  that he can’t. Why the fuck not? These are the kind of people who shag in the office toilet and credit their colleague’s bank account so no one sees them give the chic money and deny any fucking involvement.

Nigerians are just pure hypocrites, we would do anything just to make sure we look like saints in public, meanwhile we’re the mucus-infested rag behind the curtain.

A girl I know was on my payroll for a while because she blew my mind on several occasions, I can’t count the recharge card I sent her. I never felt used for once, I paid for her transport fare to see her family one time. I feel she’s worth it because she performed a service I enjoyed well.  I think I’m upcoming in this regard because there is another guy I know, he bought the chic a car, EOD for that matter, rented out a self contain for her in Ikoyi, pimped it out, not done spoiling her, he went ahead to also pimp out her parent’s house. I was wowed by all of this. Sadly, I knew her boyfriend whom she wanted to marry, its not in my place to judge. To each, his own!

Its carrot-stick method, that girl that likes shagging you now,  buy her a gift like teddy bear or a chain not flower like the picture but if your chic digs flowers.. Good! and see how awesome her next blowjob/sex will be, just give her a good surprise.  If she fucks up, you treat her fuck-up as well but make sure the gifts supersede the punishment even with your wife/girlfriend.

Point of the story, take care of people who take care of you especially sexually! It is the recipe for long life. You can share your comment anonymously.


My  2 kobo for you, have a fantastic weekend.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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