June 27, 2022

Awful Day, Wild Night & Awkward Morning II (18+)

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Awful Day, Wild Night & Awkward Morning II (18+)


After the first weird hook-up at the party, Dr. Femi has been disturbing her about talking about what happened, she has been avoiding him until this medical emergency.

It’s been almost a month since the incident with Dr Femi getting him to keep it strictly professional had posed a bit of a challenge as he tried to corner me in the halls or ask me questions.

I just brush him off or direct him to admin ,the boss was already starting to notice the tension and whatever the boss noticed never ended well.

On this particular Monday, I woke up with a flashing pain at the right side of my face, I had random headaches from time to time, so this wasn’t new. I took some pain meds and got ready for work, getting to the office I settled in and joined them for the meeting.

Halfway through the meeting everything was a buzz as the pain kept growing I barely managed to get through and was so relieved when it was over I quickly went to the office and relaxed my head .

The door opened about a few minutes later, I wasn’t too conscious of the time, raising my head I came face to face with Dr Femi and the determined look in his face showed that I wasn’t getting out of this one.

He noticed the look on my face and before he could ask any questions I cut him off and started laughing, he looked puzzled then I asked him if all this didn’t seem funny.

He smiled for a moment and I thought to myself he was really good looking.

“I want to talk to you and I don’t know why you’ve been avoiding me” Femi replied with a sigh.

I had to explain to him this a strictly work environment and no matter who you came recommended from you’ll be sacked if you are caught fraternising with your co-staff and besides we just have to put that night behind us it was a release for both of us and it was good but its a past occurrence and should remain in the past.

He wanted to say more but the intercom rang and I had to attend to something in the reception, I stood up too fast and vertigo combined with the growing headache had me seeing black dots and before my face kissed the ground.

An arm held me up with a muttered curse, Dr. Femi rang for the nurse and I surrendered to the growing blackness. I had a bad cluster headache and my lack of a decent breakfast had caused me to pass out, waking up I saw the boss in my room and the look of disapproval on his face.

Dr. Femi was beside him and he explained that I’ll have to be kept overnight for observation, I turned back to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I was feeling sticky, still in my work clothes but the headache was gone and the saline drip did wonders to my body.

I disconnected the drip and took my clothes off, I stepped into the bathroom for a shower, coming out I met the Dr. Femi in my room, he explained that he couldn’t check on me during the ward rounds, and he came back to check on me now.

It was the first time we were alone since the party that conditions seemed okay, and at 3 AM, no one was coming into the ward the nurses were asleep and he looked good, I winced and touched my head for theatrics and he stepped closer to check my vitals.

I became aware of the proximity between us and the towel was barely decent to be a good covering, I looked up at him and he leaned down to press an open mouthed kiss at the junction of my shoulder.

This earned him a shiver invitation enough, he loosened my towel and let it fall to the ground picking me up I wrapped my legs around his waist as he deposited me on the table leaning down to capture a nipple in his mouth, his hands wandered around my body touching but not quite touching.

His hands crept to my thighs and he began a massage not quite touching my clit but good enough that his fingers grazed me while they moved, the pleasure of having a fully clothed man worshipp your naked body is out of this world, there’s a thrill in feeling the rough texture of his clothes graze your body.

Trailing kisses down my neck, he licked and placed love bites his fingers were doing wondrous things to me as one grazed my clit and moved down to tease me at this point. I was whispering into ears he let go of me for a minute to loosen his belt and free his cock then, he went to his knees, placed an open mouthed kiss on my pussy, licking the outer lips.

His tongue waved in between them as he found my opening and pushed into it fucking me with his tongue looking down at him, I saw he was jerking his dick in tandem to what his tongue was doing.

There’s something so arousing in seeing a man touch himself while his face was buried in between your legs, this turned me on more and unable to take it, I pulled him up and guided his dick into me, he didn’t go in at first but used his dick to tease me rubbing against my clit and giving me the tip before pulling out.

He continued to do these until I muttered a please fuck me and I was rewarded as he slammed into me, he picked up his rhythm and pulling my legs to hand over his arms he went deeper and continued thrusting.

I reached up to grab him and I pulled him towards me taking his earlobe between my lips I licked and grabbed his ass pushing him deeper, his thrusts became erratic as he lifted me from the table with him.

Still inside me and backed me into the wall, the movement caused me to drop down on his dick and I saw stars letting one leg drop to the floor but the other one hanging on his shoulder, he grabbed my hips and thrust relentlessly into me.

Hearing a movement in the corridor, he stilled inside me as the head matron passed the room. I held my breath for those two seconds while Femi started to slowly thrust pulling out to the tip and going fully back in, when she passed back to the reception.

He went deeper inside me as he pulsed and began to cum, we stayed in that position for a few seconds then he pulled out grabbed some tissue and cleaned us up he gently guided me to the bed and smiled down at me

“I’ll see you in the office tomorrow, ma’am get well soon” and he left my room.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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