May 22, 2022

Average Joe(18+): The Friendly Neighbour IV

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Average Joe(18+): The Friendly Neighbour IV

I watched Amaka walk to the stairs, her ass wobbling with every step and my cum dripping off it. I felt like I was in a trancelike state and couldn’t do anything to change what was about to happen next even if I tried.

What I did next was quite funny. I walked to the sitting room, sat on a couch, put on the TV and flipped through the channels like I didn’t give a fuck in the world what was happening upstairs in my bedroom.

I liked Amaka a lot. She was the type of independent lady any guy would want to date. She lived in her own house, drove her own car, and was single and adventurous enough to fuck a guy she’d recently just met. Yeah, I liked her. And I wanted our kind of “relationship” to continue, well who wouldnt?

Trisha was a spoilt brat ,her dad has shit load of money. She was wild and seemed like the type who just wanted to have fun at every point in her life. I remembered the events of the house-warming party and how I’d intended to fuck her that night and my dick started to respond once more. It then occurred to me that I’d spent more than five minutes sitting down and yet hell hasn’t been let loose on me?

Amaka and Trisha upstairs. Both probably naked right now, could they be having an argument between themselves?

Could one of them have gotten so angry and killed the other?

Am I gonna go up the stairs and find two bodies lying in a pool of blood? I shrugged. Maybe they were fucking.

Then it hit me. Those ladies were so close to each other.

BLOODY BISEXUALS! The voice in my head screamed.

By the time I was done thinking,I had managed to blaze past the flight of stairs in record time and barged into my bedroom to find Amaka eating Trisha’s cooch on top of my bed.

I stood and watched, while my erection throbbed like hell in front of me.

Amaka was quite good at what she was doing. With two fingers dug deep inside Trisha, and her tongue working hard on Trisha’s clit, she moaned like her soul was being sucked out of her. She grabbed the sheets and arched her back, her hips moving irregularly, while Amaka continued to suck and slurp at her cooch.

I walked to my study table, took out the chair and sat down, while my eyes remained on them. Two ladies doing what they do on my very own bed was something I never imagined I would ever see. I wanted to tape it, but I didn’t. They wouldn’t have welcomed that idea. I felt I would never witness something as magnificent as that again. My body longed to join them, but I just wanted to enjoy the ‘art’.

It’s just two ladies having sex, bruh. It ain’t Leonardo Da Vinci painting or something.

When it seemed that Trisha had climaxed at multiple occasions, she urged Amaka to sit on her face. Mahnnnn…that part right there had me holding my dick and squeezing it hard.

You want to jerk off when there’s a pussy…no wait, two pussies soaked wet waiting to get slammed? Are you insane?

I ignored the voice and continued to watch. Trisha grabbed Amaka’s hips and ate her pussy from beneath like Dracula sucking blood. Amaka wailed more than she did when I ate her and that made me feel jealous for a bit. I guess it’s the ladies that really know exactly how to do it.

Amaka’s hips had begun to gyrate and oscillate faster. She used her hands to grab her own boobs and pinch her nipples and my brain just couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted a part of it. Enough art appreciation for one night, bruh. I stood up from where I sat and slipped a couple of my fingers into Trisha’s gapping pussy and her legs shut tight immediately, but she didn’t stop sucking her friend’s cooch. It’s like they didn’t want me to be a part of the ongoing fun.

I didn’t like it, my dick hated it the worst.  I made to grab Amaka’s boobs but she refused to let me. I wanted to cry, I felt like a child trying to play with his friend’s but they wouldn’t let him and so they pushed him away. I swear my face contorted and I could almost feel tears coming out my eyes.

Just as fast as you can say Usain Bolt the two ladies were on me like tigers. They threw me to the bed and restrained me. One sat on me and held my arms apart while the other one was already sucking my hard cock.

Amaka was the one blowing me while Trisha decided to have small talk with a guy who was already in cloud29.

“So, your plan was to fuck her and when she left you would come up and fuck me too ehn, Joey?”

I couldn’t answer that,I didn’t care. My dick was in heaven, Amaka was blowing me so damn good my heart was racing so fast at the utter sweetness of it.

“You’ve been a bad boy, Joey, and for that…you’re going to pay” Trisha said and grinned devilishly.

Amaka had my balls in her mouth and my dick in her hand, squeezing and jerking. Trisha bent down and gave me a long hard kiss, using her tongue to find mine and sucking my breath outta me. I couldn’t move. I was in bondage.

Just as my waist began to constrict and I began to jerk my hips trying to cum into the sweetness that was Amaka’s mouth she suddenly stopped. I don’t know how they managed to communicate but they switched positions and Trisha sat on my my dick, facing me while Amaka sat on my face, facing her.

Trisha rode me so hard while she kissed Amaka whose soft ass was all over my face. I ate her until my tongue muscles got tired and I couldn’t do it anymore. And just as I was about to cum inside Trisha, I screamed. My muffled scream was not heard since I had a massive ass in my face and so my load shot right into Amaka’s friend. That I didn’t pass out that night is a miracle but it’s too bad I can’t tell that ‘testimony’ in church. ( >_>)

That night, I made a promise to myself to never ever try to have sex with two different ladies under the same roof, ever again. But promises are always made so we can break them, right?

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