June 9, 2023

Average Joe: The Voluptuous Teacher & The Bully II (18+)
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Average Joe: The Voluptuous Teacher & The Bully II (18+)

“Holy shit!” I moan out.

I can feel her muffled giggle vibrate on my cock as she begins to bob her head up and down. Whatever part of my cock isn’t in her mouth, her hand is wrapped around, stroking it.

The room is filled with the sounds of her sloppy, wet blowjob and my moans. She keeps sliding her head up and down, not even hesitating or stopping like a lot of the girls I’ve been with. I never would’ve thought that Kemi, my agric teacher, would be giving me the best blowjob of my life because I bullied her son, but here I am.

I swear, it feels like I’m hitting the back of her throat or something, but she doesn’t even seem to care. She just keeps on sucking as if her life depended on it. She’s playing with my balls with her free hand, and it’s as if she wants to drain me of my cum as quick as possible. If that is what she’s trying to do, then tough luck because I don’t cum that easily.

I tilt my head back and enjoy my blowjob, hearing the sloppy sounds coming from below as she keeps sliding her warm mouth around my hard cock over and over. My mind begins to run elsewhere for a while before I suddenly realize something that makes this blowjob even hotter.

The same mouth that was wrapped around and drooling all over my cock, is the same mouth that’s going to kiss him goodnight. Damn, I’m sure he would hate to hear that. It sucks, though, as I won’t be able to brag about this to anyone because they might tell. If it gets out about this happening,

I think I can say goodbye to blowjobs from my sexy teacher.

“Fuck, you’re amazing at this…” I groan out as she keeps happily sucking my dick.

All I can hear is her slurping on my cock, her head bobbing up and down enthusiastically. She then slides my cock out of her mouth, sucking as she slides it out. She starts to jack me off, looking me in the eye as she bites her lower lip.

She then wraps her lips around one of my balls, sucking on it as she keeps jerking me off. She giggles a little bit as she hears me moan and tilt my head back.

“You like how my mouth feels?” I hear her sexy voice ask.

“Hell yeah,” I answer, my head still tilted back.

“Well, I have another hole that I think you would like even more,” she tells me.

“I can think of two holes I would like even more than this,” I respond, smirking cockily.

She laughs and smiles at this, still stroking my cock.

“If you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you take that second hole,” she says with a wink.

She keeps jacking me off for a while, staring at my cock in awe the entire time. After a while, she stops and slides out from under the desk.

“Well? Stand up and follow me.” she tells me, walking towards her desk.

I get up as well and follow her and smile ear to ear when she pulled her skirt up, takes her heels off, and lays on her desk on her back. She spreads her legs for me, revealing her panties which match her equally sexy bra.

“Be a sweetheart and take that off for me,” she says, smiling and watching me.

Without hesitation, I reach and hook my fingers around her panties, slowly sliding them off. She lifts her legs straight up in the air to make it even sexier, and once I get them off, I throw them in the same direction as her bra.

I then grab onto her legs and spread them apart, letting me see part of her trimmed pussy. I can’t see it all since she’s still wearing the skirt, but it only makes it hotter.

I grab my cock and rub the head up and down the entrance of her wet pussy, watching her as she fidgets in anticipation.

“Fuck, please just stick that thing in me right now! I want to feel it so bad!” she whines.

“What do you want?” I tease, wanting to hear her beg and whine some more.

“I want to feel your huge cock stretch me out as my tight, wet cunt grips onto it as tight as it can. I want it so fucking bad…” she begs.

“Good girl. Good fucking girl.” I tell her as I slide my cock inside of her.

She gasps and freezes at first, obviously shocked at how something as big as my cock feels inside of her. But, once the shock passes, she smiles and begins to giggle.

“It feels really good!” she says, still giggling.

“It’ll get even better.” I tell her, beginning to move my cock in and out of her.

Her pussy may not be as tight as some of the other girls I’ve been with, but fuck, she’s a hell of a lot sexier. Besides, she’s still surprisingly tight for a woman who’s given birth before. That, and she’s a lot more enthusiastic and a lot sexier than any of the other girls I’ve fucked.

I grab onto her hips and hold her in place as I pump my cock in and out of her, which is something that I can tell she likes, as she moans a little louder as I do this.

“Fuck, Chibuzor, those girls weren’t lying when they said how good you feel…” she moans, gently closing her eyes.

“I know they weren’t. You’ve been wanting this for a while, huh?” I ask her, still thrusting in and out of her.

“Oh, you have no idea. The first time I heard one of them talk about you, I thought it was just some girl exaggerating it. But then, more and more girls would talk about you and how good you felt, and it fucking drove me crazy…” she answers, moaning.

“Maybe you can join in the next time they talk about me.” I joke.

” I wish I could!” she says, giggling again.

I begin to pump in and out of her faster, feeling her walls grip my cock as they stretch to fit my size. Looks like I might be the biggest she’s ever had. Of course, I could already tell due to how shocked and amazed she was when she saw it.

“You’re so much bigger than my husband!” she moans out.

And then there’s that.

“I bet he doesn’t fuck you the way you want. I bet he can’t even please you.” I gruffly say.

“You have no fucking clue! God, it’s torture… I REALLY needed this…” she moans.

“Well, I hope you keep needing this. I don’t want this to be a one time thing.” I moan, still pumping my cock in and out of her wet cunt.

“Keep fucking me like this and-oh FUCK! Right there, baby! Right fucking there!” she screams out.

“And what?” I ask, making sure I keep hitting that spot she likes so much.

“And I’ll call you daddy! I’ll call you anything! Just please keep fucking me like this!” she begs.

I guess she overheard some of the girls in her class say I liked being called daddy or something. Not that I mind, though, because I definitely like the idea of Kemi, an older woman, calling me daddy.

“Give it a try then.” I tell her.

“Fuck, daddy, your cock feels so good!” she moans out.

My cock twitches a little bit from hearing her call me daddy. Yup, I like it a lot.

“Good, slut.” I say, fucking her even harder.

She closes her eyes tightly as I pound her pussy, making sure I keep hitting that spot she mentioned earlier over and over. Her moans are filling the room, and they keep getting louder. Her breasts bounce with each thrust, and I can’t make up my mind on what to look at: her face, contorted in pleasure, or her breasts bounce as I slam my cock into her.

I decide to just switch and watch both, as she’s sexy as hell no matter what I look at.

With her free hands, she begins to pinch and tease her nipples as I fuck her. Her breasts don’t bounce as much, but I like the sight of this a hell of a lot more.

“God, you’re such a slut. Fucking your son’s bully while he waits in the car.” I growl.

“It feels so good though!” she moans out.

“What kind of slut gets turned on by seeing her son get bullied?” I tease.

“A slut that gets to get fucked by a huge cock.” she says, laughing a little bit.

“Fair enough.” I say, laughing as well.

I grab onto her hips tighter as I fuck her, holding her down as my cock disappears into her pussy with each thrust. I notice one of her legs begin to lift up, her foot pointing at the wall. I glance at her face and notice that she’s clenching her teeth and her eyes are tightly shut. Not only that, but her pussy has been tightening its grip on my cock.

I can tell that she’s close.

I keep my pace, slamming my cock into her tight cunt over and over as her moans pick up. She begins to fidget and move around some, but I hold her down by the hips again.

“Oh, FUCK!” she screams out, her chest lifting up.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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