September 27, 2022

Average Joe: The Voluptuous Teacher & The Bully [Finale] (18+)

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Average Joe: The Voluptuous Teacher & The Bully [Finale] (18+)

My cock keeps hitting her in her most sensitive parts, sending her over the edge. Her moans become screams, which become silent pretty quickly. Her body tenses up in my hands, and the walls of her pussy keep gripping onto and releasing my cock.

I keep thrusting in and out of her until I’m sure she’s finished. Once she’s reduced to a panting mess, I slide my cock out of her, glistening from her juices.

“That was so good, daddy…” she pants, staring at my still rock-hard dick.

“There’s still a lot more where that came from,” I tell her, flipping her over.

I slide her back some so that she’s bent over the desk for me. Her skirt fell back down in the process, and I decided to fix that. I slide her skirt off of her hips, letting it fall down to her feet. I’m about to move it elsewhere when Kemi kicks it away.

She then reaches around and grabs her ass, and spreads it for me. I’m about to slide my cock back inside of her when she suddenly stands back up.

“Wait, I have an even better idea,” she tells me, shoving me onto the desk.

I take my shirt off and lay down on my back, my cock still standing at attention. While I wanted to fuck her doggy style, this is equally good. Slowly, she crawls on top and mounts me, positioning my cock right at the entrance of her cunt.

Before she slides down, she looks me up and down, admiring my body.

“Fuck, you’re hot as hell,” she says before sliding down onto my cock.

As she slides down, she lets out a low, long moan. When she hits the base, she lets her head fall, her long hair falling with it.

“Fuuuuuuck…” she quietly moans.

I’ll be honest; I never expected her to be the type that swears this much during sex. Not that I mind, though. If anything, it makes it hotter knowing that she’s not holding back.

“You like that dick, don’t you?” I ask.

“Yes! It feels amazing, daddy!” she replies, beginning to bounce up and down on my cock.

As she picks up the pace, we hear a knock on the door. I freeze, fearing that it might be the principal or someone else who could open the door and catch us. But then, I hear that familiar, pathetic voice.

“Hey mom? Why’re you taking so long?” the voice asks.

It’s Adeyemi. Of course, it is.

I want to say something, but Kemi speaks up.

“Just a little longer, honey. I just need to finish up some paperwork,” she says, still riding my cock.

Holy shit, is she obsessed with my cock or something now?

“Oh, alright. How did the talk with Chibuzor go?” he asks, sounding a little timid.

“It went VERY well,” she tells him.

“More like it’s still going well,” I whisper to her.

She laughs a little at this.

“Alright, honey, I’ll be out in a bit. Just wait in the car and do some homework until then, alright?” she tells him.

“Alright, mom!” he happily says.

She doesn’t even stop to listen to see if he walks off, and she instead just keeps riding my cock. In fact, she even speeds up a little, bouncing up and down on my cock enthusiastically.

“Talking to your son while you ride his bully. You’re amazing.” I tell her.

She shrugs and smiles at this.

“I wasn’t about to let him get in between this,” she says, biting her lower lip.

Her hands are placed on my toned chest, and I watch as her breasts bounce with her as she rides me. Her pussy is clenching onto my cock tightly like before, and she’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

I watch and admire her body, completely nude. Never did I think that I’d be here, having Kemi ride me in her own room after talking to her son, who was right outside.

“Fuck, daddy, you’re huge!” she moans, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I can only moan in response as she keeps riding me like an expert. If I told anyone about this, it’d spread like wildfire. Adeyemi would probably catch wind of it and cry like a bitch. Like always. Not only do I make his life hell at school, but his mom is basically my slut now. It’s like life specifically made it so he would get nothing but shit on.

I don’t really care, though, as all I care about right now is listening to his sexy mom moan and scream like a whore while she rides my cock.

She begins to ride me faster, and her moans get louder again. Her breasts are bouncing up and down faster than before, and my cock is still stretching her out and hitting spots that feel good for her.

Her wet pussy is gripping onto my cock like a vice, and she pushes down against me harder as she rides me with even more vigour and enthusiasm.

“Fuck, Kemi, you feel amazing…” I moan out.

“You feel good too, daddy!” she tells me.

“Try not to call me daddy while we’re in class.” I joke.

“No promises!” she says, giggling again.

I start to think about how Adeyemi would react if he heard his mom call me daddy. He would probably just be confused and ask if he heard her right. Dumb little fool. I can’t for him to see Kemi walking to the car funnily and try to understand why he was completely unaware that his mom was cumming hard on my cock like the slut she is.

Suddenly, she begins to bounce up and down even more erratically, and she closes her eyes and throws her head back, letting out a loud moan. Guess she’s close again.

I start to think about how I want her to finish me off, thinking about cumming in her mouth, when I suddenly feel myself get close to cumming myself.

“Shit, Kemi, I’m gonna cum!” I moan out, expecting her to slide off.

But she doesn’t. In fact, she starts to ride me faster. Her moans are getting louder, turning into screams again, as she keeps slamming down onto my cock again and again.

“I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!” she screams out.

As she says this, her pussy begins to tighten and loosen on my cock again. This is enough to push me over the edge, and as she cums hard on my cock, I shoot my load into her pussy, filling her up.

Shot after shot, she screams as my warm cum fills her up, and she keeps riding me, trying to get every last drop. It’s the hardest I’ve ever come, and I can’t help but clench my eyes shut and moan loudly with her.

After we finish cumming together, she slowly slides off of my cock, standing up shakily. I notice some cum drip out of her.

“Fuck, now I have to go and get some Plan B,” she says, grabbing some paper off of her desk to try and catch the cum.

“I can give you some money if that helps,” I tell her, about to go and grab my wallet from my pants.

“Nah, I’ll just use some of the money my husband gave me,” she says, smirking at me.

I smile back, feeling like I’m on top of the world. I just fucked and came inside my sexy teacher, who’s also the mom of the kid I bully. Not only that, but she’s going to use her husband’s money to buy some Plan B.

Adeyemi would cry like a bitch if he knew about this. Shit, now I really want to tell him.

“So, this isn’t a one-time thing, right?” I ask, getting dressed.

“After you made me cum twice without even having to eat me out? Fuck no, we won’t be stopping anytime soon.” she assures me. “Just don’t tell anyone, alright? This would be all over the news.” she jokes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep it a secret,” I say, laughing.

I get fully dressed, seeing her sneak some glances at my body as I do.

“You go ahead and leave first. I need to get some stuff to take home,” she tells me.

“Fine by me.” I say. “See you.” I nonchalantly say, leaving.

“Bye-bye, daddy.” I hear her say as I leave.

Fuck, I’m tired now.

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