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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 8] (18+)


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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 8] (18+)

She now did everything she could to help him enter her. She was no longer worried about her fidelity. She was trying to keep from being split open by the dominant male who had her pinned down and who was intent on burying his huge organ deep within her, regardless of the consequences to her delicate frame. Dara splayed her legs wide apart to help Bassey force his huge cock more deeply into her with each stroke.

Not satisfied with only this encouragement, Bassey lowered his hands to his sides and slid them to her fabulous, shapely legs. He brashly fondled her inner thighs, knowing that this would have been impossible just a few minutes earlier. He grasped her soft legs and raised her painted toes until they were high above him, waving in complete surrender.

While Bassey continued to thrust, Dara’s sexual temperature was moving from half boil to near full boil once again. With a final thrust, Bassey buried his cock fully into Dara. His pubic bone pushed her harshly into the lounge’s chair. The hair around the base of his cock mingled and fought with the ones above her love mound. He stopped to enjoy the moment.

Dara’s womb was filled to its extreme, her sexual glove tightly clenched around his cock. She could feel Bassey’s penis probing her very sensitive cervix at the end of her inner chamber. She couldn’t believe that she had been able to take in his entire, massive penis.

At the same time, however, she couldn’t help luxuriating in the feel of him. She felt so full. Dara ran her hands through his chest hair, then draped her arms around his neck, raising her tits toward him in thanks for the pleasure he was giving her.

Bassey smiled down at her in victory. He savoured his position. Here he lay, with his cock finally embedded completely in the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He remembered for the last time that night how, just a few hours ago, he had admired her simply as his best friend’s wife. Now in only a few hours, he had separated her from her friends, stripped her bare, coaxed her onto her back, spread her legs in preparation for him, and now he would fuck her as he liked.

He looked down at her face, her hair, her neck, her breasts, her flat belly. She was perfection, and now she was totally his. Amazingly, Dara still believed that Bassey’s primary motivation was to please her. Even with his engorged cock forced fully into her belly, she didn’t understand that everything Bassey had done was, in fact, to satisfy his own desire. Her release was only secondary to him.

Finally, he knew he must withdraw in order to enjoy his next thrust into her. But as he did, he whispered to Dara, “Dara, tell me honestly, which feels better… with my cock inside you… or outside.” She started to answer. “Wait, Dara, feel both ways before you make your decision.” “Inside… or outside. Inside… or outside.” Each time he withdrew his magnificent manhood, Dara’s pussy slurped in protest.

His cock was now shiny, fully coated and dripping with the nectar that was intended to entice him to her sexual flower bud. Each time after he withdrew, he again forced her pussy lips aside and slowly buried his manhood deeply into her. With each stroke, he pushed her down until his pubic hair mashed into her lioness’ mane. Even at this slow pace, they were nearly on fire now. Dara’s breathing was coming in strained gasps. She wanted him to increase his pressure on her.

In final frantic desperation, she cried out, “Bassey, stop. I can’t take any more. Your penis is too big for me. Take it out NOW. I’m not on birth control. If you keep forcing yourself into me, I know you will cum and I will get pregnant.” Bassey recognized Dara’s plea as her mind’s last futile effort to avoid the intercourse that was now so inevitable.

Her FM system had lost its battle with her body. She now desperately wanted to be fucked by the strong male on top of her. But her FM made its final plea to the man who was at that moment instinctively increasing the pace of his attack on her inner being.

Her request had little effect on how he chose to fuck her. He didn’t slow his thrusting as he contemplated his options. He knew he could withdraw, and strum Dara to orgasm. He could fuck her, and withdraw just before ejaculation. Or he could fuck her fully and completely, discharging his seed deep into her womb, making her pregnant.

His pride was stung that she had not sucked his cock earlier. He was angry that she had challenged him by withholding her pussy from him for so long. In his inebriated state, he decided to fuck her for his complete enjoyment and to spray his semen far into her belly. His last task was simply to convince her to improve the quality of his ride. As he fucked her, he wanted her to enthusiastically fuck him back.

One last time he used his predator’s instincts and played on her lack of confidence, her lack of experience. As he continued to forcefully stroke into her, he said “Dara, I’m one of your best friends. I’m hurt that you wouldn’t know that I’m taking care of this situation.” She was happy to hear these words from him. She was used to being told what to do.

Unfortunately for her, in her aroused state and with his cock sending waves of pleasure through her, she misinterpreted Bassey’s words to mean that he was protecting her from harm, from pregnancy. Nevertheless, her FM evaporated, and the airwaves opened for her AM to take full control of her being.

The animal in her for some time now had wanted Bassey to fuck her fast and hard. Her body so badly wanted to be his whore. Now her mind joined her body in the desire to be taken by him and his huge cock. Finally, both Bassey and Dara wanted exactly the same thing: a hot passionate fuck.

She snaked her arms back around his neck for the last time, seductively shook her heaving breasts at him, locked her beautiful eyes to his, and surrendered as fully as any woman could. “Okay , ride me as hard as you want!”

His most beautiful conquest was now asking to be fucked, just as planned. Bassey started fulfilling Dara’s request in earnest as he began to plough the fertile field he had prepared. At first his strokes continued to be long and slow. Bassey wanted Dara to remember the length of his strokes, the size of his cock.

On each upstroke he withdrew until he hovered a foot above her, only the tip of his organ playing in the puffy lips of her opening. Then he thrust his huge member into Dara once again.

Soon, he was thrusting himself into her so forcefully that his cock head bottomed sharply on her sensitive cervix with each jab. Each time he bottomed, she cried out. The pain, and the impact on her pussy brought out the cat in her, as he hoped it would. She bared her claws and used them to scratch his back raw in retribution.

She splayed her wonderful thighs wide in submission. Then she hooked her powerful legs around his waist and sucked him into her pussy. Her heaving breasts were covered with sweat, and were bouncing back and forth like beach balls caught in an ocean tide of passion. Bassey was as big as he would get and he was using his massive organ to nail her to the cushions. It was hot in the room, and Dara was even hotter. She wanted his cock, all of it. She wailed and moaned.

“Come on, fuck me hard” she cried. He was pounding into her, and she was pushing back at him, expressing the wild beast that resided deep within her. He fought to stay in the saddle. She was giving Bassey the ride of his life. Bassey held out as long as he could. He wanted this fuck to last, but Dara’s body was on fire from the extended foreplay.

Soon she had reached the boiling point for the last time. “Give me all of it now. I’m ready to explode!” He thrust as hard as he could. He was impaling her deeply into the lounge chair, which now added its voice to the chorus of their lovemaking. The chair creaked and groaned under their violent bonding. Dara was on fire with passion, the hottest fuck Bassey had ever had. With a scream of triumph, she arched high into the air, stiffened, and exploded into orgasm.

Now it was time for Bassey’s release. His soft sack of jewels had long ago become a hard bag of rocks, stuffed full of sperm and aching for discharge. He thrust powerfully and mashed her into the lounge. She thrust back with all of her strength and threw them into the air again. Using all of the power in his hips, he forced her back down. Her head pitched from side to side as her body convulsed beneath him.

He looked down at this gorgeous creature and fired his weapon deeply into her. As I sat in front of a power system miles away, ensuring electricity to the people in our community, I had no way of knowing the sparks and sperm that were flying in Bassey’s living room at that moment.

Bassey’s first stream of sperm splashed against the back of my wife’s belly. He spewed three more deep streams into her, but the first stream had been all that was needed. He was very virile, and the sperm were strong. They aggressively started their pursuit of her eggs, much as Bassey had pursued the rest of her body all night.

They finally lay still. Her heartbeat began to return to normal. She was soaking wet. Her hair was matted to her scalp. Puddles of sweat streamed down between her mighty breasts. He slowly started to shrink inside her, and was still the largest intruder she had ever known.

Sperm dripped from her spent cunt, but the strongest of the sperm continued their ascent inside her. Soon one would find an egg, penetrate its protective shell, join intimately with her, and she would be pregnant.

“How did you protect me Bassey”, she whispered. “Have you had a vasectomy?”

He answered her honestly. “Dara, I’ve adored you from the first time we met. I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful woman alive. You got married, but I needed to have you at least once. Tonight was my night. I’m quite virile.” She was silent, deep in thought. Finally a single tear streamed down her cheek. He kissed it away, and then kissed her deeply on the lips, forcing his tongue inside her for the last time.

He withdrew his shrinking penis and left her in puddles of sweat, sexual juice and emotion. She raised her depleted body and quietly put her wrinkled clothes back on. He watched as the last of his sperm soaked through her panties and dripped slowly down her leg. For the first time, Dara fully realized that Bassey had broken and ridden her solely for his own pleasure. Bassey had completed his seduction of Dara.

* * *

When I arrived home the evening of New Year’s Day, I was dead tired from working all night. But Dara was an invigorated tigress. Once we were in bed, she in essence attacked me. She quickly primed my pump and climbed upon my weary cock. I thrust with as much energy as I could muster, but it wasn’t my best effort. I came with a soft drivel rather than with any kind of strong drive.

She was quite pensive afterwards, but I was just too tired to be supportive. Our love-making didn’t seem that satisfying for her. Still I must have done well enough, because Dara had a son in September. I wanted to name him “Abel”, but Dara was very firm that the baby’s name would be “Alloysius”. I thought it was a funny sounding name, but Dara knew I would do anything for her. She prevailed.

It is 18 years later now, and Alloysius has grown into a strong, handsome man. His skin is much lighter than mine, probably because Dara is so fair-complexioned. And he has a special bond with “Uncle Bassey” that makes us both happy.

When we socialize with Bassey these days, Dara always talks him up to whomever he is dating. Occasionally I’ve seen the women tittering among themselves and Dara smiles as she points something out about Bassey. For someone as shy as Dara, I’m surprised that she can be so outgoing in an effort to find Bassey a mate. We both hope that someday he’ll find someone as special as Dara.

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