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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 7] (18+)


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Average Joe: The Nasty Allure of Dara [Episode 7] (18+)

“Dara, I’ve seen everything you have to offer. It’s only fair that you receive the same from me. Take down my shorts so I can tease you some more.” He emphasized the last sentence with three quick strokes. At that point, she would have done anything. She reached over, caressed his chest hairs down to his belly, and slid his boxers down.
Against the syrupy sensuality of Bruno Mars in the background, it was a surprise to hear her gasp loudly. She didn’t lay back down. She simply stared at the large slab of manhood between Bassey’s legs.

“I’ve seen Tim’s penis in the gym showers, Dara. I know I’m a little larger than him.” Larger, she thought, you’re double his size. He wasn’t fully erect, but the head of his penis was as large as the exercise ball she squeezed during aerobics. Bassey had enviously seen her squeeze that dance. He intended to test her hand strength right now.

With his free hand, he guided Dara’s hand to his cock. She didn’t want to touch him, but with his hand over hers, he stroked his penis in rhythm with his petting of her pussy. She finally noticed the coincident rhythm and startled in recognition. They were, in essence, having intercourse without touching organs.

He speeded his pace on her honey pot. She was approaching an orgasm for the third time and was anxious this time to reach the peak. He laid her back down and moved his cock to her face. He knew she could not swallow his whole member, but he wanted her to suck the head of his cock in.

He wondered if she would. She was shy, but he had now spent a great deal of time preparing her. The least she could do would be to pleasure him for a few minutes before he fucked her.

He brushed the head along her cheek. She would not open her lips to him. He tried again and again, each time closer to her lips. She had never blown a man’s cock before. The thought was much too distressing for her. Bassey was angry. He would remember this slight when he was asked to make an important decision minutes later.

He pulled away. Dara smiled at him in relief. Still, he stirred and stirred the sauce in her sexual kitchen. Dara was approaching for the fourth time and was bucking in an attempt to finish. Bassey smiled and took in this wonderful, sensuous creature in the throes of heat.

Perspiration was forming on Dara’s broad breasts. She was hot from the temperature in the room, she was hot from exertion, and she was boiling hot with lust. Bassey knew that her AM was now at full volume. He would make his most important move now.

“Dara,… Dara”.
“What!” she snapped in reply. She was so frustrated; she had lost all pretence of propriety.
“My fingers are too tired. I’ll need to finish you off by dry humping you.” She looked at him with questioning eyes. He smiled at how naïve she was. “Back in high school, didn’t a boy ever make love to you without putting his penis in?” She had settled down enough to regain her modesty. Embarrassed, she nodded no.

“It’s teasing, but I use the head of my penis instead of my fingers. And it isn’t sex because I don’t put my penis into you.” He strummed her clit a few times to remove her mind from the decision. Without waiting for a response, Bassey rolled onto the chair and right between Dara’s unsuspecting legs. He completed the manoeuvre so quickly that Dara was taken by surprise. She tried to close her legs. It was too late. Bassey now had her sandwiched between himself and the lounge chair, with his legs between hers and his semi-rigid cock dangling down toward her.

Because her knees were tight to him, he would not be able to enter her in this position. Bassey smiled down at her and watched her flat stomach rise and fall as she searched for breath. He needed to make one final adjustment to her position so that he could begin his conquest of her inner sanctum.
Bassey gently started to caress his way up her body, starting at her knees. He glided his hands up her smooth thighs to her full butt, over her flared hips and finally to her tiny waist.

He firmly grasped her waist to keep her from moving and gently but firmly spread his knees and raised them up toward her bottom. She immediately recognized what Bassey was doing and tried to wiggle away.

She could not, however, because he had her torso firmly pinned to the lounge chair. Her knees elevated slightly. Her tender thighs were forced apart. Without any further assistance, for the first time, the tip of his cock brushed the bulls-eye of the moist target before him.

Dara’s eyes opened wide. She looked vainly for help. Willingly or not, her legs were now spread wide, with his very large cock poised at the entrance to her womb. She was now in the perfect position to be fucked.

* * * * *

He eased his body down onto hers to prepare her for what was to come. First, his stomach onto hers. Then, his chest to her receptive breasts. Finally, he leaned down and nuzzled her neck, knowing that he would be buried inside her very soon.

It was no longer a question of whether Bassey was going to fuck her. It was only a question of how gently or roughly he would take her. He was positioned in the saddle of this beautiful lady, and now it was time to see how hard she would squirm when he mounted her.

During his recent exploration of her love tunnel with his fingers, Bassey had discovered a wonderful surprise. Dara’s prior lovers had apparently been relatively small, and her C-section delivery of her child had not stretched her sex channel either. Dara would be a nice, snug fit around his very large manhood.

The warm tissue of her womanly glove would be clasping his cock tightly as he stroked into her. He realized, however, that he would need to be very rigid to fight his way completely into her belly.

So, he began his final preparation for penetration. Bassey raised up off her torso, grasped the head of his organ and began teasing it to complete erection. In the process, he was strumming her clit just as he had with his fingers. He knew that very soon, he would be feeling her delicate flower sucking the length of his shaft in. His penis stiffened and arched in anticipation.

Dara could not believe the wonderful sensations she was receiving from his cock head. She couldn’t resist looking down between her legs to see the size of the large knob that was teasing her sex. As he hovered above her, ready for his first thrust into her, she had a fleeting thought about what it might feel like to have the walls of her dark tunnel stretched by his massive penis.

Dara tried to force this thought out of her head, but her mind was clearly succumbing to her body’s urgings. In a now futile attempt to honour her fidelity, she reminded herself that she was married and could not let someone other than her husband into her pussy (or so she thought).

Bassey must be telling me the truth, she reasoned. He is going to tease me to orgasm using his huge penis. Her stomach twitched for the second time. It had not when Bassey’s fingers teased her sex, but the danger of his penis so close and its massive size were sending Dara into ecstasy.

Bassey continued to strum Dara’s pussy with his cock head. Soon the head of his organ was wet enough for him to enter her, even though, amazingly, this naïve woman had no idea he was about to fuck her. It was time for his assault on her pussy to begin.

“Dara”, he lied. “There is too much friction. My skin can’t take it. I need to wet the shaft so I can finish you off. Can you lick it a little for me, … just to get it wet?”. Dara frowned. “Okay, I understand,” he lied. He paused and made an alternative proposition. “Then let me put a little of it in… just once… for lubrication”. He continued to play Dara’s instrument with his cock head as he spoke.

He strummed two fast strokes and stopped. He looked into her eyes, pointed the head of his massive cock directly at the heart of her pussy, and pushed. Her body stiffened. Her pussy lips did not part. Her FM system had abandoned her useless mind. It was instead clamping her vaginal lips tightly together. He strummed, he primed, and he pumped. Her pussy held firm. She would not allow the intruder to enter.

Bassey was livid. He had gotten her drunk, he had stripped her, he had put her on her back, and he had primed her well in preparation for his penetration into her. He couldn’t believe that this shy woman could now resist him. Regaining his composure, Bassey lowered his head and licked her ear.

The slurping sounds of sex pushed her mind over the edge. She moaned once and softened beneath him. She instinctively snaked her arms around his neck, her broad breasts and pointed nipples beckoning him to her. He believed that she was now ready to receive him, but if she resisted again, he would need to take her forcefully. His lips reached out for hers. He began to strum again in preparation for his first thrust.

He positioned his cock at the entrance to her tunnel and pushed with a firm resolve. Just as her lips had parted for his tongue two hours earlier, now her pussy lips demurely parted to his insistent pressure. The petals of her sexual flower opened, exposing her most intimate reproductive organ to fertilization. She drew his sexual organ into her.

Even with the head lubricated, Bassey could still proceed only slowly. He was quite simply as large as her body could handle. It took him four forced thrusts to gain half penetration. Dara looked up at him with begging eyes. He had said only halfway and only one time in. Reluctantly, he withdrew. Bassey was now fully erect and huge. She looked down between her breasts and saw that his cock was as large as a cucumber, with a tip as large as a tomato!

Dara had a new and very real fear. Not only had she dodged a bullet by convincing him to remove his penis from her vagina, but she was now understanding the impact of his size. Using only half of his cock, he had stretched her as much as anyone before.

Bassey returned to strumming Dara’s pussy with the tip of his manhood. He kissed her neck. After two minutes, mock pain.

“Ouch, Dara. I can’t do it. The friction is too great right at the base of my penis. I need full lubrication. Just one stroke in. And right back out.” She could no longer trust herself to challenge him using words. Her body talked for her. She stiffened for the next-to-last time (her last stiffness would come during the throes of orgasm). She needed release; she craved release.

Just as she would not challenge him verbally, he would no longer argue with her using speech. As planned from the beginning, he would make her body decide, and he knew how this lady in heat would answer. She wanted to be fucked, and he was going to make her admit it to herself and to him. He kissed her neck, and he pushed.

Her arms were clenched tightly around his neck, her eyes filled with both fear and desire. He kissed her cheek and pushed. She held tight. He bent down and tenderly kissed her lips. She now accepted his penis willingly, and he began his sensual dance into the core of her flat, youthful belly.

He had broken this gorgeous woman, and he would now ride her for his complete pleasure. Minutes later, he would learn that her flat belly would bulge as his child grew within her.

Earlier in the evening, Dara’s nectar had started to bubble and percolate inside her. Over time, this bubbling brook had started to flow with more force. Now, her natural flow was a river overflowing. Her honey poured down her thighs, puddling on the lounge chair and soaking her bottom. Even with this current of love juice, Bassey had to push into Dara a number of times to regain half penetration. He was now at the height of pleasure.

Thrusting to achieve full penetration was his favourite aspect of breaking a woman. He enjoyed the pain he inflicted while stretching a woman to the limits of her tissue. As Dara’s sleeve opened gradually to accept his massive cock, Dara was indeed in fear that Bassey would rip her apart.

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