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Average Joe: The assistance from Ireti III (18+)

Ireti was enjoying this as much as I was. Her pussy juices were soon dripping down my wrist.

“Keep licking… almost there…” she mewled.

No problem. I could have done this all day. I licked, sucked, and lapped at her strawberry-flavoured ass with glee.

What followed was one of the top ten moments of my life. This adolescent goddess twisted through her orgasm with my nose buried between her cheeks. She rode my face, my tongue, and my thumb, grinding and humping as she came. Her movements were so erratic that my thumb slipped off her clit and sank into the tight wet heat of her pussy.

Her vagina was heaving and squeezing just as violently as her asshole nipping at my tongue.

“Gaaaaaah,” she wailed and came harder.

I almost blew off in my trousers. This girl seriously liked getting her salad tossed.

Ireti finally let go of my head and slumped limply on the kitchen table, panting to catch her breath.

I was standing up and rubbing my knees when my wife swung back into the kitchen. She was carrying a basket of laundry.

“So? How was it?”

“Awesome,” I gasped.

“I was talking to Ireti silly,” she rolled her eyes. “Well?”

Ireti brushed away some of the hair that had fallen out of her braid onto her face and looked up. “You are seriously missing out here, girlie. He is really, really fucking good at rimming.”

“I’m going to have to take your word for it,” my wife smiled. “Do you wash your workout clothes with your whites or separately?”


“Gotcha. So, going to fuck my husband now or later?”

“Now. And probably later too. He’s got my motor seriously running.”

“All right, but don’t kill him. I like having him around. Need me to suck him a little? You know, to get him slippery?”

“Seriously? That would be great. I like spit more than lube. A little friction in the bum is better. You feel more.”

“Yeah, going to have to take your word on that too,” my wife half-smiled. She set her laundry basket down and knelt in front of me.

“C’mon honey, let’s get your trousers off so you can put your cock in the nice little girl’s ass.”

My wife had my trousers down and my drooling dick in her mouth a few seconds later. I was as hard as I had ever been. I was getting oral from my wife with a nubile young lady waiting for me to sodomise her. Maybe I had died in a car crash on the way home from work because this was my personal heaven.

I followed my angel slash spouse as she pulled me by my stiffy over to Ireti’s insane ass and rubbed my tip up and down the smooth valley between her cheeks.

“Sure you’re ready for this, Ireti?” my wife asked, “You’re not like, out of practice on the whole anal sex thing are you?”

“S’like riding a bicycle. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, it’s your ass. Literally,” my wife chuckled. “I’m leaving though. It’s going to hurt just to watch.”

Ireti reached back with one hand to pull one of her cheeks open as I leaned into her with my erection centred on her backdoor. Even though her little hole had been thoroughly rimmed and I was dripping with spouse spit, my cock still buckled and bent as I pressed it against her rosebud. Young Ireti was small and tight.

But she also knew what she was doing.

“Gimme a sec?” she exhaled softly.

I eased up but was still resting against her backdoor, so I felt her sphincter pulse and stretch as she forced herself to relax. Her ring opened slightly.

” Okay, push again,” she said quietly.

I did, and it worked. I watched as my tip sank slowly inside her, then carefully slid an inch into her ass after she didn’t object. It was like easing into hot butter. I never remembered anal sex feeling this good. Wow, Ireti’s butt was perfect on the inside too.

“Wait a sec,” she murmured. I felt her squeeze and relax a few times. The squeezes were a firm grip, like a rectal handshake. Ireti seriously knew what she was doing. “Ooh, that’s nice. Okay, more Joe.”

I pulled out a bit and sank almost halfway into the furnace of her tight rear entrance.

“Ireti, marry me?” I whispered jokingly. I used to whisper marriage proposals to her when she was little.

Her answer was always the same, and she gave it to me now, “You’re already married, silly. You love Oge,” she giggled.

But then she nibbled her lower lip and gave me better smoky-sexy eyes than a teenager should be able to pull off, “It’s nice that she’s willing to share you with me, though. I would have fucked you awhile ago if I knew she would be this cool about it. So how much more of you is there left out there?”

I glanced down to where my shaft was wedged between her round little butts. I pulled them apart gently and saw her tiny ring struggling around my girth.

“About another four inches.”

“Mmmm, give me half of that.”

I sank further into her. It was getting hotter the deeper I got. Ireti’s ass was an inferno.

“Jesus, this is hitting the spot,” she moaned while I sank my way in, “Is anal as good as you remember?”

“Better. It’s all I can do not to cum right now.”

“Do the best you can. If you can’t last, you can make me happy next round.”

Next round? Oh god, she was a treasure. “Ireti, I love you. Run away with me.” That time, I was only half-joking.

“Awww, I love you too. And I love having your giant dick buried in my butt. Speaking of which, I’ll take the rest now, please.”

I ground myself home into her ass. The gorgeous lady shuddered hard enough that it shook the table a little.

“Whoa,” she gasped, “Hold on. I didn’t expect… I’ve never… jesus, you’re a big boy. I need you to keep still and let my body rearrange a little, okay lover?”

“Yep.” Who was I to argue?

We stood there in the kitchen together, waiting for her miniature body to adjust to my ridiculous intrusion. She took deep breaths and let them out slowly. I rubbed her buns gently.

That’s when my wife came back.

“Ireti, do you use sheets or fabric softener with… holy crap honey! The whole thing on the first try? I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Oh, trust me, I know what I’m doing,” she gritted out through clenched teeth.

“Doesn’t it, you know, hurt?”

“A little, but in a really good way,” she was taking her deep breaths again.

Oge looked at me seriously, “Be gentle with her, sweetie. It’s been over a year since she’s done this and those were just high schoolers. You’re probably bigger than they were.”

“Oooh yeah, he’s bigger,” Ireti giggled nervously into the table, “Longer and thicker. No wonder you won’t let him do this to you. His cock is not for a beginner’s ass.”

“Okay, Joe,” Ireti fidgeted under me finally, “I think I’m ready. Start poking fella, but go slow for me in the beginning. You going to stick around and watch us Oge?”

“No,” my wife answered, but it was a small ‘no’, and there was no conviction in it. She didn’t move to leave either.

I pulled back and felt the long glorious friction of a young ass gripping me as I withdrew almost completely. Ireti’s knees shook, and she moaned as I dragged at her tender insides on the way out.

I paused and then slowly started working myself back inside the little teen. She smartly arched herself up towards me to help. Inch by inch, I slid into her absurdly tiny butt again. Her ring collapsed inward, following my shaft as I drove into her carefully.

“Holy hell, Oge,” Ireti grunted at about the three-quarter mark, “he’s fucking my damn liver.”

“Awww, does my husband have too much cock for you honey?” she teased.

“Uh uh, this is awesome. It’s never…” she gasped as I pulled out and sank into her again, “it’s never felt this fricking good before.”

She looked back at me through slitted eyelids, “Joe, remember when I said it would be okay if you came early and that you could catch me on the next round? I lied. You’ve got me seriously worked up already and I need to cum. If you blow before I do, I’ll twist your nuts off.”

I stopped fucking. It was the only way to keep from boiling over in her ass.

“No!” Ireti mewled, “Keep going.”

“You want me to keep fucking you and not cum? Ireti, I don’t think that’s possible.”

Ireti’s hand reached around, and she circled my shaft with a few fingers partway down. She squeezed me tightly.

“Go,” she pleaded.

I plunged into her again up to her fingers. But with her short reach and her fingers in the way, I could only get halfway inside her.

“Aaah, I want the whole thing.” Ireti brushed some stray hair from her face again and looked at my wife. “Oge, come here for a sec? I need your help. I need you to wrap your thumb and your first finger around Joe’s dick. All the way at the bottom. And squeeze. He won’t be able to cum and he can get me off before he loses it.”

What’s hotter than fucking the ass of the gorgeous teenage girl who grew up next door? Having your wife help you do it.

Oge was shaking her head as she came over, but she did as Ireti asked, strangling my stiffy with her small soft fingers. Together we fucked Ireti, pumping my gigantic erection in and out of the little lady’s incredible butt as she moaned and grunted into our kitchen table. Ireti’s blonde ponytail bobbed insanely with our rocking.

At first, Oge was wincing each time I sank into Ireti. She looked worried about our little friend. But the girl was clearly enjoying herself.

When Oge realized Ireti was okay, she looked up at me and pulled me down for some very nice kissing. While we fucked Ireti’s ass. Wow, that was hot.

Even hotter was when she spanked one of Ireti’s butts a few times for good measure. That’s when we both learned that Ireti likes to be spanked. It got the bent-over lady so excited it pushed her right over.

“Aaah, aaah,” Ireti moaned and whimpered as her orgasm crushed down on her.

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