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Average Joe [Reboot]: Nneka, The Pretty Devil (S02E23) (18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Nneka, The Pretty Devil (S02E23) (18+)

She continued to moan, occasionally trying to stifle little yelps by biting her lower lip. At some point, she decided to start talking to me while I worked away on her.

“Jesus you’re- ah- you’re good… Do you eat out your girlfriend like this? No wonder she- oh!- she puts up with you salivating over me all the time! First your thick cock- ah yeah- now a great tongue too- ah fuck!”

Her disparaging mention of Bisola angered me, and I dug my nails into her ass with my right hand. Yet at the same time, it filled me with lust, and I licked and sucked her pussy the best I could. She could sense my reactions.

“Oh baby, you- ah- you like it when I talk about her? God that’s so- mmm- so wrong! Eating another slut out while she- ah- she talks about- ohhh!”

I had slapped her ass, out of animalistic heat to both shut her up and spur her on.

“Yeah! You eat pussy so ah- so good! Mmm baby, does she ever talk about me? Tell me!”

I nodded my head yes and mumbled mmm-hmm into her pussy.

“Ah-ah! I bet that gets you hard, yeah? Do you have to hide your hard- ah- hard dick when she talks about me?”

I repeated the affirmative and she pushed my face into her even harder. She was now bucking her hips against me as I licked her like a madman.

“Oh god, that’s so fucked up! Fuck- ah yes! That’s fucking HOT! Jesus, I’m gonna- oh yeah! Make me come, yeah!”

She continued to thrust and I could feel the muscles in her thighs trembling as she strained. My jaw was getting tired, but I didn’t give a fuck. I was eating her pussy out like my life depended on it. She didn’t talk anymore but just moaned and groaned.

Finally, her quick breathing stopped as she took a deep breath in, then let out a long low moan as her whole body shook. I pushed my body up against her to help her balance but continued to give long, fast licks as she came against me. Her pussy, already drenched at this point, was now completely soaked. I felt like my mouth was swimming in her sweet juices. I didn’t stop pleasing her as her body relaxed and she calmed down, but I did slow down and give her a more gentle treatment.

Eventually, she let out a long, satisfied sigh and pulled my head back from her pussy. She slid her leg off my shoulder and leaned back on her own weight. “Wow,” is all she said for a moment.

“Baby, you did not disappoint.” I felt embarrassed at the compliment. She grabbed some toilet paper and dried herself off a bit, then put her panties back on. I had meanwhile continued to kneel on the floor, relaxing and catching my breath.

I was also hard as steel, with pre-cum dripping out of me.

“You are such a naughty boy! I can’t believe the things you said,” she took in a deep breath and let out, “Wow! I love the way you talk! I’m gonna be thinking about that…” She seemed to be momentarily lost in her own thoughts.

I raised myself up, not really knowing what to do next. She smiled at me. “Well, I better get back. Maybe you should stay in here and uh…” she lightly grabbed my hard-standing cock through my pants, “…take care of this. After all… we wouldn’t want Bisola to be suspicious, seeing us come back in together?”

My cock jerked in her hand. I tensed my muscles; I had almost exploded right there. She let out a little laugh, “But then again, who knows, maybe you’d get off on that.” She let go of my throbbing dick and opened the stall door.

“Maybe you can think about that when you jerk off.” She started out but then stopped briefly.

“Oh yeah, I guess we’re even now. Too bad, huh?” She gave me a wicked smile, then left the room.

I quickly undid the button and zip on my trousers and pulled my hardness out. With my left hand pushing against the stall wall, I gripped myself with my right hand and masturbated right there. All I could think about was the feeling of Nneka’s body: her thighs, her ass, her pussy.

I replayed her dirty and scandalous remarks in my mind. I never thought something so fucked up would turn me on so much. What was she doing to me? I can’t believe I admitted to her that I thought she was hotter in a skirt than Bisola. Jesus. Confessing that was so wrong, but fuck, Nneka is just so-

And then I came hard. I tried to aim it into the bowl, but it went everywhere. I was shooting it all over, and there was so much. I got so turned on, so built up from eating her out and listening to her talk dirty. It was amazing.

After I calmed down, I cleaned up the mess and washed my hands. Then I realized I needed to wash my face and rinse out my mouth the best I could. I would need to choke down some mints or something when I got back to the kitchen to mask the smell of pussy off my breath. Once I felt reasonably composed, I made my way back.

Nneka and her family were already gone. That was a relief. Bisola was busy helping one of the chefs so she couldn’t come up to me right away, but she shot me a look that could have killed. I found some peppermints in a jar and sucked some down, then went back to work, trying to act as normal as I could. Eventually, Bisola found an opportunity to accost me.

“Where the hell were you?” she hissed.

“Uh, the bathroom,” I replied annoyed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“It sure took you a long time to urinate! Did you see Nneka?”

I shot back, “How the fuck would I see her? I’m sitting in there, taking a fat shit for Christ sake! What’s wrong with you?”

She was taken aback by this comment. It appeared to work. She mumbled, “Oh” and went back to some other task. I tried to look irritated in case she looked back at me, but inside I was shaking with relief. That was a close one. If she knew that I had just given my all to Nneka’s dripping pussy… well… She didn’t know.

My own feelings were a mess. Part of me felt terrible guilt for what I had just done. But still, a part of me did the best to rationalize it. I had to give in to Nneka, or she would ruin my relationship. Or, fuck it; Bisola’s paranoia practically drove my lust for Nneka. Maybe if she had shut up for once, I wouldn’t feel this need to rebel. But then I would waver back and realize I was making excuses for my own behaviour. I didn’t know how to feel.

The only thing I did know was one day soon, the next time I went down on my girlfriend, I was sure I’d be thinking about Nneka’s pussy at that time.


A few more weeks had passed without much event. Nneka still toyed with me at work, often making insinuations about our recent encounter. I had decided to make some kind of stand for myself; now that we were even, there would be no more illicit sexual encounter.

Sure, she can flirt her ass off at work, there isn’t much I can do about that, but otherwise I was attempting to be determined to remain faithful to Bisola.

I say “attempting” because there was always a persistent voice in the back of my head that wanted nothing more than to see what Nneka had in store for me next. But I did my best to keep fantasy as just that.

One day, she said to me, “I hope we can have one of our… conversations again sometime.” My moral resolve failed me and I couldn’t manage to say any kind of no. Instead, I smiled sheepishly, remembering the terrible things she and I had said in the past. “Mmm, I guess I’m not the only one!” she said and went about her business.

Things went on like that for a little while. Bisola still hated seeing Nneka flirt with me at work, although as far as I could tell, she wasn’t bothered by her that much when I wasn’t around. I tried to assuage her paranoia, which succeeded when we weren’t on the job, but at work it was pointless.

She routinely became cold to me and acted as if I didn’t exist. This annoyed me greatly, and I thought, all you’re doing is pushing me towards Nneka as a friendly face. At least she is civil at work. But I kept that to myself.

It was a Saturday night when something bizarre happened. Normally when we go out on dates, or just stay in and hang out together, we tend to avoid talking about work, lest Nneka enters the conversation and instigate a fight. This evening was going pretty well.

Bisola brought home some alcoholic wine and we relaxed with them, watching some Nollywood movies. It was one of those newer ones that try to draw in young viewers by hiring beautiful fresh actors and actresses as eye candy to compensate for the pathetic plot.

We were having a good time, slightly buzzed, laughing at the movie. Whenever some young lady on the screen came on in a skimpy outfit, Bisola jokingly cheered. I returned the favour with the guys in the film, and it was no big deal. At some point, she asked me which girl I thought was the best looking. I told her, thinking it was no big deal (as she’s typically comfortable with that kind of thing unless it was concerning you-know-who).

But I was quickly dismayed to hear her say, “Yeah, I figured. She is definitely the hottest one. She looks like Nneka.”

I gave her an incredulous look as if to say drop it, but she continued. “She has the same body type and everything. Look at her in that mini skirt. I bet I know what that reminds you of.” She muttered half insulting, half ruminating on her own words. I think it was the alcohol that stopped her from getting really pissed off.

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