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Average Joe [Reboot]: Nneka, The Pretty Devil (S02 Finale) (18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Nneka, The Pretty Devil (S02 Finale) (18+)


“I don’t see why she gets so upset. So her man likes to look at a nice pair of breasts?” she rolled her breasts around and ran her thumbs over her hard nipples. She closed her eyes and smiled as she did that, giving herself a little pleasure.

Then she let go and worked her tight jeans down her legs, kicking them off with her sandals. Now she was standing before me, completely nude, and I drank in her body with my eyes.

She walked toward me (I watched her curves sway with every step) and stopped right in front of me. I moved my hands up her ass and rested on her lower back, leaned forward, and began to kiss her stomach.

“Mm, you’re so eager tonight…” she said. She leaned over a bit, bringing her breasts to my mouth, and I dutifully licked them and lightly sucked on each of her nipples. “Ah, what would your girlfriend think now? There’s no forcing you this time…”

I didn’t care. I was completely lost in pure lust. With her hands on my shoulders, and with surprising intensity, she pushed me back onto the bed. Then she began to climb onto the edge of it. I pushed myself backwards, so my head reached the pillows.

She followed me on all fours, like an animal stalking its prey. I think she even licked her lips. She stopped at my lap and covered her pussy over my throbbing dick. I was desperate to be inside of her. I involuntarily raised my hips, but she raised herself, “Ah ah, not yet… I want a little of what I got last time,” she said insinuatingly.

With that, she pulled herself up and positioned herself on her knees over my face. Then she lowered down and let me eat her pussy as I had done before.

I was happy to discover she was already wet. I gave her long, slow licks and she sighed softly. “I was hoping I’d get this again… It’s just so hard to- mmm- pry you away by yourself… ah, so resistant…” I grabbed her waist and guided her along with my tongue, sometimes forcing her still as I lapped at her faster. I was lost in the moment and probably would have just kept on going until she came when we were both frightened by a phone ringing.

Realizing it was the phone in my trouser pocket, I pushed her away and she made a reluctant little whimper and slid down my stomach. I reached for my jeans, which had landed on the nightstand next to us, and fumbled to get the phone out. “Hmm I wonder who is so important to interrupt us…” she asked with a knowing smile.

I glanced at the phone display and put it to my ear, answering, “Hey baby, what’s up?”

“Hey, I’m done with dinner, my sister just left,” Bisola greeted. “Are you still at the party?”

“Uh-huh, yeah,” I replied, reeling with the surreal experience of talking to my girlfriend while Nneka straddled me and slid further down my body, pursing her lips and blowing me a kiss.

“Okay, are you gonna stay? Should I stop by, or are you going to leave soon?”

“I’m, uh- haha!” I cut into a little burst of laughter as Nneka raked her nails lightly along my stomach, tickling me.

“What? What’s so funny?”

“I uh- this guy, dancing, he tried some move on the dance the floor,” I lied.

“Oh. So you’re staying?”

I hissed a quick intake of breath and rolled my eyes back into my head as I felt Nneka slide her body over my cock and push me into her wet pussy. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t moan or say anything.

“Hello, are you there?” Bisola asked, annoyed.

I regained some composure. “Yeah, the network here is bad. Come on over, okay? I’ll see you when you get here!” Nneka started to rock lightly on my cock, her hands resting on my chest now.

“Okay uh… see you soon then” and she hung up.

I dropped the phone and let it slide off the bed to the floor. “Jesus Christ!” I let out.

“Oh I’m sorry,” Nneka feigned remorse. “Was I distracting you? Can you not talk to your girlfriend and fuck another lady at the same time?”

I grabbed her waist and pushed myself into her as deep as I could. “You’re such a-, ah fuck- such a seductress.”

“I know I am,” she thrust her body along with mine, “I like making guys melt. Especially you. Bisola is a cute lady too, and when I saw her, mmm, dating you, I wondered what I was- ah- was missing…”

“Yeah, you- ah-bitch… I can’t believe the- ahh- the lengths you go.”

Nneka was moaning a little as she talked now. “Ooh, I know. And you tried so hard to resist me. God, that just made me want it more. Mm, when I made you come that first time, ahh, you should have seen your face…”

“Fuck that was so wrong…” I grunted.

“Ah yeah and- ohh, that you got off on it- Jesus, that night I just had to play with myself thinking- ahh- thinking about it.” She closed her eyes as if thinking it over right then, and I just watched her breasts bounce and she rode me steadily. Then she opened her eyes and said, “Tell me, do you think about- mm, think about me when- ah- when you play with yourself?”

I gritted my teeth, “Yeah.”

“Oooh, a lot?”


” I like that… tell me again…” she pleaded.

“Yeah Nneka, I think- ah- I think about you when I wank. I’ve come so many times…”

She gave a long moan and pressed down on me harder. “Gooood… Yeah, I like knowing you can’t- ahh- can’t help thinking about me when- ah- you touch yourself…” She bit her lower lip and gave me a serious look, “Have you ever- mm- thought about me when you- when you fuck Bisola?”

I felt her straining her muscles and wondered if she was trying to orgasm. For my own part, I was trying to take it slow and keep control over myself, not wanting the moment to end. In some ways, I think I was in disbelief that I was actually fucking her in the first place. She asked again, “Tell me, do you- ah- have you ever? When you f-fuck?”

“Y-yeah I have” I admitted.

“Oh god,” she whispered under her breath. She let her head hang down, neck limp, as her legs tightened and her hands clenched on my skin. Her body was pressing down on me as hard as she could, grinding back and forth in tiny thrusts.

Unintelligible moans escaped her lips as she continued this and climaxed. This was too much for me to take, and I felt myself about to explode as well. Her head shot up and she glared at me, digging her nails into my chest so hard it hurt. “No! Don’t come yet! We’re- fuuuck- we’re not finished!”

The sudden outburst in conjunction with the sharp pain distracted me and helped me regain my poise. She felt that I was no longer out of control and smiled, “Good boy.”

She relaxed her legs and pulled me up a bit, then started to lean over, indicating she wanted me to be on top. I agreed and let her roll onto her back, then quickly positioned myself between her legs and slid back into her.

“That’s so hot baby- mm- thinking of me while you fuck her. That’s- that’s bad.”

I found a new rhythm, gradually fucking her with long strokes. “You don’t know the half of it…”

She ran one of her hands through my hair, “Oh… oh tell me more…”

“One night we were- me and Bisola- we were ah- having some drinks- watching a movie. She ah- she brought you up…”

“Uh oh,” she moaned, “did that excite you?”

I continued the story, “Normally she- ah- she bitches about you, you know- ah- jealous… She started raving about- ah- your sexy body.”

“She talked about my- mm- body? Did you like that?”

“Yes of course- I was hard as a rock. The thing is though- ah- normally we get into these fights, you know, but this time, I guess- ah- I mean we were drunk and- ah, we took off our clothes and- and started to fuck.”

Nneka gasped and I felt her begin to thrust along with me with renewed interest in her own pleasure.

“So then,” I went on, “she just kept on bitching, you know? She like- ah- is fucking me there, screaming about your breasts, how- fuck- how they’d be good to suck, and then- God- your bouncy ass, how- ah Jesus!”

She was fucking me harder now; holding my ass and guiding me to a pace that suited her. Her breathing was becoming more intense. I knew she loved hearing this. “God, talking about my body- ah- while fucking… that’s- ohhh…” she moaned.

“So anyway she- she was like not even talking at me, she- ah- was in her own world, describing you and- ah- cursing your name, pissed off… Then she went- went wild and was screaming your name over and over…”

“Oh! That is so twisted! Your fucking girl- ah- girlfriend was getting off on me?” she rasped; her legs were wrapped around me now.

“I know- yeah! It was so hot, I couldn’t- ah- couldn’t take it… I just blew into her when she kept- kept on with your name and- and she kept going, like an animal, and then she- she came too… she…” I was interrupted as I felt her nails dig into me and her body squeeze around mine. Her eyes were clenched shut and she was biting her lip, giving soft little grunts as she came again.

That was it for me. She stopped me once, but now, between getting out that bottled-up story and Nneka getting off on it, there was no holding back. My cock swelled up and I started pumping into her, coming like crazy, digging myself into her as far as I could possibly go.

I was lost in the moment and didn’t fully regain my senses for maybe another minute. Realizing I was now lying on top of her, both of us breathing hard trying to catch our breath, I pushed myself up and rolled off of her.

We were both drenched in sweat. Neither of us said anything for a little while, both still in post-orgasm bliss. Eventually, she broke the silence, “Hmm that was maybe the hottest thing I’ve ever heard…” she mused.

I mumbled an agreement.

“Seducing you, I… I never expected she would… ah…” she trailed off.

My thoughts wandered. I was thinking about what had just happened, what I had told her, how she reacted. It was all so unreal. Suddenly I heard a course of laughter come from the floor below, and the situation flooded back into my mind. I realized we ought to get dressed in case someone came up to the room. Sliding out of the bed, I began to find my clothes and get dressed.

Nneka lazily watched me, completely unconcerned. “Hmm you know, Bisola is a beautiful girl… that’s part of what made chasing you so naughty.”

I absent-mindedly nodded, picking up my shirt.

“I would totally fuck her,” she announced offhandedly. The statement hit me like a wave and I just froze in position. Did she just say that? “Hmm and I don’t think you would mind…” she noted.

Recovering from the shock of her statement, I blurted out, “Yeah well, good luck!”

Her eyes widened a little bit in anger, “Oh, is that a challenge? You know that’s what I like…” she said with an air of sultry defiance.

I just shrugged and finished putting on my shirt. “She’s probably going to be here any minute. I’m going downstairs.”

“Aww,” she ran her hands over her still-naked body, “You won’t stay for this?”

I paused briefly, already feeling my exhausted cock jumping a little. I knew I had to get back to the party. I took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. “Besides,” I offered, “don’t you want to see Bisola too?”

She gave me a naughty look with a seductive smile and sat up, looking for her clothes. I gazed at her naked body one last time, taking it all in, and then slipped out the door. I hurried down the stairs and rejoined the party, looking around to see if my girlfriend had gotten there yet. Noticing her chatting with a small group of people, I made my way over to her and caught her attention.

She slipped away from her conversation and met up with me. “Where’ve you been?” she inquired.

“Huh?” I feigned confusion.

“I’ve been here for a little while, I couldn’t find you…”

“Oh, I was upstairs,” I paused, “Playing video games with some guys up there.” I was hoping she didn’t take a tour upstairs when she was looking for me.

“You’re sweating from playing a video game?” she asked.

“I’ve been here a while, and it’s hot upstairs. No ventilation or something…”

“Ah.” She accepted the explanation and we milled around a bit. After getting some drinks, we part ways for a while, visiting with other people. My heart was racing; I couldn’t believe I got away with that. I figured it was because she hadn’t seen Nneka. Where was she, anyway? I checked out the dance floor, but she wasn’t there. I was beginning to wonder if she had slipped out unnoticed and left the party entirely.

Bisola and I joined back up and danced for a little while. She said she was thirsty and stopped to go get another drink. I thought she must be having a good time because she was already a little happy and feeling pretty loose.

Two attractive girls were dancing with each other and I couldn’t help but admire them for a couple of minutes. I realized then that Bisola hadn’t come back yet, so I went looking for her.

I was astonished to see her having a drink with Nneka. They were talking to each other, and it appeared quite amicably. I could tell Nneka was using her usual charm and flattery, and I wondered if Bisola was more open-minded to friendship when she had alcohol in her.

Then I saw Nneka lean in close to her, rest one of her hands on Bisola’s hips, and whisper something in her ear. They both burst out in giggles and Bisola teasingly pushed Nneka away. I tried to think what the two could be talking about, especially if it was about me. At first, I was worried that Nneka was going to say something and give me away, but they seemed to both be so happy that I dismissed the idea.

I caught up with Bisola a little later and she informed, “Did you know Nneka is here?”

“Yeah, I saw you two talking.”

“Yeah… sometimes she can be nice,” she smiled, a little looped.

“Oh yeah? What did she have to say?” I asked.

“Why? Hoping she was talking about you?” she gave me a sarcastic smirk. I was a little stunned because her tone was almost flirtatious instead of downright insulting. Not wanting to push my luck, I dropped the subject. “I’m going to dance some more!” she announced to me and skipped off.

I decided to hang back before I joined her. Maybe I could catch Nneka and see if I could figure out what they were giggling about. I looked around for a few minutes to no avail, then realized she was on the dance floor too. Her back was to me and I could tell she was dancing with somebody, another girl. I was admiring her moves until she bent down, running her hands down her dance partner’s curves.

My jaw dropped open to see that it was Bisola. Her hands were up in the air, freely letting Nneka feel the length of her body. Nneka pulled herself back up and continued to bump and grind against Bisola. The two were entwined in an extremely physical dance; I knew I wasn’t the only guy watching the scene.

They turned and repositioned themselves. Now I could see them side by side. Nneka saw me staring and returned the gaze with an incredibly seductive look. She pursed her lips and blew me a kiss, then placed both her hands flat on Bisola’s face and kissed her on the mouth. I watched in awe as my girlfriend’s body tensed up in surprise, but then eagerly pushed forward into the kiss.

My cock was raging hard again for the night. Watching my girl make out with her rival like that… holy fuck. That’s all I can say. Knowing she was doing it right after Nneka and I had fucked had made it even more perverse and sexy. I watched on with delight, but that was as extreme as it got. They danced for the rest of the song, and then Nneka excused herself from the dance floor.

Bisola didn’t seem to be affected and continued to dance for another song, maybe from the high of what just happened. I eyed Nneka as she approached me. “Did you like my little show?” she asked innocently. “Wait, don’t tell me… let me find out for myself…” She then reached her hand down and grabbed my hard-on through my jeans. “Uh-huh, I thought so.”

“What were you two giggling about earlier?” I asked.

She bit her lip and cutely said, “Sorry, girl-talk. No boys allowed.”

I shrugged, knowing there was no beating her.

“I gave your girlfriend a little taste today… Promise me though?” she said, placing a hand on my chest.

“Promise what?” I requested.

“Next time we see each other, tell me what she says about me tonight when you fuck her.” She ran her hand down my chest, across my side, and gave me a playful spank on the ass. Then she walked away, making sure to accentuate her swaying ass as she said her goodbyes and left the party.

A couple of minutes later, Bisola came up to me and said she was ready to go home. She suggested we crash at my place. From her husky voice and eager look in her eyes, I could tell she was horny. Under normal circumstances, there would be no way I could fuck again after the session I had just had with Nneka.

But after seeing those two on the dance floor and hearing Nneka’s sexy foretelling of what it would be like, well, these were no normal circumstances.

I fervently escorted her out of the party and couldn’t wait until we got home.

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