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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E12) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E12) (18+)

She giggled as she saw my smirk change into an expression of obvious, lustful interest. She was overjoyed to feel so…desired.

I watched intently as Ugochi gave me a show of spreading my cum all over her cleavage, her face…rubbing it into her skin like some sort of a gifted cream. She felt so naughty doing that, as well as strangely satisfied.

“Do you like that?” she asked, purring seductively whilst smacking and licking her lips to taste any stray bit of my cum.

I responded by grabbing her small, soft hand and placing it on my half-erect dick. She giggled, and her eyes twinkled naughtily.

“If we had more time…” I said, a hidden promise in my voice. I then looked at a wall clock nearby. “I should probably head back, though.”

“Mmm, back to your girlfriend?” Ugochi asked, rubbing the top of her boobs, knowing full well I was watching her movement very closely.

I was quiet for a moment, trying to decipher any hidden meaning in her voice.

“Well, yeah,” I admitted finally.

“But I’m your girlfriend now too, aren’t I?” she asked, grinning playfully.

I laughed, then leaned forward, putting my thumb against her full, kissable lips. She opened her mouth and bit down gently, before giving my thumb a few, loving sucks.

“Mhm, I think you are. A slutty one,”

She sucked hard, watching my eyes intently. My words evoked gentle, licking flames in her exhausted, sore abdomen. Ugochi wanted to burn all sorts of images into my memory…so that I would never forget them, or her.

I pulled my finger out of her sweet mouth, moving to stand up and get dressed.

“Want me to come with?” she asked innocently as she watched me get dressed.

I laughed again.

“You want to hang out with my girlfriend of three years…after I’ve cheated on her with you? Aren’t you a naughty girl,” I said, putting my trouser on.

“I want to look her in the eye,” Ugochi said, thinking hot, steamy thoughts. They were so dirty, so naughty and illicit…yet so enticing, too. They were making her feel so…so sexy, so irresistible. So superior. She felt confident in saying them out loud now that she had no longer any reason to worry about me not liking her — having sex was a rather surefire way of confirming attraction. “Knowing your cum is drying off me, right in her face.”

I looked at her strangely. Ugochi smiled, recognizing the dark glints of lust in my eyes.

I liked what I was hearing.

“Damn…okay, but you’ve got to wipe your face at least. It’s too obvious.”

Ugochi smiled happily, getting off the bed and heading to the bathroom to grab a towel. Then she remembered she still hasn’t unpacked, so she browsed her bags to find one.

I was already dressed, so I just stood there, adjusting my trouser as I watched Ugochi walk around butt-naked, wearing only that top of hers. I made a mental note to see her boobs bare next time.

She finally found it and headed to the bathroom. I followed her, standing behind her as she stood in front of the mirror above the sink. She giggled as I squeezed her breasts from behind, copping a feel without interfering with her small clean-up.

She wiped off her face, then I had to slide my hands onto her hips, letting her wash her face next. But I quickly returned to squeezing her breasts as she wiped her face dry again.

“Ugochi, really, you’ve got amazing breasts,”

“Mmm, haha,” she giggled, smiling at her reflection in the mirror. “You like them more than Eniola’s?”

I squeezed them harder in response. She continued by fixing her hair up. Allowing me better access to her fabulous, feminine assets by lifting her arms up was totally coincidental.

“There, all done,” she said.

I didn’t move.

“Hey, we can go now,” she joked, giggling as she saw my hands still rubbing her boobs. Despite her top and bra, my touch still felt…electrifying. Her cleavage appeared slightly dirty, and felt sticky, owing to the fact that my cum has mostly dried up by now.

“Do we have to?” I asked, pushing my noticeable tent into her bare ass. “I think I want to fuck you again.”

Ugochi closed her eyes, leaning her head against my chest.

“Mmm, I’m up for anything you decide,” she said.

“Ehh…I guess one-time sex isn’t reason enough to just break up a relationship of three years,” I said, taking my hands off her and stepping back.

Ugochi frowned a little bit. She wished to hear something else, but…whatever. She shouldn’t be greedy, she should be patient. She had already gotten plenty.

A few minutes later we were fully dressed and normal. Well, apart from Ugochi’s occasional giggling as I slapped her ass. We headed for the door, and then back to my apartment.

“Uh, Eniola? We’re back,” I announced, trying to sound as if nothing was wrong.

“Aha. Took you a while,” Eniola replied.

She was sitting on the chair, eating some snacks and watching TV. As Ugochi and I stepped further into the room, Eniola waved us in greeting, her eyebrows raising as she saw our new, female neighbour enter.

“Why are you still here?” Eniola asked.

“Oh, uhh…thought I’d, just, you know…hang out for a bit?” Ugochi asked weirdly, her voice a bit shaky.

‘She doesn’t know, she doesn’t know!’ Ugochi thought to herself excitedly, feeling naughty and illicit. ‘Oh my god, I have her boyfriend’s cum all over my tits and she’s not seeing it!’

Eniola looked at her suspiciously for a split second, before shrugging it off. In the meantime, I headed into the kitchen.

“Well, whatever. I guess I’m cool with it,” Eniola answered.

Ugochi, her legs shaky, sat down next to Eniola. Trying, unsuccessfully, to not appear nervous. My girlfriend, however, seemed far more interested in the TV — there was Big Brother Naija on.

“Anybody want something to drink?” I asked.

“Yeah, uhm…how about green tea?” Ugochi asked innocently.

I looked at Ugochi till she noticed my stare, then naughtily smiled back.

“Well, if you like my green tea so much…I guess I can make you some more,” I said, jokingly, starting up the kettle.

Eniola hadn’t answered my question, but I didn’t inquire further. There was a silent break in the conversation as water boiled. After it was ready, I poured it into the cups and put them on the small table with Eniola’s snacks in front of the chair. I then sat down next to my girlfriend, putting my arm around and behind her. Ugochi was sitting on the opposite side, and I felt it would’ve been far too suspicious if I had sat next to her like that.

“Oh, it’s the same cup isn’t it?” Ugochi remarked, glancing at the table.

“Yeah, I used it again. We can make it your lucky cup whenever you come over,” I said casually.

Eniola was in between our line of sight, forcing Ugochi to lean forward a bit to glance at me with a smile. I wasn’t smiling, but I did wink back at her.

“Anyway, uhm, Eniola,” Ugochi began innocently.


“Thanks for, uh, letting me borrow your boyfriend. You know, to help out.”

I lean forward with a dangerous, ‘be careful’ look at Ugochi.

“Uh, yeah, sure. You didn’t overwork him, did you?” Eniola joked.

“Noo, haha, I don’t think so…I’m pretty sure he only did as much as he wanted to,” Ugochi said, feeling her head swell with excitement. I exchanged a pointed look with her, shaking my head in disbelief at her boldness.

“Well, it’s not what I heard,” Eniola stated.

I felt my heart skip a beat.

“Uh, what?” I asked carefully.

“I mean, uh, the walls between these apartments are, like, horrible or something, because I could hear a lot of banging noises,” Eniola explained, unconcerned.

‘Oh, fuck,” Ugochi thought to herself. She clenched her legs together, feeling an intense mix of guilt, like a rusty, cold, heavy anchor suddenly pulling her heart and stomach downwards, into dark, scary depths. She couldn’t bear to look at me.

“I guess the furniture was a pain in the ass to assemble because I heard screams too. Did you hurt yourself?” Eniola asked Ugochi idly.

“Uhmmm…uh, yeah, I, uh, slipped on some…nails and uh, you know,” Ugochi stammered nervously. Her guilt was slowly fading along with her nervousness, as she suddenly understood that Eniola…did not realize what she had, in fact, heard through the flawed, sound-carrying walls.

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