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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E11) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E11) (18+)

Her pent-up lust, her peaking arousal…she felt ready to cum the second.

I had other plans, however. I suddenly backed off and stood up, taking off my clothes swiftly. She watched me, eager and ready to cum, yet incredibly, unbelievably horny for far, far more.

My rock-hard dick came into view. Ugochi licked her lips absentmindedly, fantasizing about it entering her.

Finally, as all clothes but Ugochi’s top and bra ended up on the floor, I got myself onto the bed. She watched me intently, not daring to make a movement I wouldn’t approve of.

I grabbed Ugochi’s leg and turned her onto her side, holding her ankle at my shoulder while her other leg ended up underneath me. I positioned myself at the steaming-hot entrance to her utterly soaked, dripping pussy. Her lower lips were almost visibly throbbing, enticing me into really focusing on them.

She gasped as I positioned the utterly, almost painfully engorged tip of my cock against her pussy.

“I’m about to cheat on my girlfriend with you, Ugochi…I’m about to fuck you when…fuck, when my girlfriend is, like, on another side of that wall!”

Ugochi was at her limit, groaning and trying to twist her hips to impale herself on my dick. I held her tight, however, holding her still. She wanted me to cheat on Eniola so bad…Ugochi wanted me all to herself.

I slapped my dick against her pussy, eager to connect to her.

“Fuck me, please!” she begged, on the verge of going crazy, her abdomen tense, her lust throbbing throughout her like volcanic eruptions underneath an ocean.

I couldn’t stop myself any further, either. I pressed the tip of my dick…and slid it in ever so slowly. Her pussy was so tight and so hot…yet so wet that I slipped right in. She groaned from pleasure, focusing on it fully, letting her head fall backward on the bed.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck. You’re making me cheat…you fucking slut, you’re making me…” I whispered, my eyes closed tensely, my dick flexed to the max.

I kept pushing inside her, bit by bit. All this teasing, all that sex appeal hitting on me like a hammer…

“Fuck, I haven’t been this horny in forever!” I confessed, halfway inside her.

“Mmm!” Ugochi agreed, her vaginal muscles contracting, trying to draw me inside her adulterous, seductive pussy. “Fuck me, baby, pleeease!”

“I’m going to fuck you,” I told her, my voice deep and determined.

She sighed in utter bliss as I entered her fully, her pussy throbbing in satisfaction, the emptiness in her shifting and expanding into a pleasurable, relaxing, all-encompassing feeling that urged her to let go and open, and feel whatever her body wanted her to feel. But it didn’t last long…soon the emptiness was returning, as if it was the movement itself inside her that held it at bay, urging her to shake her hips against me.

She was so horny and so close, and I still wasn’t fucking her…showing her who was in control, who was in charge of deciding whether she would be itched with endless, empty frustration or utter, complete bliss.

“I’m going to make you my little slut,” I promised, my voice tense with lust. I was at my limit, pulling out to the tip. “My slutty neighbor!”

I slammed inside her fully to drive my point forward, groaning with pleasure. And Ugochi came.

She moaned, and her body tensed up, preparing to release a delicious, beautiful wave of pleasure, dispersing all the cold, dark, itchy void. She was cumming, shaking, but I did not give her a moment. I proceeded to fuck her roughly, the bed shaking and squeaking.

“Ah! Aaah!” she moaned, her orgasm shaking and reinforcing by each and every powerful, determined thrust of my cock.

“Oh fuck! Fuck, Ugochi!” I growled, holding her tight, fucking my dick into her.

“Yes, yes! Oh my god, I love it! I love it!” she moaned in response, the vigorous fucking overstimulating her orgasm, which rolled through her body like thunder, tensing and relaxing parts of her innermost self seemingly at random.

Pleasure flooded her brain till she felt dizzy, her sense of balance spinning like on a rollercoaster, rushing through the air at ridiculous speeds. And she couldn’t see anything, stars blinding her vision.

And I kept fucking her, pounding in and out with strong, powerful thrusts. Our breathing was chaotic, our hearts beating like crazy, trying to keep up with the furious pace. Ugochi moaned whenever she could, her body shaking and her hands squeezing the sheets at random.

My throbbing, pulsating cock made me realize something. Something that forced me to open my eyes, look down at the ridiculously sexy woman underneath me, and fuck her just that bit harder.

“I should be wearing a condom, fuck,” I said it, my teeth clenched. I was approaching my own orgasm, and the realization of unprotected sex only sped that up.

“Oh my god! Oh, fuck!” Ugochi remarked, barely coherent, too lost in her own swirling, an overwhelming whirlpool of emotions. Her initial, well-edged orgasm might’ve ended, but she was on a highway to another, approaching fast and determined.

The bed shook hard, banging against the wall loudly. The room was filled with the smell of sex sweat and sounds of wet, flesh-slapping noises as well as groans and moans of the lust-driven lovers.

“Fuck! You like…you like my raw cock in you, Ugochi?” I half-growled my question.

“Yes! Mmh, I love it!” she purred, bending her back as I fucked her, my hips hitting hers with enough force to cause pleasant tremors all over her skin.

I felt my testicles boil with lust. I was almost there, but I wouldn’t stop until she came again. I wanted to show her what kind of fucking I could give her…in case she ever wanted one again.

“Are you…fuck, are you happy, you naughty bitch? Are you happy you stole a man from another girl?”

“Yes! Oh my god! You’re so great! You…mmm!” she confessed, her pussy shaking with pleasure. My words were pushing her to the very peak again.

I pushed my dick inside her, making it even harder, feeling like it could burst. But I wanted to fuck that gorgeous, irresistible woman the best I could.

“I bet… it, I bet you want me to be your boyfriend now, huh? You want to be my little neighbor-chick on the side?” I asked her, dragging my fingers across her tight, defined abs.

“Yes! Yes! I do! I want it! Yesss!” she screamed with honesty. She was on the edge, she was so close!

I knew she was. I could feel her pleasure like my own, my cock sliding in and out of her delicious, dripping cunt.

“You’re so gorgeous, Ugochi,” I admitted, complimenting her sweetly. “I want you to cum, baby. You’re so much better than my girlfriend…you should cum harder too!”

“Oh my goooo-AAAHHH!” her moan turned into a loud, high-pitched scream, her body tensing up into another, mind melting-orgasm. She felt her pussy contract hard and squirt with her juices.

Her bliss exploded like a balloon, growing outwards and outwards infinitely. She felt freedom rushing all around her, like a tornado strong enough to carry her with it. And in this tense, pleasurable space, she felt like she could truly open up and let go, taking her every emotion deep inside and experiencing it with perception and awareness of a microscope-like detail.

I continued pounding into her dutifully, but I was at my limit. Her pussy squelched lewdly, her abundant pussy juices wetting the bed underneath us. I didn’t want to cum without her seeing it…without knowing that she made me cum like my girlfriend of two years never did.

‘Ugochi…Ugochi, baby, I’m gonna cum,” I confessed to her, my pleasure threatening to overwhelm me.

She shook herself out of her intense, mind-numbing reverie, looking at me with misty eyes. She felt dizzy and lost as if returning from some hidden place deep within her.

“I’m ready for you…” she said, lifting herself up. She would let me do anything I wanted. “You can cum…inside…it’s okay…”

“Fuck!” I cursed. I was tempted to, but I knew how bad of an idea it was. Then I looked at her gorgeous, blissfully smiling face, then downwards at her sexy, tight top with that enticing valley of cleavage.

In a split of a second, my mind was made. I pulled out and moved quickly, straddling Ugochi’s chest.

“Suck my dick, Ugochi,” I commanded her.

It was redundant for me to say it. She had read my intentions the second I pulled out, taking my lovely, throbbing dick into her mouth, tasting her own juices on me. She licked, kissed, and sucked as well as she could in her hazy, dizzy state.

I moved my hand to the side of her head, tips of my fingers holding the base of her ponytail as I watched it bob back and forth. She was giving me the best blowjob she could, and I was loving it.

“Oh god…oh my fucking…” I sighed, feeling my lust finally boil over.

With one last, final thrust, I delayed it for a second, before exploding in a thick, white shower of cum down Ugochi’s throat. She instantly proceeded to suck dutifully, tasting my pleasure and swallowing it greedily. I groaned out my bliss, involuntarily closing my eyes for a moment.

Halfway through, I pulled out of her mouth suddenly, pointing my dick upwards. I wanted to dirty my new, sexy neighbor too much. Each following jet of cum I shot flew high in the air, before landing on Ugochi’s face or right in her amazing cleavage between her big, perky breasts.

It was a long time before my contractions and the almost violent throbbing of my dick ended. Ugochi, her neck muscles burning from the effort, licked any remaining cum on my dick lovingly. She wanted all of my load to herself.

After all, she deserved it.

“Mmm, yum,” she joked, giggling after sucking the tip of my cock till it plopped out with a loud popping sound.

I chuckled, breathing hard, watching the beautiful, smiling woman underneath me. Feeling the muscles burn in my legs, I leaned to the side and lied down on the bed next to her.

Ugochi carefully snuggled next to me, trying not to spill my cum off her face. She leaned the back of her head against my arm and, taking off her hair tie, released her hair. Her ponytail was barely holding together at this point, anyway.

We caught our breath, together. It took us a long, calming while.

“Wow,” I said finally, picking myself up slowly and sitting up.

“So, I guess this means…” Ugochi began, speaking softly and playfully. She felt her mind high on endorphins.

I looked at her curiously. She was beautiful, especially when covered in my cum like that. I smirked, biting my lip, as I noticed she did not mind that at all.

“I’m, like, yours now, aren’t I?” she asked, gently spreading my cum over her cleavage. It did not feel dirty to her…especially not after how I made her feel.

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