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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E10) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E10) (18+)

She didn’t know what to say. She just stared at me, her mouth slightly parted. Wishing I would just…

I lowered myself suddenly, simultaneously with snaking my hand around her side, placing it on her bare, lower back. My fingers on her skin felt burning hot. I pulled her forward, gently yet firmly, my touch telling her I did not want to let her go. And then, as my lips drew ever closer to hers, I kissed her.

“Mmm,” she let out an excited, relieving sigh, closing her eyes. Letting me proceed, she was melting in the softness, warmth, and that enticing wetness of my lips.

I kissed her slowly, gently. Guiding her to relax and accept me. Then I brought my second hand around her, placing it on her juicy butt. She kissed me harder.

I slid my forearm under her thigh, lifting it up to align it with my arm, my hand squeezing her ass-cheek lustfully. I kissed her harder, quickly showing her that I was loving her lips.

Our tongues touched each other gently, meeting for the first time…quickly picking up the pace and beginning a passionate, arousing dance as we intimately explored each other’s taste.

“Mmmh!” she couldn’t help but moan slightly, feeling me hold her leg against my hip

After a while I let her leg go, then pushed into her. She was forced to step backwards until her back hit the wall with a soft thud, her hair spreading against the smooth surface. I broke the kiss, sliding my lips to her ear.

“How are you so fucking sexy?” I whispered, my voice deep and thick with lust.

She giggled, feeling high from all the delicious excitement. Her intense feelings of focus softened, like a string relaxing after a long, long time of being stretched. She could finally let herself go, focusing not like a razor sliding across a soft, sensitive surface, but like a relaxing bath in warm water. Feeling freedom allowed her to open up and focus on what she truly desired.

I lowered my mouth downwards and began kissing her neck and the underside of her jaw. She felt my lips press and suck gently on her skin, underneath which her arteries throbbed with her blood.

I moved both my hands onto her juicy, fleshy butt, groping and squeezing it possessively, pulling her forward into my groin. She began grinding against me, rolling with her hips. My rapidly hardening cock, barely inhibited by my trouser, pressed and pushed into her pubic area.

Ugochi moaned, her excitement bubbling up, her arousal throbbing like a drum inside her. Her nipples felt stiff, her skin felt sensitive and tingling, and her pussy was getting wet. I pushed into her, smelling her intoxicating, feminine scent, sandwiching her between me and the wall. She bent her back slightly, pushing her big, soft breasts into my hard, firm chest.

I couldn’t focus on kissing her neck anymore. I had to taste her lips in a wet, sloppy kiss. Full of emotion, fire, and passion. We rubbed against themselves, coiling around each other like snakes. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this mind-numbingly aroused. And I felt too horny to think about anything else, let alone my unexciting, far less sexy girlfriend.

Our kiss was physically incapable of keeping up with our frantic pace. I broke the kiss, and brought my lips to her ear again, smelling her hair.

“You’re irresistible,” I said deeply, barely able to keep my voice calm. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Ugochi half-moaned, half-sighed at my tone…at how confident and certain I sounded as if it was beyond either her or my girlfriend, to stop me.

“To the bedroom,” I commanded, stepping back.

Ugochi almost ran there, stopping by the bed. Until I pushed her forward, and she fell onto the soft material. She ended up on her knees and hands, looking back at me. I was standing behind her.

My eyes were burning a hole in her juicy, shapely butt, clad in those skin-tight leggings of hers. She stuck her butt out more, wanting me to appreciate her.

“Fuck, your butt is incredible,” I said, placing my hands on her hips, admiring it. “How much do you workout?”

Before Ugochi could reply, I spanked her, hard. She yelped as she felt the most pleasurable pain imaginable.

“I bet you’ve noticed my girlfriend doesn’t have an ass like yours, hm?” I joked, sliding my hands appreciatively. “That’s why you came in dressed like that?”

“Noo,” she whispered softly, closing her eyes, feeling intense, throbbing burning of her arousal in her loins, feeling it urge her to just agree with anything I would say.

I spanked her again, producing another, exquisitely pleasurable squeal.

“Yes, you did. You came into my house, looking like a little, sexy slut, knowing I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.”

“Nooo, I, hmmm…I didn’t know…” she protested, wiggling her ass, trying to entice me into punishing her more.

I pressed my dick into her covered pussy, slid my hands to grab her breasts, and pulled her upwards. Ugochi followed my lead eagerly.

I brought my lips to her ear again, from behind.

“Don’t worry, I’m not angry…I’m very happy you did,” I whispered lovingly, sweetly, pushing my hard dick into her as if I was trying to penetrate through the layers of clothing. My hands varied between squeezing her breasts possessively and merely massaging them all around playfully. “You’ve got an incredible body…my girlfriend doesn’t come close.”

She half-moaned, hearing my sweet, tempting whispers. Her excitement and relaxing, blissful feelings of focus transforming into irresistible heat. Her panties were soaked wet and her pussy pulsed and throbbed with that delectable heat, full of arousal and itchy sexual tension she desperately felt like releasing.

“You’re so beautiful, Ugochi. I want to make you feel so, so good,” I told her, my voice sweet. “I want to explore and discover every little part of you.”

Ugochi felt like melting in my embrace. She was so desperate for me to just…take her as we both wanted.

“Do you want me to, Ugochi? Do you want me to fuck you like my sweet, little bitch?” I asked gently, trying to force an answer out of her, my voice tense with thick lust all around its edges.

Her arousal exploded like colorful fireworks, each blazing, glittering spark radiating throughout her body, changing into pure, unstoppable, overwhelming lust, that filled her vision like a cloud of dark, misty smoke. She desired to say anything I wanted to hear, do anything I asked.

“Yes, sir, please… please…I want you so bad,” she moaned, begging me to not deny her any longer.

I pushed her suddenly and forcefully, throwing her onto the bed. I strongly, powerfully grabbed her sides and turned her around. She breathed so quickly as if in the middle of a race, watching my every move desperately.

I yanked her leggings, pulling them down. Were they of poor quality they surely would’ve torn. I cursed lightly, taking off her sandals, then pulling off those leggings finally.

She pushed her ass upwards slightly, urging me to take off her soaked, blue panties, to set her throbbing, lust-filled pussy free…and do whatever I wanted to her most intimate, vulnerable part.

I looked at her, stopping myself with a titanic display of willpower, and smiled at her expression. Ugochi’s mouth was opened as she breathed hard, watching with shining, desperate eyes.

I brought my face forward to her panty-covered pussy, smiling, and slid my fingers underneath the sides of the last remaining article of clothing. She didn’t break eye contact for a second, tensing up. I slowly pulled her panties down, assisted by the reflexive movements of her legs.

Ugochi swallowed her saliva, but that didn’t make her throat feel less dry. She felt as if she was sweating all over, letting out moisture with every pore of her body. I leaned forward to her pussy, and closed my eyes.

“Oh my god, you smell…mmm,” I whispered into her sensitive vulva, breathing in her intoxicating, feminine scent like life-giving oxygen.

She gasped, her vagina flexing in response. She felt an emptiness inside her, only magnified by her intense lust.

And then I kissed her lower pussy lips. Slowly and gently at first, but noticing just how slippery wet she was I began licking up and down, sucking on her virginal lips harder and harder.

Ugochi felt at my mercy as I teased her, eating her out whilst neglecting her clitoris. I carried on for only a few, yet aggravatingly long minutes.

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