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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E09) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E09) (18+)

“I guess it’s just you and me who appreciate the same things,” Ugochi said boldly, her voice seductive even if she didn’t want it to be so. She leaned forward a bit, shaking her captivating, heavy breasts ever so slightly, trying to draw my attention towards her femininity and her short, tight top.

My gaze fell downwards, right into Ugochi’s cleavage. I then looked up, gazing intently into her eyes and smiling devilishly.

“Wow. I mean, it’s quite nice to meet somebody who…connects to me…on a deeper level,” I replied, slowly and calmly. Exchanging informative, pointed looks and illicit, seductive smiles with her.

Ugochi knew she shouldn’t…for so many reasons. But it was just harmless flirting, right? She knew how sexy and hot she was. She felt she had a right…that she was entitled to flirt with whomever she damn well pleased.

“So, you’ve just moved in, huh?” I asked, my tone and expression changing to casual.

“Yes,” Ugochi replied simply, slightly startled at the sudden change.

“Well, go on,” I said with an exaggerated, joking voice, gesturing with my hand wildly.

“Haha,” Ugochi couldn’t help but giggle a bit. She took a sip of her tea, thinking about what to say. “I mean, uh, okay. I just graduated from university, and I found a job here…so I moved. That’s about it, really,”

“Ah,” I said, nodding in understanding. “An ambitious, motivated woman.”

“Well, if I see something I like…” she said, her naughty feelings guiding her. “I go after it.”

Ugochi lowered her eyes at my chest and carried on downwards as far as she could. She was worried about crossing the line, but when she looked back again, I didn’t appear to mind.

I cleared my throat subtly and moved around in my seat ever so gently. Ugochi felt her heartbeat rise, pleasurable, electrifying heat tingling throughout her body.

Eniola laughed suddenly, muttering under her nose. Both of us glanced sideways…worried if she caught on to the obvious flirting. However, it seemed she was utterly bewitched by her phone, reacting to a WhatsApp message or something.

Ugochi felt so naughty, and couldn’t even imagine what I was feeling. She wondered about that a bit…why exactly was I doing it? I was so charming and attractive, but my responses to another woman’s…well, an extremely sexy woman’s flirtations weren’t exactly boyfriend-like. Not that Ugochi minded if she had to be honest. After all, this only meant I seemed more interested in her than in my girlfriend, at least at the moment.

“Did you move here with your boyfriend, or…” I steered the conversation, trying to sound casual.

“Actually,” she replied, straightening up and pushing out her chest, inviting me to openly check her out. “I broke up with him a while back. He wasn’t…what I hoped for,”

She looked at me pointedly, her groin burning with heat.

‘I must be horny like crazy…’ she thought to herself.

My eyes widened, my gaze following her invitation. It was happening quite often by now, and I didn’t mind it becoming a…habit.

“What about you guys?” Ugochi asked suddenly.

“Em?” I bounced the question forward.

“Hm?” Eniola asked, bringing her attention up from her phone.

I was annoyed at the fact Eniola was paying so little attention. Ugochi, however…was quite glad. It meant more room for her to play around.

After all, probably nothing major would happen in the end. It was just…fun. To flirt around with me. Ugochi felt only my charm, and in her mind, she was quickly seeing Eniola as the neglectful one. Ugochi smiled to herself, feeling pride and satisfaction at the thought that I was only flirting with her because of her…immense sex appeal. Feeling attractive always felt good.

“Ugochi here asked how long we’ve been together,” I explained patiently.

“Oh, right. Well, me and my boo,” Eniola smiled, placing her hand on me. She looked at me, her expression changing from disinterested to loving. “are…three years now?”

I smiled back at Eniola, before looking at Ugochi.

“Yeah, almost three years,” I confirmed.

Ugochi noticed how Eniola reacted…but for some reason, it only strengthened the feelings she felt inside. The guilt felt sticky, like transparent, excitingly-smelling glue constricting her fingers…but it was just so harmless, right? She was a young woman, her libido strong and demanding… it felt good to let herself open up to that intense, overwhelming feeling and just let herself be driven by it. And it was so inherently full of resolve… of determination…

She wasn’t supposed to flirt and seduce me, but she really wanted to try. She found me attractive, finding it strange I was so open to flirt with another woman right in front of my girlfriend…but now she felt she knew why.

Ugochi tried to rationalize…that Eniola might indeed love me a lot, but from the short interaction, Ugochi saw, my girlfriend wasn’t willing to put in much work into our relationship. Ugochi pictured herself not being so neglectful…being far more attentive to me. And from the so many hidden glances she had noticed, she felt confident enough to see herself as far more sexually appealing.

Eniola’s eyes soon returned to her phone once again. I rolled my eyes subtly and drank some of my tea.

“So, how long have you been living here?” Ugochi asked, twisting around in her chair slightly, her voice seductive. She felt bold because of how little attention Eniola seemed to pay.

My eyes widened considerably as I saw Ugochi move.

She positioned herself at an angle, leaning her elbow on the back of the chair. She flexed her abdomen slightly, to make it even flatter and defined. True, her abundant cleavage was no longer in direct line of sight…but she wanted me to notice just how big her breasts.

“Uhh, well…” I coughed on my tea a bit, almost devouring her with my eyes.

It was certainly a good thing Eniola wasn’t paying attention…because my stare was utterly obvious. Ugochi unsuccessfully tried to hide her smirk, full of seductive arrogance. After a long, intense period of checking her out, I finally looked up.

Our eyes met, sparkling, fully aware of our actions. And fully accepting.

“So,” I began, clearing my throat again. “I was living here, in Lagos I mean, for a while, and it was fantastic. You know, job-wise, environment, people…everything. Finally, I decided to get my own place. Eniola moved in with me about half a year later.”

“Mhm, I see. A reliable, independent man,” she joked.

I smiled widely, chuckling. She watched me. I brought my cup up and took a sip, not breaking off the eye contact during the pause in the conversation.

“Yeah, you could say I’m just enjoying life,” I said casually. Then my voice got deeper as I continued, my smile a bit more serious. “and…taking care of my woman.”

Ugochi felt her heart thumping in her chest, her blood rushing, thick with delicious, pleasurable feelings of warmth, spreading throughout her body. I was looking directly in her eyes with a truly piercing stare. The way I accentuated my last words, the way I was looking…

She couldn’t help but think if, at some hidden level…I referred to her. She imagined, quickly and with increasing desire to see…to feel…just how exactly I was capable of ‘taking care’.

Ugochi felt her nipples harden, flushed with more and more pronounced arousal. Her focus was ever sharpening and intense as if everything but I was becoming blurry and unimportant, and she hardly wanted anything but for the situation to develop. She felt hot, almost feverish, her body tensing in waves, urging her to open up and let her deepest instincts and desires take over, preparing for something she deeply hoped for.

There was only one obstacle remaining — the fact that we weren’t alone.

“Um, actually,” she began boldly, her eyes wavering under my intense stare, her voice soft and shaky with nervousness and anxiety. “I…could use a man…to help me out with, uh, furniture. You know, assembling it?”

I took a deep, controlled breath. I looked slightly conflicted, torn between the right decision…and a very enticing, naughty one.

“You’re asking me to…help you out?” I asked.

Ugochi felt her mouth part open slightly, her heart beating hard and fast, as if trying to break free from her chest. I was looking at her so intensely.

She couldn’t say it. She just nodded, slowly and very, very deliberately.

I cleared my throat loudly.

“Oh, I guess I could spare some time. Help a neighbor out,” I said, trying very hard to sound casual and cool. “Alright, Eniola?”

“Huh? What?” Eniola looked up from her phone, confused.

Ugochi rolled her eyes subtly. She couldn’t believe my girlfriend.

“I’ll go over to Ugochi’s place and help her with some furniture, alright?” I asked, trying to sound utterly bored as if being forced to do an annoying chore.

“Oh, yeah. Sure,” my girlfriend replied, quickly looking back at her phone.

I caught Ugochi’s eyes. Ugochi was looking at me, waiting for my move.

“Well, let’s go,” I said, standing up and pointing towards the door.

Ugochi immediately got up, turned around, and headed for the door. She made sure to walk as slowly as she could whilst swaying her delicious bubble butt from side to side.

I walked close behind her. When she reached the door, she looked over her shoulder…catching me staring right at what she wanted me to.

We walked out of my apartment and her body tensed as she opened her own door, letting me enter first. She felt dizzy and hazy, nervous and anxious so intensely like she had never felt before. She didn’t know why I was affecting her so…well, she had a few ideas. Especially as she slid her eyes over my muscular frame defined even underneath my clothes.

I walked further inside her apartment, looking around. Ugochi closed and locked the door behind her, walking forward. She felt shaky, like walking on eggshells.

“So…I don’t see anything to be arranged,” I said, turning around, looking at her seriously.

She felt like looking down at her feet in shame. She was worried she had misinterpreted everything, that she had just made an irreversible mistake. But then, pushing herself to the limit, she looked up, thin-lipped.

“Actually, I lied,” she said shakily, her voice sensual and throaty.

I took a step towards her, my eyebrows raised.

“I just…thought you might want to continue our conversation somewhere…private…”

“And why is that?” I asked, my voice deep and pronounced as I walked up to her. I was so close that I knew she could smell me…feel my body heat. I leaned forward, ever so slightly.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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