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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E08) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E08) (18+)

I looked up and my neutral expression soon changed into a look of understanding.

“Oh!” I said.

“And, uh, I thought about saying hello. You know, neighbors and all,” she carried on explaining, trying to appear innocent.

“Right, yeah, obviously. I didn’t even know somebody was moving in,” I explained.

Ugochi listened intently, her ears flushing with warmth.

“So, Ugochi,” I said friendly and smiled brilliantly. I extended my hand. “Pleasure to meet you, Ugochi. My name is Tayo.”

“Oh, yeah, very nice to meet you too, Tayo!” she answered excitedly.

Ugochi felt the skin of her hand tingle as I took her hand in mine with a firm yet gentle grip. She immediately felt like she wouldn’t mind the handshake dragging on for a little bit more than it was otherwise appropriate.

“Since we’re gonna be neighbors… would you like to come in for a drink?” I asked politely, without a hint of any malice in my voice.

An image came into her mind, of the door closing behind us just…forcing myself on her with a kiss. She realized, with some alarm, that she probably wouldn’t fight back as she should. There was a barely noticeable lull of quietness. She shook her overly active imagination immediately — after all nothing like that has ever happened. Still, the slight worry remained.

“Um, is that okay?” she asked, just a little bit uncertain.

“Yeah, sure. Come right in,” I assured her. “My girlfriend won’t mind.”

Ugochi’s heart sank.

“I see. Well, okay,” she said, trying not to sound too sad.

I let her in and closed the door. She didn’t pay much attention, too busy with internally digesting the situation she was in. She hoped that I would check out her ass, but it was a rapidly vanishing hope.

“Em, we have a guest,” I announced casually. Slightly indifferent, even.

Ugochi shook herself out of her daydream and looked around. She could always sulk later.

The apartment was very similar to hers, except for the furniture and colors. They were warmer, more lively than the cream and red combination of her own place. The atmosphere definitely felt more welcoming…especially with me around.

‘God damn it,’ she thought to herself. She regretted getting ahead of herself, but…she just couldn’t help herself. Her feelings of deep focus on me were quickly gone, turning sour with regret and dissatisfaction. She felt strange as if exhausted from preparing for something that never came.

“Please, sit down. Would you like tea, juice…what?” I asked her politely, warmly.

“Tea would be fine,” she answered, sitting down on the chair in the corner of the room.

“Who is it?” a feminine voice asked, coming from the bedroom.

“New neighbor,” I answered, entering the kitchen.

“Oh? That’s…nice.”

Ugochi thought that I probably had a really stunning girlfriend. Especially if we were already living together…for god knows how long. Still, she was curious, so she observed the entrance to the bedroom, awaiting the emergence of the other woman.

Water was slowly heating up to boil as I prepared three cups. Then a woman stepped out of the bedroom. And Ugochi was surprised even further.

“Hey, my name is Eniola. Tayo’s girlfriend,” the woman said, approaching the chair.

Ugochi stood up, watching Eniola intently, not expecting that she would be so…average.

“Hello. I’m Ugochi,” she replied casually, looking the other woman up and down, scrutinizing her.

Ugochi felt…no, she knew that she was better looking than Eniola. My apparent girlfriend didn’t look anywhere close…she was rather flat, she wasn’t as beautiful, and she looked out of shape. And yet it was she who was living with me.

‘Unfair,’ Ugochi thought.

They shook hands casually, without much energy. Ugochi noticed Eniola wasn’t scrutinizing her in turn. In fact, she was barely paying attention to her. Eniola turned and walked towards the table in the room.

“I don’t want tea,” she said, taking the third cup from the table and pouring herself some juice.

“Alright,” I acknowledged, not turning around from the kettle.

‘She didn’t even give me a second glance, and I’m dressed like that,’ Ugochi thought. ‘Lucky her…she must have some secret to be able to be confident like that.’

Soon the kettle shook as the water boiled. I poured the water into the cups. Eniola was already sitting there, by the side of the table close to me, browsing her phone with obviously more interest than she had in discussing. Ugochi walked up to the chair directly opposite of mine.

“Made you green tea, I thought you would prefer it,” I said, smiling at her.

Ugochi couldn’t help but smile back. My smile was so pleasant, so warm…even though she had only just met me, she already found me so irresistible. As if I was a glowing lamp in the middle of a dark, confusing, cold sea. True, she felt quite deprived of confident, manly contact, which was why she exaggerated everything so much, but…it just felt good to let herself open and daydream like that.

There was a silent pause in the conversation, with me standing and leaning against the chair, smiling and waiting for her to sit down first. Then a stray thought hit her.

“Why did you think so?” she asked, raising her eyebrows curiously.

“Oh, you know,” I said, glancing downwards at her body. “You look like somebody appreciating health and fitness.”

Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. Her feelings of intense focus returned, feeling as if slowing down time itself for a split second, mixed together with naughty, guilty, explosive-like tingling in her abdomen. She thought chaotically, asking herself questions. Did he just check me out like that? Right in front of his girlfriend?

Ugochi glanced sideways at Eniola. She was far more interested in her phone, not appearing to have heard anything at all.

She looked back at me. I was still smiling…but a little bit more naughtily now. There was a glint in my eyes — I noticed Ugochi’s change of expression. And she kept thinking…did he just…compliment me? Saying that I am healthy and fit…and probably meaning sexy as well?

She felt her pulse down in her abdomen, as exciting, pleasurable warmth began spreading deep in her stomach. It was a mixture of naughty, illicit excitement, full of knowledge that we both were doing something inappropriate, something…forbidden, and a happy, almost joyful realization that I had definitely looked at her, and that I liked what I saw, letting her relax just a bit more, letting herself open, just a little bit, and letting her feminine, sexually tinted instincts take over and guide her.

Ugochi bit her lower lip showily, her eyes glinting seductively. Her heartbeat fast and audibly, tension filling her body with the uncertainty of what’s going to happen, and of how I was going to react.

“I’m glad you’ve noticed,” she said, her voice just a little bit more seductive, her words just a tiny bit more purred than spoken.

For a split second, My eyes widened and my lips thinned, turning my smile more…excited.

“Hard not to,” I added, casually.

We didn’t break eye contact for quite a while, just standing there, sharing an obvious, almost dumb-looking nonverbal moment.

“What’s hard?” Eniola asked, shaking us out of reverie. Her eyes remained glued to the phone, and her question sounded more instinctive than thought out.

“Oh, uhh…” I began instantly, sitting down without further delay. “Not…enjoying green tea. Because it’s good.”

My girlfriend hissed audibly in disagreement. Ugochi sat down as well, gently and gracefully. There was a short moment of silence.

“I take it you disagree?” Ugochi asked Eniola politely, trying to strike up a conversation.

“Duh. I prefer black tea. You know, the one that actually has taste,” Eniola answered matter-of-factly.

“Well, at least it’s not bitter,” I answered pointedly, before lifting up my cup and blowing some air into the hot, steaming liquid.

Ugochi looked at me, feeling pure attraction to me. She felt encouraged by the vibes she felt — that I didn’t appear that interested in my girlfriend, for whatever reason…and the fact that Eniola seemed almost completely transfixed by her phone.

Boldness has slowly ascended upwards from inside Ugochi, and like a cloud of dark, intoxicating smoke, it spurred her on into a sort of a trance. The feeling that disregarded her awareness of right and wrong, of good…and improper, whilst strongly…quite strongly reinforcing the fact that it felt so, so fun.

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