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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E07) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E07) (18+)

It was a hot Sunday, yet the apartment was pleasantly cool inside, owing to the comforts of technology. Ugochi sat down on the comfortable bed, looking around. Her new place was wonderful. It wasn’t flawless, but she was very pleased with it regardless.

There was a surprising amount of space, divided among the shower, kitchen-living room, and, of course, a bedroom. The furniture was all fresh and of modern design, most of it of various shades of soft red, contrasting with clean, white walls. The quality of…everything, really, looked so brand-new as if it had barely seen any use.

Ugochi didn’t know anything about the old tenants, but during her time house-hunting, the discovery of this particular house was like a gift from the heavens. There were a few complaints, of course, like its distance from her new job, but everything else was as perfect as she could reasonably hope for.

Most importantly, it had a very fair, surprisingly cheap, rent. The reasons why were unknown and of little concern, considering that most of the apartments available for rent weren’t something she could afford. For now, anyway.

It was quiet and calm, the only sounds and disturbances coming from the hum of air conditioning. Sunlight illuminated everything brightly, passing without an issue through the glass walls at the side of the two main rooms.

Her expressive eyes scanned the yet-unfamiliar walls. She wasn’t feeling at home just yet…in fact, she was, understandably, feeling quite worried about her immediate future. She had just left her old life behind — her town, her university…her boyfriend.

He couldn’t really move with her and if she had to be honest with herself, she was glad about it. She felt slightly bad about her breakup, but it was her life and she wouldn’t spend it with somebody she didn’t really feel a glitter for.

And so, it was only natural to feel uncertain and worried, like a young fish swimming into the deeper waters for the first time. Especially so that she felt so alone, without friends, family or a guy she could depend on anywhere around her. The cold, empty world around was so much easier to deal with when one wasn’t without any supportive shoulder to assist her in staying afloat.

The silent dread forcibly dispersed as Ugochi answered with hard, self-driven optimism. True, there were many fears to be felt, but all the unknown could just as well be exciting to explore and discover. And the lack of friends, or a man she really wouldn’t mind looking at, was always alleviated in the same way — by smiling boldly and venturing out into the world.

The building was a tall one, as well as relatively thin. The architects clearly favored height over width. This resulted in two apartments adjacent to each other on each side of the building, making it four in total per floor. Those were connected via corridors to the hall with the stairs.

It meant that Ugochi would be sharing quite a while with a second apartment right next to hers. And she already knew it wasn’t empty. Today being Saturday, she counted on her new neighbors to be home, her first step into meeting people she could trust and depend on. Well, hopefully — it wouldn’t be as great if the neighbors turned out to be weirdos of better or worse variety.

The only large mirror in the house was the one in the bathroom, classically above the sink. Ugochi strolled over to inspect herself, checking if she still looked presentable.

She smiled at her reflection. It wasn’t bragging to say she was sexy. She was beautiful, gorgeous even, and she knew it. A small, cute, upturned nose, full, shapely lips with just the bit of a natural, inherent pout. Her eyes were large and expressive. They also had somewhat of a perpetual ‘bedroom’ look to them, which for obvious reasons did the exact opposite of diminishing her charm.

She usually used only a light touch of makeup, sometimes just her red lipstick, sometimes nothing at all. It was all just icing on the fact that she was a real beauty.

As mentioned, Ugochi worked out. She wasn’t some fitness freak, spending most of her time exercising, but she did plenty to stay fit, strong, and healthy. And it showed. Her legs were full of supple muscle, her hips were wide and just the right amount of thick. Her butt was a bubble butt, and so tight that her muscles felt rock-hard to the touch were she to really squeeze her asscheeks.

Her waist was nice and slim, with her abdominal muscles firm and, for a woman, ideally defined on her flat tummy. She even made sure to workout upper-torso strength, just for balance. And, despite all the exercise and healthy nutrition, she never lost the tiniest bit of her very prominent assets. Her breasts were large and bouncy, and she hadn’t been with a man who didn’t love telling her what ‘irresistible breasts’ she had.

Ugochi always made sure to wear body-fitting clothes. Currently, she wore a white tank top, that ended a fair bit above her tummy, leaving her cute belly button in plain view. It was rather exposing, but to her excuse, it was quite hot outside. Below, she wore tight white leggings.

‘Okay, I look kinda slutty,’ she thought to herself. On her way to the apartment, she got plenty of stares, after all. She stretched and turned around a bit, admiring as much of her reflection as she could see in the mirror. ‘Mmm, but I do look sexy, don’t I?”

Most of the bags in the apartment still laid unopened, their contents are hidden inside. Ugochi realized that if she would begin browsing for slightly more casual and appropriate attire for a friendly neighbor visit she would spend half a day unpacking and then another half deciding for the best outfit.

On the other hand, that meant there was still a lot of work to be done before Monday. So, might as well just throw caution to the wind and get it over with.

Ugochi stepped out of the bathroom and put on her sandals. She much preferred wearing them on her day-to-day, rather than some uncomfortable heels. There was also the option of going fully casual by wearing slippers, but that would be from one extreme to the other.

Ugochi didn’t lock her door behind herself, out of convenience. Entrances to the two apartments were directly opposite of each other, and the smooth, dark wood of the doors looked elegant and tasteful.

She stepped over to her neighbors’ doors, feeling slightly anxious. Like an uncomfortable, dry feeling itching at the back of her throat. It accompanied her short walk and her ringing of the doorbell. She hoped it wouldn’t be too loud, desiring to make as polite impression as possible.

There was a rather pleasant noise heard through the door. Ugochi relaxed with a sigh, mentally preparing herself. It was quiet, her feeling of anxiety and the sound of her heartbeat keeping her uncomfortable company.

The door opened suddenly, startling her. She didn’t hear the footsteps.

“Hi!” she said reflexively, smiling widely.

I opened the door. And Ugochi’s eyes widened, her mouth parting just a bit more.

I am handsome. Really good looking. And tall, quite taller than her. I also have a natural, friendly look, a just-right nose for my face and a pronounced, masculine jaw. My expression carried a playful, pleasant smile and confident, charming gaze.

She felt her anxious feeling do a somersault, doubling in strength. It felt as if her slight discomfort thickened into a tight, black, rubber ball, tugging on her strongly beating heart, trying to pull it into her throat with a rope, turning her worry of just making a good first impression into a desire to be as womanly attractive as she could manage.

It turned the slight discomfort at wearing rather exposing clothing, no longer necessary for the hot weather outside, into soft, calming gladness that her clothes were flattering and accentuating her charm and appeal as they clung tightly and comfortably to her soft, slightly tingling skin. It was freeing, enabling her to relax at least in that part of her, opening up to take in her feelings of desire and interest.

The realization she was in my presence was instantaneous and powerful. She felt her eyes focus more, sharpening my features, and pulling me into the center of her perception like a camera. The quietness around her deepening as she felt the desire to hear me speak and for her to listen, closely.

She looked down, comfortably guided by her feelings of interest and curiosity, offering no resistance and just letting herself do what her body wanted. She took in the sight of my clearly very fit, tight, and muscular body, which was covered only by a tight, green polo and jean trouser. Her imagination worked hard and fast to provide her thirsty mind with the concept of how good my abs, and oh so many other things, must have looked underneath.

“Well, hello,” I spoke deeply and warmly, with a hint of playfulness in my voice.

Her eyes jumped back up to meet mine. In the split second of that motion, however, she had noticed that my eyes moved up as well…as if I was bringing them up from looking at something else. She felt a delicious, thrilling jolt of electricity-like sensation in her heart, wondering if I had just checked her out as well.

Ugochi immediately pushed out her chest more, to welcome me into inspecting her cleavage to my heart’s content. She felt no reason to stop herself.

I finally met her eyes. We stood there, for a moment that felt far, far longer than it was. There were so many bad things in the world, but in that very second, Ugochi felt only like letting herself be a young, attractive woman, meeting a charming man for the first time.

“So, uh, can I help you?” I asked after a while, my voice level and calm.

Ugochi blinked several times, realizing she was just standing there are staring at me. She quickly scolded herself for acting like an idiot…hoping I didn’t mind it too much.

“Umm, yeah, uh. Okay. My name is Ugochi and I’m, uh, I just moved in,” she explained crazily, pointing to the door behind her with her thumb.

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