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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E05) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E05) (18+)

Our final climaxes happened in a sixty-nine position. After being flooded with so much pleasure, the lady almost demanded to taste my cum. I wouldn’t go out without a fight, however, knowing a hot, sexy, and utterly insatiable lady like her had, doubtlessly, high-performance standards.
And I wanted to meet them. As if that will maximize my chances of fucking her again…the question of whether I should, already being in a relationship and all, disregarded by the wayside.
So, when the lady blew me, I demonstrated I knew how to use my mouth and tongue just as well. I had gotten ahead of her in our fun, innocent competition, forcing her to pick herself up and smother me with her pussy.

She rode out another fantastic, mind-melting orgasm on my face, cutting me off from access to air with her pussy until she was done. I was prepared for it, having managed to catch a deep breath, almost thick with her intoxicating, feminine, musky scent that utterly filled my nose and lungs. Making me doubt if there was a perfume in existence that my girlfriend could wear to even half-match the nasty lady’s addictive aroma.

She wasn’t ungrateful, either. She thanked me properly for stretching, working out, and pleasuring her amazing pussy by squirting plenty of her pussy juice. With how hard she pressed her pussy to my sucking mouth, she practically force-fed me her pussy juice. It tasted like…nectar.

It was weird. Everything about her was as if she was…a sex goddess or something! She looked like one, she acted like one, she smelled and tasted like one…and she definitely fucked like one.

Still, despite the utter, satisfied exhaustion, she had a fight in her. A raw-edged determination. She fell forward, her breasts ballooning out on my groin. I gasped for air, breathing the wonderful, life-giving oxygen. Then she grabbed my dick at the base, as hard as she could, and descended with her slutty, gorgeous mouth on my dick.

She sucked hard and fast, her hand sliding up and down in assistance. Her tongue swirled around. It was her last stretch, being utterly tired, on the verge of passing out. But in all her smoky, bliss-filled internal world, all she could think about was feeling my dick sliding down her greedy throat. She was determined to show me that her incredible, sloppy blowjobs could suck my very feelings for my girlfriend out through my dick, mixed in with my thick cum.

Moments later, I was vocalizing my pleasure as all muscles that could be involved were involved in shooting my liquid, viscous appreciation down the irresistible woman’s throat. I lifted himself up on my heels, pushing my dick into her face deeper, as she gracefully and flexibly slid down into a full deep-throat.

I felt feverish, the pleasure almost whipping through my balls with her every powerful suck and my violent, almost-painful throb. I could swear I could hear her swallowing loudly and thirstily.

It was hours past midnight, and it seemed it was finally enough for us. We collapsed in a messy pile, just…trying to come to terms with our incredible night.

After several minutes, the lady on top of me, her sweaty skin sliding against mine, turned her body around, snaking up to me till she finally leaned her beautiful head on my chest.

She looked like a mess, her makeup was completely smeared, most of it gone. Her hair was a correct case of the bedroom, after-sex style. And she looked so innocent and satisfied…I felt my heart skip a beat. I slid my hand upwards instinctively, stroking her lovingly.

“Mmm,” she moaned.

A long time passed, and I had recovered most of my strength. My muscles, my whole body felt bruised and utterly exhausted. I wanted to just drift off to sleep, sleeping together with the woman I had cheated on my girlfriend with, in her apartment on the other side of Lagos…but that was a bad idea.

I reluctantly, yet gently, pushed her off me. She, of course, protested, claiming I didn’t need my ‘ugly slut of a girlfriend’ anymore, but I ignored her as I dressed up.

That’s not to say I didn’t give her a long, appreciative goodbye kiss. I didn’t even feel much disgust for tasting my own cum on her, as if it was just my mark on her…my sign of making her mine, even though she had probably swallowed all of it.

Well, the ‘goodbye kiss’ involved plenty of tongue, and it was quite intense, so it made more sense to call it a goodbye make-out session. Why was I so appreciative? Who knows. Probably a mixture of the lady’s belittling and abusing my beloved girlfriend, of intense, cheating sex, and of rough squeezing of a pair of fantastic, heavy breasts.

Finally, several hours since I first entered the building, I left it and called for a taxi. I didn’t meet anybody on my way out, thankfully. As I got into the taxi and told the driver my destination, I laughed.

I still hadn’t asked her name. Nor did she ask for mine.


I returned home not long before dawn and took a quiet shower. I felt too sleepy and exhausted to think at that moment. As I thoroughly washed and cleaned my teeth and mouth, I wished for my clothes and breath not to smell like sex, or like a sexier woman than my girlfriend…too much.

Speaking of Eniola, she was still fast asleep. I was so grateful that she was a deep sleeper. In a way, in the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ fashion, she would’ve been grateful too.

I joined her and quickly fell asleep, very tired.

That day was definitely a good day.


I slept till late the next morning. My girlfriend was quite surprised because of that. It was a free, weekend day, however, so neither of us was in a rush. I stood up, stretching out, yawning, and rubbing my eyes.

The first thing I noticed was that I was feeling very, very well. Satisfied, relaxed, happy…like after a fantastic workout.

It was very late morning, almost afternoon in fact. I threw on some comfortable, casual clothes and went into the kitchen.

“Finally awake, lazy boy?” Eniola joked. “What kept you down for so long?”

“Aaah,” I yawned. “Long story. I gotta eat first.”

“Got it!” she exclaimed excitedly. “Let me fix you up, baby. Spaghetti’s good?”

“You’re a treasure,” I said with a smile, sitting down.

She was full of energy. I observed her, feeling warmth at my girlfriend making me breakfast as a display of her affection. I wasn’t thinking much about yesterday’s events yet. Whatever had happened…did not seem to diminish my love for Eniola at all.

She hummed as she made spaghetti and boiled egg. She knew what I liked, and I always enjoyed being spoiled like that.

In fact, as the joy of watching my girlfriend being happy and energetic bubbled up, I stood up and walked up to her from behind. I then wrapped my arms around her waist.

“Oh!” she let out in pleasant surprise.

“Did I tell you I love you yet?” I whispered in her ear teasingly.

“Mmm,” she leaned her head against my cheek, forgetting about continuing with making breakfast for now. Her voice turned into a whisper, unsuccessfully hiding her anticipation. “I’m not sure…you could always say it again, I guess…”

“I love you, Eniola,” I said gently, then brought my lips to hers for a loving kiss.

As always, she was melting in my arms. As if my kiss was the gentle sunlight that always woke up all the butterflies in her stomach.

We kissed slowly. I idly recalled yesterday’s much more intense making out with a more beautiful woman, but it didn’t matter. Eniola’s kiss wasn’t as good, nor did her lips taste as sensual, yet it still was full of warm, refreshing love. After all, a relationship wasn’t just about the sex, right? It was a partnership.

So I kissed her and enjoyed showering her with my affection. It wasn’t as hot or arousing but, again, that wasn’t the point. The point was that I still loved my girlfriend, and wanted to see her happy. For some strange reason, in fact…I felt like I loved her even more than before. There was even less sexual attraction, but it felt as if a veil had been lifted, allowing Eniola’s true beauty to shine through.

A beauty not of physical, but of spiritual proportion.

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