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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E04) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E04) (18+)

It worked. So she followed with what she was told to, willing to do and say anything if it meant I would make her cum.

“Please, sir, fuck me,” she said in a throaty, controlled voice. “I know you don’t even know my name, but because I’m so much better than your annoying girlfriend…”

I growled with lust as I heard words that made my dick throb to the capacity. Especially with how irrationally full of hate, her last two words were. And then she continued.

“And I have so much bigger breasts than she does…”

I leaned on top of her. The new position, which is not really different, would still permit me to penetrate her delicious cunt to the max, kissing her cervix with the tip of my dick with every bareback thrust.

“And juicier ass and tighter pussy…and taut stomach, and I’m gorgeous, too, unlike what’s-her-face…”

She was struggling to keep coherence as she imagined what was going to happen, and how it would feel. So she almost absentmindedly continued speaking whilst staring delightedly at my long dick that prepared to make her cum as she needed.

And I listened intently to her every word. The illicitness and naughtiness of the situation, and the fact she was calling it out so openly and brazenly, was enough to break me with lust. I had tunnel-vision, and it was only her sexy pussy that I just had to fuck that I saw, with that enticing panties, I was keeping as far away from getting in the way as I could.

“Make me cum, baby,” she ended on a pleading note. And then, fitting her temperamental character, switched to a confident, egotistical tone. “Make me cum because I’m better and deserve more than your girlfriend.”

I slammed my dick fully inside her. Her dripping wet pussy lips parted brutally at the sudden incursion with a wet, sexy squelch.

“FUCK!” she gasped.

I flexed my dick inside her with as much force my pelvic muscles could handle. The pleasure exploding throughout my loins was intense, and I struggled to keep it from overflowing me. I didn’t plan on impregnating this sexy stranger tonight.

Without delay, I withdrew to the tip, lowered my body to switch the angle so I will thrust fully into her g-spot, and then proceeded to powerfully fuck it, and her, into a glorious orgasm.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! OH GOOOOOD!” she screamed and moaned. Her body was tensing and relaxing as if her muscles didn’t know what to do. Her pelvis and hips danced around, trying to escape the powerful slams of my dick upwards inside her pussy.

But I held her tight, and I kept slamming her to the root of my dick, my pubic bone grinding against her swollen clit and the head of my cock kissing her cervix lovingly.


She was being so loud her neighbors definitely couldn’t sleep if they weren’t awake already. I only kept grunting and breathing in short, desperate bursts.

I wouldn’t stop until she came.


I felt my own climax approaching fast at the realization that whoever heard this lady’s screams would instantly know It was a cheating boyfriend she seduced. And the risk of other people finding out made it all the hotter.

“Fuuuuuck!” she moaned on a down note, almost as if crying with tears of joy. “I’m coming, baby, I’m fucking…AAAAAAAHHH!”

She let out a loud squeal, her voice highly-pitched. Her pussy spasmed, milking my dick inside her for all she was worth as her pussy juice spilled and squirted all around. And she felt as if she was melting, her lust, her arousal, like an ice cube falling into a pot of boiling water, flooding her mind with so much pleasure and bliss she couldn’t help but lose herself in.

“Fuck, fuck, you slut! You hot fucking slut!” I growled at her in response, the sight of her pleasure pushing me over the edge.

I did one final, desperate, and ridiculously risky thrust before pulling out, pressing down on her and sandwiching my throbbing cock between our bodies, finally releasing my load with truly violent force and pleasure. My flowing cum covered her sexy stomach and the undersides of her amazing breasts, dripping down and mixing with her own sexual, orgasmic juices, soaking the sheets.

It was a miracle I had kept my pelvic muscles flexed long enough to not blow my load all over her cervix. Condom-less as I was, I could’ve impregnated the bitch!

We kept grinding their shaking, shivering bodies against each other, experiencing our shared orgasm for a long, long while. Riding it out like a huge wave in an entire ocean of sweet-tasting, pink-colored pleasure.

The very air we breathed mixed and intermingled, letting us almost smell each other’s feelings. Our grinding slowed and slowed, until finally, we collapsed to the side, breathing hard and deep. Regaining our stamina.

Of course for as long as we could until we slid, almost leaping, towards each other for a fierce and intense make-out session. We broke the kiss often to catch desperate lungfuls of breath. But We were so eager to kiss and make out and swap spit and dance with our tongues and taste each other that it seemed like breathing was a waste of time.

It was the dizziness that finally pulled us apart, as we felt ready to pass out.

She giggled, high on endorphins. I chuckled back. We lied next to each other until our breathing was stable enough.

Then she looked in my eyes. I saw the reflection of his own desire in hers. She smiled wide when she looked down and saw me quickly becoming erect again, already at generous half-mast.

The night was young.

So, soon enough, after we rid ourselves of the utterly redundant clothing, I grabbed the young lady’s hips and proceeded to fuck her deep and hard doggy-style. She was so damn pleased with my stamina, loving my cock as I just kept on fucking her.

And meanwhile, utterly unaware, Eniola slept on peacefully in…and my room.

That kept on being true when the young lady, whom Eniola didn’t even notice on the bus, had her enormous, perky breasts squeezed lustfully by my sticky fingers as I made her cum again, this time from behind. I stretched her tight vaginal walls with my bare dick until she moaned she loved me. Until she was shaking and shivering as she orgasmed, half-coherently talking about how much she despised ‘my rude, disgusting girlfriend who dared get in the way’.

Having already cum once, I needed far more than that to build up to my peak again. Luckily, the slutty lady was so irresistibly sexy as if practically built for fucking. After giving her a short break and a hard, squeal-evoking spank of her bubble ass, we went on to round three.

Eniola still had no idea what I was up to. Or, rather, who I was inside.

And I was balls deep inside this energetic, horny lady. She rode me, cowgirl-style, switching between grinding against my groin with my dick buried in her, between circular, graceful motions like some enchanting stripper with just the tip inside her, and downright brutal slams of her juicy, bouncy ass up and down my fantastic cock. She also switched between moaning, cursing, and rhetorically asking if my ‘lazy, flat girlfriend’ ever fucked me like that.

All I had to do was keep flexing my dick inside her, which made her slowly moan every time in gratitude, and she made sure I would never forget that smiling, gorgeous face, contorted in pleasure. But — most importantly in fact — that the sight of those giant, bare breasts, jiggling and bouncing lively would be burned into my eyes and brain forever. They were fantastic, and perky, and so soft yet springy whenever I squeezed them, with such delicious, tasty nipples.

I was sure and convinced this lady had the best breasts I had ever seen, ever touched in my entire life. The sight of her breasts shivering as she came on top of me, squirting out a river of her juice that soaked my legs and abdomen, was mesmerizing.

My girlfriend had nothing on her. Nothing. In comparison, she was as boring, plain, and flat as a paper. Regardless, Eniola wasn’t even aware I was gone from our apartment. She just kept on sleeping, peacefully and ignorantly.

She didn’t wake up from all the loud screams the slut had. After all, Eniola was in another part of town, too far to physically hear it. Still, we were pretty loud — the lady in question had to admit that I was an incredible lover. Maybe even too skilled for my own good.

After all, she was already determined to come tomorrow, not let me go off this easily. She would want another go with me, and she did not care what my ‘annoying loser of a girlfriend’ would think about that.

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