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May 8, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E03) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E03) (18+)

The driver was a sharp one, and the promise of a huge tip, if he made good time, gave him the excuse he wanted to step hard on the accelerator. I was more used to public transportation, especially because of the person I usually traveled with…but not this time.

This time I was alone. And I was in a real hurry.

The tires screeched from time to time. There were no accidents or even close calls, though. The luck was on my side all day, and it seemed it would remain so.

Soon enough the taxi stopped at its destination — the flat near the university on the far side of Lagos. I gave the driver a very decent payment, tip included, before stepping out of the vehicle. Usually, I was far more mindful of my expenses, with a philosophy of not being wasteful and living within my means. But not tonight.

Tonight I was, for the first time in a long, long while, indulging myself. I was doing precisely what I really desired. And shelling out a little bit of my spare cash to follow on my whims seemed very much appropriate.

There was a gate at the entrance to the building. I took out my phone to double-check the address I was given, then knock at the gate.

The entrance was opened without delay, and I walked in. With a quick, determined step. I, for some reason, had a strange, cheerful spring in my step.

Taking the shortest path I could think of I soon arrived in front of a door I had never seen, in a building, I never visited before. I barely had to knock before it opened and I saw…what I wanted to see.

Or, rather, who I very much wanted to fuck senseless right now.

She looked angry. Also horny. And very, very sexy.

“It took you long enough!” she spat at me, thinking of all the angry and sexual ways she wanted to take her stress and frustration out on me.

“Shut up,” I almost screamed at the young, shameless slut, pushing forward inside, taking my jacket off.

The room was rather small, and it was quite messy. But, most importantly, there was a bed and other flat surfaces. And we were alone in there, with an entire night all to ourselves.

The door barely closed before we pressed our lips against each other. We skipped friendly greetings, polite hellos, and warm pecks on the cheek. Instead, we dived straight into a fierce, lustful, and hot make-out session.

Our lips smacked wetly and loudly as our tongues danced. I was kissing this seductive lady like I wanted to suck her taste right into my taste buds. And I wouldn’t stop flexing and grinding my rock-hard, trouser-clad dick into her wet panties and swollen pussy even if my girlfriend stepped in.

The lady pushed and pressed her heavy, bra-clad breasts into my muscular chest as if to really let me notice and feel that her breasts were much superior to my girlfriend’s. I slapped my hands onto her juicy ass, then grabbed it and pulled her forward to very much let her know that it wasn’t just her chest that was better.

“Mmmh, I bet you don’t…mmph…kiss your ugly girlfriend like that,” the slut moaned as she freed her mouth for a split second.

“I said shut up!” I answered, spanking her ass strongly. The crisp sound was followed by another lustful moan.

Our hearts were beating like crazy, our blood boiling hot with delicious and wild lust. Our bodies were preparing for the most orgasmic, pleasure-filled, and intense night of raw sex we could handle. And, soon enough, we’ve had enough preparation.

We fell in a crumpled pile onto her bed. It squeaked at the sudden impact, but its protest would go completely ignored. At least by us, and perhaps not by whatever neighbors were trying to catch a restful wink of sleep.

In fact, with how victorious and proud the lady was feeling underneath all her lust, she wanted the entire world to know she had snatched some inferior girl’s boyfriend and that I would fuck her exactly as she needed and wanted.

“You’re gonna fuck me?” she asked, her eyes glowing and her lips twisted in a mean, satisfied grin as she stared at me frantically struggling to free my erect dick.

“You’ve got no fucking idea, you bitch,” I growled. I was internally cursing at my clothes and thinking of nothing else but hearing that hot, sexy bitch scream her pleasure out.

“Don’t you, mmm fuck, have, like, a girlfriend?” she asked again, rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties.

“Fuck!” I cursed, forcefully pulling down my trousers. I needed to fuck her right this fucking moment if nothing else but to shut her up.

Finally, my dick sprung free, and I didn’t even bother taking my trousers fully off. My trousers were still wrapped uselessly around my ankle, and I still had my shirt on.

The bitch immediately pulled her panties to the side, staring at the hard dick in front of her with her eyes glowing with lustful desire.

Without delay, I positioned my erect cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. Before I pushed in like we both needed to happen, I felt I had to tell this woman exactly what she wanted to hear.

“Yeah, but my girlfriend is not as hot as you!” I spat out truthfully, sliding my bare, unprotected dick halfway in. It felt right. Like it was my calling. Like her pussy was paradise.

“Ohhh FUUUCK!” she moaned, her head falling backward. A wave of lust, feeling like pure, liquid, pink-colored pleasure and tingling electricity washed over her, radiating out from her pussy all the way to the tips of her hair.

I kept pushing inside her, leaning onto her. She held her legs at my sides. I was determined to thoroughly work out her pussy to satisfaction with my engorged, pulsating dick. After all, it was hers now. I was throbbing and rock-hard all because of her.

“Oh fuck…fuck, fuck, fuck!” she gasped, her abdomen intermittently tensing and relaxing. It was exactly what she needed in, like, forever.

“Oh my god…I love your pussy,” I remarked honestly, my eyes closed shut as I focused on committing this event to memory.

“Then…” she began breathily, edge now gone from her tone of voice. “Fuck it, baby. It’s all yours. Fuck it as if you own it!”

I looked into her eyes. Her face was full of pleasure, but also some strange, fascinating mix of innocence and vulnerability. Like she was opening herself up to me, letting me touch her innermost feelings. Her very soul.

And we didn’t even know each other’s names. I was shocked, in a way. I had no idea fucking some random, ridiculously sexy lady with big, juicy breasts would be such a spiritual experience.

How could I say no to such honest emotions?

So, I pulled back all the way to the tip of my dick and then thrust forward. It made her lean back, close her eyes, and moan in pleasure. And because my bare dick moving inside of her pussy felt so, so divine, I did it all over again.

And again, and again.

Soon there were no thoughts going through either of our heads. There were no words being exchanged. The only sounds, besides heavy, dizziness-inducing breathing, were the loud, erotic slaps of flesh against flesh, skin against skin.

Those sounded even better than I imagined, all that time ago on the bus. I enjoyed them like my favorite kind of music. Her moans were a symphony, the wet smacks of our sex organs an enrapturing rhythm. I settled into it, body and mind. I was like a machine, driven by my intense arousal and lust, seeking only to make our rough fucking hotter.

Because of the intense teasing and flirting earlier, we quickly arrived at our peaks of arousal. Our sexual position was becoming uncomfortable, not to mention dull. I wanted to switch it so that I could really stick it to her, but there was no time for that just yet.

She gasped and arched her back. I knew she was very, very close.

“You’re gonna come for me?” I growled at her.

“Yes, yes…fuck me, yes!” she sounded desperate. She wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t finish what I started. It was pretty much my obligation!

I flexed my dick, pulling it upwards against her g-spot. It produced a wave of pleasure in both of us, as in-sync as we were. I was close too, but I was determined enough to not let our fuck session end so early.

“Come on, fuck me!” she urged me. She was so fucking close! Her pussy burned with an itch only my dick could scratch, and the ecstatic tension throughout her body called for a release.

I took a deep breath to steady myself. I wouldn’t give her the quickest orgasm. No, I would make sure our first time together would be powerful and memorable. Why was I so determined to make this selfish bitch get as much pleasure as she physically could out of seducing another, older, and more mature woman’s boyfriend?

Well, her fantastic breasts, of course. Speaking of which, I made a mental note to myself to really squeeze those breasts that have been teasing me all day. Her boiling hot pussy took priority, however.

With tremendous regret, I pulled out.

“No, no, no,” she pleaded. Her fiery temperament quickly acted up, as she turned to demanding anger and fury. “What the fuck are you doing?! FUCK ME!”

I repositioned her legs to lean against my shoulders, her ankles around my head. In answer to this stretching-out movement, for which she was definitely fit and flexible enough, she threw me a confused look.

I grinned at her, lustfully and confidently. I was pushing my self-control to the limit by delaying what I dreamed of doing.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked, teasing her pussy by slapping my unprotected dick against it.

I saw her sexy stomach tighten.

“Fuck…” she gasped, swiftly returning to her angry, demanding tone. “Yeah, what are you waiting for?!”

“I want you to beg,” I stated simply. I wanted to establish that after all this time I was the one more in control here. For some reason, I felt enough strength to do it.

She smiled widely and naughtily. A glint of hot, steamy arousal appeared in her expressive eyes.

“You make your girlfriend beg too?”

I answered partially by pressing my dick against her pussy lips and clit, holding it down with my hand and doing a good, strong thrust. Since she was so aroused and sensitive, the sudden flash of pleasure closed her eyes shut and made her gasp.

“No. Only a sexy bitch like you,” I said with honest adoration in my voice, my eyes sliding throughout her curvy body. Especially on her huge breasts and steaming-hot pussy.

I didn’t care about telling this slut I found her sexier than my girlfriend — it was obvious and well-established by now. But I cared about making her feel superior if nothing but to turn her on more.

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