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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E01) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E01) (18+)

“Fuck,” I whispered into her ear. I didn’t even know her name. We haven’t even exchanged any words.

She sounded a half-moan in response. She was in heaven. She was so turned on she was willing to just let me fuck her right then and there if I wanted.

‘What are you gonna do now, you stupid, ugly bitch?’ she thought towards my girlfriend.

‘You’re too fucking dumb to even realize your man fell in love with my juicy breasts and chubby body the second he met me!’

Belittling who she saw as her minor, annoying obstacle, not even a rival, made her pussy throb with pleasure from her feelings of superiority. Yes, my girlfriend seemed a couple of years older than her. Yet, as the sexy lady fantasized, my girlfriend had gotten beaten in every way just because of her vastly bigger cup size, and the differences didn’t even stop there.

‘Damn, he’s good,’ she thought to herself.
I was caressing her expertly, with the perfect mixture of possessiveness, dominance, teasing, and pleasurable stimulation.

True — The perverted, slutty, arrogant bitch of a woman might not be the most fitting person to receive special treatment. But she was beautiful, had a killer, curvy body and, most importantly, a pair of huge, juicy breasts, and that meant she deserved whatever she wanted, no matter how stupid, ridiculous or selfish.

And, sadly for Eniola, that meant me as well. It was not even an hour since the sexy woman got on the bus, I was already busy with teasing her nipples, squeezing her heavy breasts, feeling up her sexy abdomen, taking in the intoxicating scent of her hair, and flexing my dick right into that wonderful bubble butt of hers.

Her next sexy half-moan signaled me that, from everything that was happening between us, one thing was missing. She turned her head to face me. I saw her closed eyes and slightly parted lips. I didn’t need an explanation.

We locked lips in a fierce, hot kiss. It soon developed into a frantic make-out session as if between two horny teenagers. Our tongues danced, and our mouths smacked wetly.

“Mmm, seems we aren’t the only couple here.”

I panicked, pulling my head back, breaking the lustful kiss. The sexy lady turned her head and stepped forward just a bit. I looked to the side at my girlfriend.

Eniola must’ve said it without opening her eyes, and thus not noticing my misbehavior. I took a quick, deep breath to steady myself.

“Yeah, but we’re still the most in love,” I replied as smoothly as I could.

Eniola looked up at me, smiling widely. I smiled back, innocently and lovingly. She brought her eyebrows together quizzically.

“Honey, are you okay? You look hot,” my girlfriend said.

And apparently, the sexy woman in front of me had enough of the romantic girlfriend time, as she once again began pushing her ass into my crotch. She did it with a certain amount of grace, merely bending forward slightly. From her point of view, she saw my girlfriend unable to see anything but the top of her head.

“I feel hot, too. I must’ve overdressed,” I replied calmly, pouting my lips out and shrugging to let Eniola know I wasn’t misbehaving in any way. I also flexed my dick strongly, right into a very fuckable ass, to let the sexy bitch know I wanted to bang her rough and hard right in that fucking moment.

Eniola smiled again and went back to cuddling against my arm with her eyes closed. And it was right on time, as the slut in front of me liked my non-verbal communication and began downright grinding up and down on my crotch.

The luck we had was incredible, as the bus chose that very moment to shake up and down rather forcefully, helping us grind that much harder against each other.

“So shaky,” My girlfriend remarked. It made the dry humping slut half-moan again, and I pulled her back forcibly onto my dick. Thus, the shakiness Eniola was experiencing was partly from the bus, and partly from my humping into the slut’s juicy butt.

With a fantastic display of grace, we completely stopped our intense dry humping session as soon as the bus’ shaking stopped.

“Mmm, I’m tired. How much longer?” Eniola asked.

Actually, that was a good question. The sexy lady brightened up with interest as well and even went as far as to step forward to take her ass off my crotch, but not my hand off her abdomen.

“Uhh,” I began, looking at the front of the bus. “Oh, It’s the next bus stop!”

There was a mix of alarm, surprise, and disappointment in my voice, Eniola had noticed. But then she thought she must’ve just imagined it, so she quickly forgot about it altogether.

“I want a bath and to go to sleep. Watching movies is tiring,” Eniola joked.

When I looked forward again, there was a surprising sight waiting for me. The sexy woman in front of me didn’t turn to face me, but she had brought her phone out, its display facing me.

There was an ‘add new contact’ menu-open. In the ‘name’ field there was ‘The guy I wanna fuck baaad’ and the number field was ready to be typed into.

Everything about the evening’s situation was so bad and crazy. And in my erect, incredibly aroused state I didn’t think. I just instinctively did whatever it was that would keep my deliciously pleasurable arousal going.

I took her phone, typed in my number without delay, clicked accept, and tapped her hand with her phone when I was done. She promptly took it back, then stepped forward despite everything else she would rather do at that time.

Right on time, as the bus arrived at my final destination. I had barely the time to adjust my dick as well as I could to hide it from my girlfriend. I didn’t spare a look towards the flirtatious and sexy lady, and I doubted she looked at me either. She was busy typing in a text message on her phone. To whomever, of course.

It wasn’t long till, as Eniola and I walked towards our house, I felt my phone buzzing. But my arousal had begun subsiding, and the horrible realizations of everything wrong I had done in the past hour hit me like a trailer.

There was another buzz of yet another message, but I kept ignoring it.

“Someone’s popular tonight,” Eniola remarked jokingly.

I forced a nervous chuckle.

“Some people just pick the best moments to bother me, I’ll check it later,” I answered as casually as I could.

There was yet another buzz.

“Maybe it’s something important,” My girlfriend said.

“If it were that important, it would be a call.”

And, like clockwork, there was a call about some seconds later.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and pulled out my phone. I noticed the messages but I didn’t read them. And I most definitely saw the unknown number calling me, who so coincidentally was the same that had just sent those messages.

My heart skipped a beat as a naughty thought of flirting on the phone right in front of my girlfriend with some random horny woman I dry humped on a bus entered my head. But it wasn’t enough to bring me back to those peaks of craziness, so I just canceled the call and muted my phone.

There was an innocent curiosity on my girlfriend’s face.

“So, who was it?”

“No clue. The messages didn’t make sense, either,” I lied, pretending I hadn’t ignored them. I continued to provide Eniola with a full explanation I could think of, doing my best to disperse any sort of suspicion. “Either somebody got the wrong number or they can wait till tomorrow.”

She only nodded in acknowledgment, then locked her arm around mine, and soon we were happily on our way. Our home wasn’t much farther away.

What the fuck have I done, I asked myself rhetorically. Then I stepped into my apartment building.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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