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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E00B) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E00B) (18+)

The sexy lady, however, was conflicted. Not about what she was doing, but rather about how she was doing it. She felt horny, and thoughts about my hard dick, that she felt burning into her ass moments ago, ripping right through her tight trouser and sinking into her welcoming pussy, and then stretching it like it needed to be stretched heated her mind with red-hot lust.

That lust and arousal made her aggressive and possessive, as in her mind she already considered me her conquest. And when she saw me look at my pathetic girlfriend, she felt pure anger.

‘How dare he?! I am the queen bitch around here and he ignored me? He should grab my breasts and worship me like a goddess, then fuck me hard and as long I want! And that ugly piece of trash girlfriend, how dare she get in my way?’ 

She didn’t care that Eniola was innocent of not only doing anything but of even noticing her in the first place. She only cared about making me pay by fucking her while she screamed her lungs out about just how little she thought of my girlfriend, about just how much she hated my annoying girlfriend, and about just how much she was loving the intense fucking I would doubtlessly provide.

She had to shake herself out of her fantasies. She wasn’t even halfway there, after all. As she calmed down slightly she remembered why exactly she had gotten worried in the first place — she might’ve been too aggressive. She might’ve blown the entire chance she had. Maybe she should’ve given me some room…

After all, that ugly thing was my girlfriend, possibly for a while now. It wasn’t unreasonable for her to think I will take a little more convincing than a short dry hump and a glimpse down her glorious cleavage to realize I should forget about my girlfriend and focus entirely on her.

And so, she made a decision. She would give me all the tiny space I needed to cheat on my girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the bus drove on.


It was near a bus stop, so a couple more people got on the already packed bus. Many passengers were standing quite close to one another now. Then it resumed the drive and shook every now and then from a speed bump or pothole.

It was rather quiet, and everybody minded their own business. But she felt quite tense. It’s been a couple of minutes, and she didn’t turn around or do anything of note. She just stood, waiting patiently and wishing hopefully for something to happen. And then, after a way too long while, her slightly worried frown got replaced with a wide smirk, dripping with arrogance.

She felt my fingers slide upwards her ass, in the precise spot she tapped with her fingers some time ago. She was back in the game.

As soon as I had touched her attention-grabbing butt, I had noticed she leaned her head back slightly. She seemed to relax, straightening up comfortably with a sort of easy-going confidence.

I wondered why I did it. I knew I shouldn’t, I was determined not to, and yet…I  went on ahead and had done it anyway. I rationalized that I only wanted to apologize for making her upset and that we should diplomatically end it on a positive note. Maybe she hasn’t noticed my girlfriend before, and maybe I misunderstood her looks and butt-taping gestures?

Then why did I so eagerly cop a feel of that amazing ass? Well, she did cause quite a stir in me, it wasn’t like she was without any fault. It was just a great ass, nothing real bad from being curious about just how well-sculpted it was. If anything, I deserved it for my troubles, right? My girlfriend hadn’t noticed, so what was the harm?

The shortsighted, almost idiotic rationalizations carried on for a bit, pretty much distracting me from acknowledging just what it was exactly that I was doing, and what possible consequences could follow.


From excessive brainstorming, I soon switched to intense, quiet focus when I saw her move towards me. She was ever so quietly and gently walking backward, one casual step at a time.

I remained rooted at the spot, my heart pounding and my trouser visibly tented out in front. It was a very lucky break nobody else had noticed the ‘situation’ brewing. Especially my beloved girlfriend, Eniola, who still stood leaning against my arm with her eyes closed.

Eniola must’ve felt sleepy and tired, because she didn’t react when I, bit by bit, slid around so that my front would be more, well, in front. After a while, Eniola wound up leaning against the side of my arm, not between my shoulder and collarbone.

‘What the hell am I doing?’ I thought to himself.

The sexy lady was getting closer and closer, her fantastic fat ass on a collision course with my noticeable hard dick.

‘This is so bad, so fucked up,’ I panicked in my mind. Eniola was right there!

Then a womanly scent hit my nose. It was there before, barely noticeable, but now, as the source of it had gotten so close, I could take it all. Had to, even. It smelled too good to ignore. It had just a dab of flowery perfume, but first and foremost it was so thick with raw, feminine sexuality.

It was the most luxurious scent I had ever smelled. I realized that this had to be the scent of a sex goddess — it was that intoxicating. Or maybe it was just my arousal talking, but I couldn’t even remember how Eniola smelled. Definitely not like this.

My brain recognized the smell. A smell of a horny lady that just needed to be claimed and fucked. And so my conscious thinking got forcibly shoved aside.

There was still a very tiny distance between the curves of her ass and the tip of my trouser-claded dick. It was disappearing far too slowly for both of our tastes, so my free hand jumped upwards and without delay slid across the woman’s hip and her flat abdomen.

She gasped, barely noticeably. I pulled her towards myself, my fingertips sinking slightly into the firmness of her abdominal muscles, tingling warmly from the sensation of it and of her soft skin. Her hair pushed into his face, filling my nose with even more of her arousing scent.

It was a miracle literally everybody in front of us was staring either towards the front of the bus, down at their feet, or had their eyes closed altogether. Because what was happening in plain sight was anything but proper.

She didn’t require any more guidance as she pushed back her fantastic, juicy butt into my crotch. I met it with as much of a forward push as I could manage without alerting Eniola to my unfaithful affections.

The sexy lady exhaled just that slightly bit louder, turning that very natural part of breathing into a shadow of a moan. Then I, unwilling to resist, did what I subconsciously wanted to do ever since I first laid eyes on her. My hand slid upwards, and I grabbed a strong, rough handful of her massive, delicious breasts.

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