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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E00A) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E00A) (18+)

The bus, driving down Toyin street with moderate speed, shook mildly together with its passengers.  I reflexively strengthened my grip on a support handle as I stood close by the bus’ middle door, my back to it. My girlfriend Eniola, however, kept to her choice of holding onto my arm to avoid falling down. For one reason or another, she always chose to rely solely on me for support.

“Baby, look, I don’t mind, but the last thing you could do is grab a handle with one hand. Do I want to see you slip and then hurt?” I asked, feeling a mixture of boredom and amusement at her bus-riding antics.

“Uh-hm, nope,” she hummed, then looked up at me with her eyes and smile glowing with adoration.

Eniola might’ve not been the prettiest girl around, but I found her very cute indeed whenever she just couldn’t keep her love for me from showing on her face. And so, being over a head taller than her, I leaned down to give her a small peck on the lips. To show her I very much loved her as well, and would never want to see her hurt.

The bus was already rather full of people. That was the reason we were standing, as almost all the seats were taken. And over the course of the next several bus stops, people just kept pouring in, resulting in quite the jam-packed crowd.

“So many people are getting in,” Eniola remarked jokingly. “You think it was movie night for everyone else too?”

I chuckled lightly in response, then looked around. It was getting late, around 6 PM, but the high number of passengers was rather unusual. I didn’t particularly mind, but at the same time wasn’t overly happy about it either. We still had an over half-hour ride home and, as such, we weren’t looking forward to spending that long without seats

Eniola went back to leaning on my arm, her head against my shoulder. It wasn’t an unusual day. It was kind of routine, really. Work, food, exercise, and then an occasional trip to the cinema or some other activity a couple could enjoy. I didn’t feel much rush or pressure in my life ever since graduating from university. I had a stable job, a stable relationship, and stable life. It was peaceful. In fact, it might’ve been too peaceful… It was kinda boring. But I tried to dismiss those kinds of notions. After all, shouldn’t I be glad everything was going nice and predictable?

As the bus was arriving at the next bus stop, something, or rather somebody, caught my eye. I only saw something in the corner of my vision, but I turned my head further, drawn by the sight over my shoulder.

There was a woman getting on the bus. She looked young, likely a couple of years younger than I was (I am in my late-twenties). But what drew my attention the most was, frankly, the immense sex appeal she was exuding.

To start, she was gorgeous. Supermodel-level beautiful. Her light makeup, including a red lipstick over her full, pouty lips only highlighted that. She had her hair done in a ponytail. And clearly, she didn’t stop at her looks, as her outfit proved. She had a jacket open at the middle, revealing a tight tank top with a deep cleavage into her above-average chest.

Actually, that was an understatement. In fact, she had downright massive breasts. Huge, gravity-defying breasts that could and would make many porn stars envious. Or girlfriends jealous.

Her tank top wasn’t full length, as it ended just above her cute belly button. That resulted in a delicious line of the abdomen, exposing her flat, firm tummy. Then there was her skin-tight black trousers that clung to her legs and ass like a second skin. Well, I couldn’t see her ass yet, and I subconsciously wanted to at least glimpse a peek before I consciously wanted to protest.

Naturally, a woman this attractive had to be rather used to having men stare at her with lustful eyes. Yet, whether due to an accident or the fact that I was quite an attractive man, either due to my height, handsome features, or hunky build, she very much noticed my staring and, in turn, stared back at me.

It was in a few moments that our eyes met. On her face, I noticed a mix of clear interest and careful consideration. She then smiled at me, and that was the final bit of non-verbal communication that made me consciously realize what it was exactly that I was doing. I didn’t smile back. Instead, I felt a mild prick of guilt and I began scolding myself for doing things unbecoming of a loving boyfriend as I turned my head away from the beautiful girl.

As for her, she was startled. She wasn’t used to men brushing her off, especially after she had shown her own interest back. The bus doors then closed and with a sudden, jerky movement the vehicle resumed its journey. She managed to grab something for support and proceeded to look in my direction.

Her eyes slid over my frame, reassuring her that I was quite well built. I had a tasteful, quality outfit that conveyed enough about my status. Then, as she noticed somebody leaning against me, she finally figured the reason for my conflicted interest.

She frowned and squinted her eyes. Of course. An attractive man who is attracted to her as well and he just had to be taken. Without masking her hostility, she critically assessed my girlfriend, who for that matter did not even notice her.

I could feel her stare, together with the gentle pressure of my girlfriend against me. The busty girl must have noticed Eniola by now, so hopefully, she wouldn’t bother us. The last thing I needed was temptation from some random female stranger with huge, heavy breasts and…I caught myself from finishing the thought as well as the mental picture that was forming. I chose to dismiss and ignore the naughty ideas.

However, I  had no idea just what kind of a person that beautiful girl was. I didn’t know she found me very attractive whilst being rather horny as of late. I didn’t know her friends knew her as a grade-A selfish bitch, not to mention a homewrecker. I didn’t know she was exactly the kind of person to act on her spoiled, selfish whims utterly uncaring of consequences.

She smirked arrogantly as she placed my girlfriend as a total joke of a competitor in her mind. Eniola wasn’t as busty, in fact, she was rather flat. Eniola wasn’t anywhere near as beautiful and her body, unlike her’s, was not fit from regular and intense workout sessions.

A delicious fire of lust, its flames as if gently licking her up from the inside began in her abdomen. She always got this kind of thrill when teasing or seducing men she wasn’t socially supposed to seduce. Such as handsome boyfriends of plain, boring girlfriends.

She realized she had to act quickly. She wasn’t in a hurry to get home, especially now that she saw a fantastic prospect for an intense fuck-session.  She felt her pussy sweat from the fires of lust as she thought how loving boyfriends always fucked extra hard as if to make up for all the misguided, faithful resistance to her heavy, direct flirting.

She didn’t, however, know where Eniola and I were going, and so she needed to use the time as well as she could. At least until she could gently and oh-so-politely convince me with well-reasoned, round, juicy, and perky arguments that I’d much rather spend the rest of the evening and night with her instead.

I heard some rustling from behind me, but I chose not to turn to investigate. Then some whispers. Until finally I felt things that were clearly big yet very soft press into me from the side.

My eyes shot wide and I glanced at the source. I saw the gorgeous, arrogantly grinning face of the new, female passenger. I didn’t say a word, and she only mouthed ‘excuse me’. Not that I noticed it, my subconscious was busy with guiding my attention into the deep-toned cleavage of her fantastic breasts. I couldn’t help but think about how rarely I got to see boobs this perfect.

She widened her smile. She realized she had a real fighting chance. And one look at my face made her certain she wanted to see it buried between her legs, pleasuring her.

She carried on moving forward, under the pretense of finding a more comfortable spot on the packed bus. She slid her hip against mine for a noticeably longer period than it was appropriate, but I didn’t budge from my spot.

‘He must want me real bad,’ she thought. ‘Just as I do.’

I was determined to ignore all that, however, suppressing each and every illicit thought. I chose to stand there and pretend that nothing was happening, nothing at all. That was what I kept thinking as my eyes got glued to the woman’s ass. And there was what to glue them to — it was a perfect, juicy bubble butt, filling her tight trousers in all the possible places. It was even better than I imagined. Well, subconsciously imagined, but still.

And the firmness of muscle I felt when she pushed her hip into mine told me all about just how tight and bouncy her buttocks had to be. I struggled not to picture just how good the sounds of our flesh slapping against each other would be, never mind everything else that would entail.

To escape these naughty thoughts that were rapidly getting out of control I looked up. And I once again saw her looking back at me, her head half-turned and her deliciously kissable lips upturned in a sexy smile. She knew I was staring and was boldly letting me know that.

I rolled my eyes, scrunching up my face with annoyance. I then continued ignoring everything and escaping further by looking at my beloved girlfriend. Her eyes were closed, and her smile content. She apparently was oblivious to what was happening around her.

Something pushed into my groin. Something round and juicy and absolutely amazing. My eyes shot wide again and I saw just what I wanted to…I mean, feared. I didn’t have a plan of action for something like that, so I just stood there, rooted to the spot. Well, I did push back into that totally fuckable ass but only a little bit and completely by accident.

My mind was racing to figure out what to do, so I looked up. The woman with a killer body and huge breasts was staring at me, clearly annoyed. Her eyebrows were upturned and her lips were in a furious frown.

She even looked sexy when angry, giving her an aggressive and challenging sort of appeal. But what was this young, shamelessly bold, and ridiculously inappropriate slut angry about? I was the one that should be angry right now, not her, I wondered in puzzlement. Busy with my pondering, my hips didn’t budge from the spot as my dick rapidly hardened and pushed into that fantastic ass of hers.

We stared at each other like that for a couple of mute seconds before she finally straightened up and turned her head forward. My half-erect dick didn’t feel too good when her juicy ass was gone, but I didn’t admit that to himself. I was still puzzled about her attitude, so I kept looking at her inquisitively.

She then turned back again, and gave me a demanding look, then glanced at my girlfriend mockingly, before turning forward again and grabbing one of her delicious ass cheeks with her hand, her finger doing a tapping motion.

I couldn’t believe it. My mind raced. Did she just…was she angry because I ‘dared’ look at my beloved girlfriend of two years instead of non-stop checking out some audacious, ridiculously sexy slut that I had never even seen before? Did she expect me, a loving, happy boyfriend, to devote all of my attention, that should be reserved for Eniola, to her just because she was gorgeous and had a juicy, fuckable ass and a pair of massive, mouth-watering breasts?

I was stunned. It was an utterly ridiculous, completely insane line of thinking. And yet…

My throbbing dick was rock hard as if screaming to do just that, and more. And just the mere thought of going forward with that ‘plan’ lit the pleasure centers of my brain on fire, making my whole body tingle with excitement and pleasant electricity-like sensations. My heart pounded hard and fast in my chest.

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