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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E19) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E19) (18+)

“UUHHMMMM!” she moaned, shivering from waves of tingling, electrifying pleasure shocking her from her pussy throughout her body. Focused entirely on the lustful ecstasy, she barely could muster an incessant whisper. “Cum in me, cum in me, cum in me!”

“Take my load you slut, take it you sexy bitch!” I cursed as I proceeded to dump the contents of my balls. Sperm which should belong to my girlfriend, not inside some random, sexy slut I had barely met.

I pulled her as close as I could, making sure all of it would go right where I wanted it to. Utterly uncaring of potential consequences. Straight into another woman’s womb, who was far more attractive and was not my girlfriend. The sexy slut’s pussy milked it greedily.

Our orgasmic tension held us for a long time until the need to breathe overpowered us. Ireti opened her eyes and, breathing hard, instantly mashed her lips against mine. I kissed her back eagerly, mashing my lips against hers, quickly meeting her hot tongue with mine.

My arms burned from the exertion and my legs felt weak, I was close to falling down. Locked in a post-orgasmic, fierce and loving kissing, I carried the sexy gym instructor in my arms towards the mats on the other end of the hall.

We soon fell into a heap together onto the sport mats, which were thick, wide and comfortable. Wasting no time we proceeded to grope and squeeze each other, exploring every part and continue making out and swapping spit.

“Mmmhh, I’m so glad I took your girlfriend up on her offer to have the two of us have sex,” Ireti purred as her breathing slowed down somewhat.

“I don’t think Nonye ever made THAT kind of an offer,” I chuckled, my lips against Ireti’s flat, sexy tummy.

“She saw my photo. She would have to be a total moron to not think I was going to fuck her boyfriend silly,” she continued, feeling excitement slowly bubble up again before her orgasmic haze even managed to halfway wear off.

I felt my dick throb as I heard this slut insult my beloved girlfriend. Nonye did not deserve that, but Ireti just didn’t care. And it only seemed to turn me on.

“Show me those breastisis,” I changed the topic tacitly, rising up and staring at Ireti’s chest. I grabbed her eye-catching, top-clad breasts. “Damn, they feel fantastic.”

Ireti giggled. She was lucky to be well endowed, and she was utterly shameless in enjoying that fact nor rubbing it in the faces of other, envious women.

“She’s flat, huh?” she asked, smirking. “I better not tell your girlfriend you asked to see my big breasts, right? Haha!”

“You better not or I won’t fuck you again,” I answered seriously, looking her dead in the eye. I didn’t stop groping her fantastic breasts.

The gym instructor just giggled yet again in response, then moved her hands up to pull her top off. As her nipples came in sight, I wasted no time in kissing them and biting them lustfully, while my hands continued squeezing her globes, marvelling in their sweaty softness.

Ireti felt like a queen being worshipped, so she just relaxed and let go, allowing herself to fully enjoy the fruits of her labour as I began massaging and rubbing her. My hands, and soon lips, slid over her body, touching and stimulating all her erogenous zones.

As if she was my lover that I was very eager to please and pleasure. Telling her indirectly I wanted to make her happy so that I could fuck her…again and again.

“MMMmmm, right there,” Ireti whispered as I pinched her nipple with one hand, rubbed her engorged, wet pussy with another, whilst kissing up her neck. “Play with me, just like that…make your ugly girlfriend jealous.”

We were getting horny again and, clearly, one time was not enough for either of us. Our sweet, loving touches and grabs began getting more and more aggressive and possessive, more aroused and lustful.

“I wanted to jump on your dick ever since I saw you,” Ireti confessed in throes of our rapidly rising horniness.

Ready for round two, my dick hard and erect again, I positioned myself above her.

“You have no idea how much I wanted you to…compared to you my girlfriend is ugly and fat. She doesn’t work out or anything. And you… you’re the sexiest and sluttiest woman I’ve ever met,” I commented truthfully, helping her lift her hips up with one hand, guiding my cock towards her entrance with the other.

“Mmm, haha, thanks babe…you like that?” she asked, her eyes twinkling naughtily. “You like that I’m better than your pathetic girlfriend?”

“I fucking love it,” I answered and just, without further ado and ceremony, slid my dick back inside. Back home.

I groaned, feeling so right to get back inside her. It was strange how being this cruel and mean about my girlfriend, behind her back, just to turn some on and have illicit sex with was feeling so right…and so good!

“Ohh, you better…” Ireti purred, licking her lips and closing her eyes, once again feeling deliciously full and desired. For her, it was the best sensation in the whole wide world. “We need to get the workout going…I’m a very demanding teacher…”

We went at it for a long time.

I returned home far later than usual. I wasn’t worried. What I was, though, was more satisfied than ever.

“Oooh, you’re back!” my girlfriend exclaimed excitedly when she saw me, jumping up from the couch. “Finally, haha, it’s been so long. I take it went well?”

“You have no idea, babe. Best workout I’ve ever had.”

“I told you! I told you it would be great!” Nonye said happily, pointing and shaking her finger at me,

I nodded.

“Yeah, you did and you were right.”

“So, how was it in detail? Anything new and special about it?”

“Hmm,” I wondered how to best describe my experience. “Ireti has a…unique method. Really gets my testosterone going. And she’s clearly taking a liking in me, we’ve clicked on well.”

Nonye clapped her hands excitedly. She loved being right and being told so directly. There was a buzz of a phone receiving a text message.

“Oh, speaking of whom, I’m guessing that’s her,” I said under my nose as I pulled out my phone. I smiled widely as I read the contents.

“What is it? A piece of good news?”

I glanced at my girlfriend. She truly showed nothing but excitement, not one shred of suspicion.

“Uh, yeah. Ireti’s saying we should do our next workout here. I mean…at my place. Unique furniture…I mean, heh, things to use as training aids.”

“Wow, she sounds really professional to go an extra mile like this!” Nonye exclaimed

“Yup, pure professionalism, that’s gotta be it,” I nodded confirmingly.

I couldn’t believe Nonye’s attitude and cluelessness.

“Well, you better let me know when so I can get out both of your way. I’m not much for working out, haha,” Nonye joked.

I raised my eyebrow at her. It was like she was trying to get me to cheat.

Suffice to say, she was succeeding.

“Gotcha,” I said, heading to drop off my dirty laundry.

Back at Ireti’s gym, I had clothes with me to change into. And right now, back home, I didn’t need a shower – Ireti had shown me where it was and how it worked…very thoroughly. It took a long while but, ultimately, we had managed to wash clean.

To the chorus of Nonye’s happy humming, I left the room. I wasn’t thinking much about Nonye at the moment.

Instead, I looked forward to inviting my gym instructor home.

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