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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E18) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E18) (18+)

“I will! I will, baby! You better keep that fantastic dick nice and hard for me for a long time!” Ireti screamed, excitement and lust energizing and charging her with arousal. Her increasing pace made her more and more forcefully slam her hips against his, our skin producing loud, flesh-slapping noises.

I wanted nothing else but to let go and enjoy the greatest pleasure I have ever felt, from the sexiest woman I had ever met. But the barbell was beginning to seriously tire out my arms, increasing my panic.

“Wait, Jesus, hold on…help me with…” I gasped, alarmed.

“It’s getting too heavy!”

“Come on, baby! You can do it, that tiny little stick is nothing for a big guy like you!” Ireti shouted, bouncing up and down with hard, forceful bounces, supporting herself with her hands on my back. “You can manage anything as long as I’m fucking you!”

Hearing Ireti’s empowering words I flexed as hard as I could. I needed to fight…if I didn’t want to get crushed, and if I wanted to fuck this sexy slut hard, then I just had to do it.

“Hrrrngghhh,” I grunted, pushing harder than ever against the barbell.

It began moving upwards, bit by bit, inch by inch.

“Yeah! Yeah, baby! Show me how bad you want to fuck me!” the slutty gym instructor encouraged me, feeling shocks of pleasure jolting throughout her pussy, bringing her closer to an explosive orgasm. Her eyes almost glowed with excitement as she watched me succeed. “You do, huh? You wanna fuck me, baby? You wanna fuck some sexy woman behind your girlfriend’s back?”

“URRGGHHHH! YE…YESSS!” With a mighty, final yell, I managed to fully extend my arms upwards.

The barbell clinked hard against the supporting stands, getting locked into place. The force and the weight caused the discarded leggings to slide down onto my face. The sweet, feminine aroma pervaded the material completely. I aggressively sat up, my dick fully buried in the woman on top of me.

“OOOoooh!” she squealed with surprise, curious to see the situation develop.

She was not worried, not one bit. Being as sexy as she is, made her feel confident and certain whenever she betted on her enormous sex-appeal.

I slapped my hands right onto Ireti’s fantastic, round-shaped, fat, sweaty asscheeks. My fingers barely sunk in the tight, firm muscle. She responded by shoving her leggings off of them, wrapping her arms around my neck and staring into my eyes. I didn’t protest and stared at her back. Ireti saw only an expression of raw determination.

I effortlessly stood up, lifting her with me. She yelped again in surprise, then giggled, giddy with excitement, fully knowing what was coming.

“Wow, your breasts are just ridiculous,” I commented honestly, My voice hoarse with lust, looking down into the deep cleavage between Ireti’s huge breasts heaving with her every breath right under his eyes. The beads of sweat were glistening on her skin.

“I’ll let you see them if you fuck me real good,” she promised, her voice trembling for the same reason. She was very close, her pulsating arousal urging her on.

“You better do. Now…you wanted me to fuck you in a stand and carry?” I asked rhetorically.

Ireti nodded eagerly. She felt ambivalent that I wasn’t just outright fucking her. Annoyed, because her horny body throbbed with need, but excited because I showed her that I was in control.

I proceeded to hook my arms under her legs, then gripped her ass harder. Then I pulled out till just the tip of my dick remained inside her.

“So there you go!” I said, slamming her tight, delicious, and oh-so-aching pussy against my groin.

“Shit!” she gasped with pleasure. Oh, she was going to let me do anything I wanted to her. Especially if it would be something I did not do with my girlfriend.

I pulled out again. My cock was hard, harder than ever, and it pulsed almost painfully. I did not give a fuck about my girlfriend, there was only Ireti on my mind. Her intoxicating aroma and presence permeating me to my very core.

I pulled her towards me, shoving my dick again. Ireti’s response of satisfaction spurred me on. Without delay, I pounded her again, and again, and quickly increased my pace to fervent, vigorous fucking.

“MMhhhhh,” she moaned. She felt her arousal ramp up in leaps and bounds, setting her pussy and body on fire. “Fuck me!”

My dick slid in and out with loud, lewd squelches. Our flesh slapped loudly.

“Your pussy feels great on my dick…your ass is incredible, oh my god…” I gasped, struggling to catch my breath as I pounded her with abandon.

“Ohhh Yessss, you sweet-talker…ah!…Do you like my butt? Do you, mmmh, looove it?” she moaned, hazy from ecstasy flooding her brain. She was getting close, so close. “I’ve been working it out sooo hard…just for loving boyfriends like you!”

“FUCK!” I cursed loudly, pounding her harder. I felt my balls churn and boil, preparing a massive, orgasmic load. The momentum of my arousal was too great for anything to stop me now. “I do. I fucking do!”

“Mmmhh, then appreciate it, baby…appreciate me by fucking me behind your girlfriend’s back!”

I was fucking her so hard that my arms burned from carrying her, and my head tingled from dizziness. This woman was beyond slutty, selfish and wicked. I wanted to keep fucking her forever!

Ireti felt like a winner…just as she always did. She felt beautiful, attractive, and capable to accomplish whatever she wanted as if carrying on her head an invisible crown. Able to make a man instantly, in just a few moments after meeting him with nothing but her enormous sex appeal, forget all about his no-doubt inferior, a far less attractive girlfriend and several years of a relationship.

But, most importantly, she felt very, very horny, and on the verge of a truly mind-melting orgasm.

“Ohhh Good….fuck me…fucking…slam me, POUND MY PUSSY!” her voice picked up in volume and urgency.

“I will! Ireti…you slut!” I told her, gritting my teeth and fucking her as desperately as I was able to, with my body tense, blazing with pleasure, and my cock stretched with pressure to unload a massive load of hot cum. And where better than deep inside my new, slutty, sexy-as-hell gym instructor’s unprotected pussy?

“I’m so close…make me cum! Make me cum!” Ireti begged me softly, approaching the end of the journey she fought so, so hard to reach. “Fuck me better than your girlfriend!”

“I am! Because…oh fuck, oh fuck…OH FUCK!” I cursed, unable to resist the pleasure Ireti was giving ME any further.

I fucked my dick into her with massive, forceful, desperate thrusts.

“Because you are better than her!”

“Ohhh…ohhh fuuUUCK! YES! I’M SEXIER THAN HER SO FUCK ME!” she moaned as she wrapped herself tight against MY chest, pressing her huge boobs with hard, tingling nipples against me as hard as her top allowed.

I felt the best pussy ever tighten around my dick. Nonye was nowhere near this intoxicating and sexy. Nowhere near this irresistible. And Nonye was nowhere near able to make me cum as hard as I was about to.

“OHHHHHHH FUCKHHHHH-” Ireti yelled out loudly, letting her head fall backwards, her body shivering and trembling as she began cumming.

“FUCK YESSS!” I yelled in unison, feeling my dick release thick semen. “I’m fucking cumming!”

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