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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E17) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E17) (18+)

“Go ahead. And focus on pushing that testosterone. Just stare up and visualise…mhh, eating me out for example…and, yeah, do the leg raises,” she commented, trying not to let her voice shake too hard.

Lust was thick in the air around us. I was hazy and rationalizing my urge as ‘testosterone aid’, surprised her by bringing my hand up and spanking her fantastic butt. My hand tingled from the firmness of her sexy backside, and the crisp sound of the spank reverberated inside my skull.

“Fuck!” she gasped in surprise.

It was increasingly difficult for her to restrain herself. She instantly placed her hands on my abdomen, groping greedily. I then, finally, raised my legs.

“God damn, it’s like a steel grate,” she whispered, squeezing around. “I wanna grind my pussy against it.”

“Oh fuck, “I groaned. I really, really wanted her to do that. Just rub against me till she squirted. My dick swelled painfully, constrained in the damned clothes. Still, all I could do was continue to lift my legs.

“I just want to sit on your fucking face. Make you drown from how wet you’ve made me!” Ireti exclaimed truthfully, her fingers sinking as much as they could into my hard muscle. It felt like touching an electric fence, the lust tingling her fingers and setting her insides on fire.

I groaned, contracting my abdomen hard and raising my legs up, then lowering them down. Staring upwards into clearly wettening material of the leggings. All the while the strongest contraction was of my pelvis muscles as if trying to rip through the clothing so that Ireti could just fall forward and choke her beautiful mouth with my dick.

“Damn, baby, I can see your shorts on the verge of tearing. You’ve gotta be so uncomfortable,” she cooed sexily, grabbing my dick through my shorts. “How about you take them off for me? Let it breathe?”

Her touch felt so good I just dropped the legs down and pushed upwards to meet her hand.

“I don’t…think it’s a good idea,” I answered, hoping she would grab my dick harder.

“Oh, come on, I did so much for you. Let me see what you’ve been teasing me with all this time,” she pouted like a schoolgirl.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…okay, fuck, okay. Take them off,” I agreed, lifting my hips up and moving his hands down to help.

We struggled impatiently, uncaring whether it was appropriate or not. All Ireti wanted in that very moment was to see that dick that was so hard for her, that aroused state she worked so diligently for.

Finally, it came into sight. I breathed with relief, as the material of my shorts and underwear was making it really uncomfortable. Ireti, on the other hand, gasped with wonder.

“Shit, that’s such a nice dick,” she whispered, lowering herself.

I froze as I felt Ireti’s silky hand wrap around my throbbing, rock hard dick, and then sensed her hot breath against the sensitive tip. My mind was flooded with images of those plump, pouty lips of hers wrapping lovingly around my cock and sucking till I dumped the entire contents of my balls down her slutty throat.

It never came to pass. After many long, so very long, torturous moments…

“Okay, uh hmmm,” Ireti half-whispered, half-moaned with great regret. She moved off me slowly. “How about those bench presses? Just put on whatever weight is enough to challenge you.”

I stood up, clearly on shaky legs. I reminded myself that all the lust I was feeling was just a tool to push my testosterone into overdrive and to let my workout reach new heights. I shifted my focus into beating a heavyweight with my strength.

She watched me with fascination as I put on weight after weight, clearly wanting to show off for her. It made her gush with appreciation and interest, she just loved it, feeling like a queen. Like she certainly was far, far more important than my girlfriend.

“Holy shit, you can lift all that?” she commented when I finally finished and moved to lie down on the bench. “God damn…I want to feel you fuck me in a stand and carry!”

I was thankful I had my shorts off because hearing that would’ve surely made my dick rip through them. My legs almost gave out and I almost turned around, this close to pushing Ireti down on the floor and pounding her naughty pussy till neither of us had any energy left for an actual workout.

Ireti walked closer, biting her lips constantly. She was horny, her lust feeling like red plasma coursing through her body. Her pussy was throbbing with heat and need. She was determined to drop the pretence at the first opportunity.

I sat down and fell back onto the bench. My erect dick stood proudly at the sight of Ireti. Trying not to let distractions get in the way, I forcibly shifted my focus on the impressive weight I set out to train with.

Noticing I no longer could see her, I focused solely on the barbell, Ireti sensed her window of opportunity. She silently and gracefully slid her tight, pink leggings off her. Her panties were completely soaked through, her pussy steaming hot.

It’s been a while since the last time she was this turned on. Ireti felt a bit dizzy with excitement, swallowing her saliva and trying to calm down a bit. This could end up very badly for her.

I wrapped my strong hands around the barbell, and with a mighty heave and grunt lifted the heavyweight. It wasn’t close to my record, but it was definitely far above what I would begin with.

I thought to himself how Ireti was right. Whether due to the fact she stood there observing and, thus, increasing my need to show off, or her whole ‘testosterone workout’ theory, I felt strong and reinvigorated. The difficult part was, of course, that I could barely focus on working out while all the thoughts were of fucking my female workout instructor silly.

The barbell lowered in a slow and controlled fashion. I breathed in deeply as it reached my chest. I then pushed upwards, flexing my muscles strongly. As the weight I fought with demanded my attention, I didn’t notice Ireti approaching.

I lowered the barbell again and, suddenly, as it reached my chest, I felt hot, naked skin against my own. Then I saw something pink being thrown and landing right on top of the barbell. I glanced down, my vision slightly obscured by the sexy-smelling leggings that were now hanging above me, and saw just what I needed.

Ireti was naked from the waist down. She moved her other toned leg around, and thus now stood with her legs around my hips. Her gorgeous, mouth-watering, shaved pussy was glistening on display, hovered and dripping wet right above my dick, which throbbed with renewed arousal. Meanwhile, my arms protested against the weight that, technically, was enough to crush me if I let go.

“Fuck! What are you, ahhh, doing?!” I grunted, struggling, more worried than angry.

“I’m too fucking horny to wait anymore. Just keep pumping that iron, baby, while I’ll go pump something else…” she purred sultrily, bending over and leaning against my abs.

“Are you crazy?! Hold on, wait,” I panicked, holding the barbell still in place, moving my legs around without thinking, trying to escape from what was coming.

Ireti ignored me, transfixed on her prize. She didn’t let my futile movements distract her, and with a graceful bounce jumped right onto my lap.

“Fuuuck,” Richie moaned against me, feeling the hot, silky smooth skin pressed against mine, nestling my throbbing cock against her intoxicating cunt.

She slid and ground around, making her position secure. Then she lifted her sexy ass slightly upwards and, finally, grabbed my cock. My heart skipped a beat, my desires are torn between throwing the sexy slut off me and letting her ride me all day. At the very moment, of course, I was more worried about the weight of the barbell threatening to crush me than the fact I was about to have illicit, cheating sex with an impossibly sexy woman I just met.

“No, no, no, stop, stop,” I complained half-heartedly.

“Shh, baby, just let me…” she whispered gently before slapping the throbbing, hard dick against her pussy lips. “Oooh…”

Ireti gasped at the exquisite sensation and followed with several more hard slaps, which jolted her with electricity-like shocks of pleasure. Then, she positioned the tip against her entrance and sat down on the cock that’s been teasing her all day. Copious pussy juice reduced friction to minimum, and with a long, relieving moan she finally, FINALLY had my dick balls-deep inside her.

“MMmmmmhhhh,” we moaned in unison.

The gorgeous, sexy slut on top of me wasted no time doing just what she wanted – grinding hard and fast with my fantastic, unprotected dick deep inside her. She quickly worked up a pace, sliding back and forth. Our wet skin smacked loudly as she rode me.

My brain was flooded with feelings of ecstasy. Nonye was nowhere near this attractive, thus I was never as horny as I was right now. My girlfriend’s pussy didn’t feel so deliciously tight and flexible, with hot wetness and silky smooth texture wrapping my hard, throbbing cock in pure, addicting sexual pleasure.

“Oh God, now that’s a fucking dick!” Ireti cursed, increasing the pace even further. “Fuck, it’s so good!”

“Fuck you…you slut!” I cursed, finally giving in to my true desires in the tense situation which distracted me on every front. “Fuck, ride me, ride me just like that!”

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