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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E16) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E16) (18+)

I smiled, raising my eyebrows at her innuendo. Admittedly, I neither should engage nor enjoy it…but I was.

“We’ll see about that,” I replied confidently.

Ireti headed towards the stereo and started up a playlist full of workout music. The kind that was just right for getting one’s blood pumping.

“First, let’s warm-up,” she said as she returned to face me. Smirking, she began with simple jumping.

I followed her lead. I watched very intently the incredibly sexy woman in front of me bouncing up and down, her huge breasts shaking violently, barely constrained in that top. That ponytail swinging back and forth. And all the firm muscles contract visibly.

Our pace increased, Our breathing sped up, and Our focus heightened. Ireti began introducing various other warm-up exercises, such as side shuffles, squats, a couple of light push-ups and so forth.

Ireti knew she was being ogled during it with all intent. And she wasn’t the only one doing the ogling, as watching my muscles soon start glistening with sweat made her almost pause and forget she was supposed to be leading the exercise. In response to that, she quickly returned to jumping again, this time with her ass stuck out to me so I could really watch Ireti’s mouth-watering buttocks moving up and down. It continued like that, raising our bodily temperature.

After an intense ten or so minutes, she called it to stop.

“Alright,” she breathed fast, catching her breath and calming her mind. She was getting a bit too horny and, at least for now, she needed to keep up appearances. “That’s enough.”

I also breathed hard, nodding as I finished up warming up my arms, elbows and wrists. I tried not to think about the semi-hard bulge tenting out my shorts, instead focusing on the workout I came here to do proper.

She slowed it down with stretching, motioning for me to follow. As I did, she began explaining.

“So, I guess you know the basics and rules of the exercise, you certainly show these results…” she talked in-between gasps for air as she stretched out her legs with lunges. She made sure to push out her chest, of course. “And I will like to introduce a concept that not many trainers and instructors recognize, and that’s the impact of testosterone during exercise.”

“First time hearing it,” I commented. As I stretched I could feel my dick slightly struggling against my clothes.

“Right, so, since you’re a man, you should maximize the effect of that hormone. All that comes with it,” she continued, standing wide and undulating her hips in a circle sexily. “One part is, you know, struggling against something. Fighting. That stimulates hormone production.”

“Oh…right. Interesting. Yeah, that makes sense,” I nodded, for the first time since I came to Ireti’s gym thinking about proper exercise technique rather than…something else.

It made sense to me. After all, testosterone was an important hormone that very clearly influenced muscular growth in men. Oftentimes as I struggled with a heavyweight, or fought not to collapse under my own during pull-ups or push-ups, I felt the exercise affect me the most.

“Fantastic, so you agree,” Ireti let out, talking with a breathy, gasping voice. She wasn’t that out of breath…she just wanted me to hear that sensual sound. “Another part is sexuality. Getting horny and stuff.”

“Right,” I confirmed readily, without thinking. “Wait, what? What did you say?”

“Getting horny,” she repeated casually. It was slightly muffled, as she was now bent over in front of him, her ass sticking right towards me and her palms flat on the floor.

My eyes were glued to the sight again. Images of just shoving my dick into that impossibly sexy rear came unbidden.

“I don’t get…how’s that going to help out with a workout?” I asked, ignoring the sheer fact that this line of ‘reasoning’ was, at the very least, inappropriate.

“I told you, it stimulates your testosterone,” she replied matter-of-factly, pushing her ass out to him and swaying it invitingly.

Ireti was amazed at how casual and professional she sounded as she explained some made-up idea she came up with. Imagining her own explanations, what they entailed, they made her pussy moisten. Especially with those few sneak peeks she sent me, noticing the bulge in my shorts. After all, whatever she was explaining was far less for the benefit of muscle growth and far more of her own benefit of getting laid with me.

“Uhh…” I was at a loss for words. I didn’t know what to reply. Also, that delicious, mouth-watering ass in front of me was taking up too much of my brainpower.

“Like, to sum it up, I know you’re attracted to me, I can see you getting hard in your shorts,” she pointed it out loud, trying very hard not to sound thirsty but instead purely professional.

“Hey, hold on!” I straightened up, willing my half-erection to go down. This was going too far.

“No, no, it’s okay. That’s the point,” she straightened up and faced me, the skin of her deep cleavage and gorgeous face glistening with sweat. “I’m super hot, you’re attracted, and it’s just perfect. This stimulates you, pushing your testosterone into overdrive and, thus, your muscle gains!”

Ireti felt like giving herself an acting award inside. She sounded so believable, so convinced! And, all the while she kept thinking about bouncing her tight, wet pussy up and down that my dick!

I stared at her with my mouth open, shocked into silence. She looked so fuckable, warmed up and hot like that. I almost didn’t remember why I was protesting, all she did was give me permission to get as hard as I could for her.

“I mean, look, I told you that, in my opinion, you’re sexy as FUCK as well,” she commented seriously and honestly. “Seriously, if you didn’t, like, have a girlfriend? I would fucking ride your dick till I passed out! I would bounce on that fucking hard pole you’ve got for me till you screamed you loved me!”

My eyes almost fell out of their sockets. I felt my dick throb and become twice as hard as before, increasing vastly the pressure I felt in my shorts. I had little doubt this impossibly sexy lady was horny for me before, and I certainly didn’t have any doubt now. I knew, deep inside, I was just as seriously into the idea of having sex as she was.

But I was just her client, and she was just my gym instructor. We barely met like half an hour ago, and, most importantly, I was taken. In a relationship. With a girlfriend of two years, Nonye, who was nowhere near Ireti’s sex appeal, but that last fact didn’t matter. At all.

Ireti coughed, noticing she was being a bit too honest, making her play a bit less convincing.

“The point is – so what? We’re just exercising together, and you said to yourself you wanted to maximize muscle gains. And that’s how I know to do it. Let’s be professional here, alright?” she continued, calmly and matter-of-factly. She then turned and headed towards the gym equipment.

I watched her incredible, swaying ass intently, before coming to a decision.

“Ehmm, yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Right. I should just…give your method a try, see how it goes,” I answered, pretending not to just disregard my concerns so I could continue ramping the flirtation further. Pretending to ignore the almost painful, lustful sensations inside my dick, pulsating in the rhythm of my rapid heartbeat.

“Exactly! It’s not like we’re just…” she took a breath, feeling dizzy from the horniness that felt like a glowing star inside her. “Going to start fucking right here and now…right?”

“Right, obviously. So, uhh…what’s next?” my voice was throaty and shaky.

“MMmh, how about we get to pumping some iron? What do you think…?”

“Yeah, uh, that sounds good.”

She turned around suddenly, almost causing me to walk straight into her. Then there would’ve been nothing stopping us from getting well-acquainted with each other’s bodies.

“Come on, you need to engage. Maximize that testosterone,” she said with a challenging tone, brazenly shaking her breasts at me, trying to seem like she didn’t desperately want me to check her out, then grab her and fuck her brains out. “Get those lustful juices going.”

Ireti was so horny for me. I should just fuck her, relieve her tension!

“Oh, fuck,” I gasped, as I stopped in my tracks. I checked her out thoroughly, over and over, drinking in her irresistible appearance, breathing in the intoxicating, feminine scent. “I, uh…”

I swallowed my saliva to calm myself. I was just trying a new method of improving my workout routine. That was it. I wasn’t serious. At all.

“I want to show off my bench presses to you,” I said, staring at her breasts boldly. I then looked deep into her twinkling eyes. “You sexy bitch.”

Ireti felt her heart skip a beat, and the lustful star inside her exploded. She almost fell towards me, intent to mash her lips against mine till we breathed each other’s taste.

“Oh, God…that’s the spirit. I want to see it so bad,” she whispered, biting her lip, watching me intently.

I moved forward and past Ireti. She glanced down, noticing a huge tent in my shorts.

“Wait, hold on, let’s make sure your core is nice and warmed up first,” she said, coming up with a quick idea.

I paused and looked at her for a few moments.

“What for?” I asked, curiously.

“Just trust me. Lie down and do a couple of leg raises.”

I shrugged and got down to lie on my back. Before I could do anything, however, Ireti moved so that she ended up with my head between her feet.

“Fuck,” I commented at the sight straight upwards into Ireti’s leggings-clad pussy. The most attention-grabbing detail was that the material was ever so slightly wet there. “What are you…”

Ireti silenced me by dropping down to her knees and positioning herself so that her delicious, addictively-smelling, barely-clad pussy hovered right above my face. She could feel her lust liquefying and pulling, and she could feel my stare burning into her.

She wanted to choke me with her pussy really, really bad.

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