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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E15) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E15) (18+)

Of course, a more literal part of me was, in fact, getting hard at the thought of meeting a woman this sexy in person, then proceeding to get sweaty together…exercising. Naturally, I would never admit it, not even to myself.

“I will give her a try, see how it goes,” I finished my sentence.

“I told ya! I told ya I would find someone fantastic.”

“Yeah, yeah you did. Thanks, babe,” I confirmed and kissed Nonye’s forehead.

“No problem. I’ll try to book her for…how about the same times you would have had with your regular one?”

“That would be perfect for me, yeah. Where does she work?”

“Oh, she has her own gym.”

“Really? I asked, incredulous.

“I keep telling you she’s a pro,” Nonye answered smugly.

” You wanna arrange everything yourself then while I go grab a bite?” I asked.

“Yup, yup, yup. Leave it all to me.”

I kissed her forehead again, then headed down to the kitchen. Too tired and hungry to bother thinking about the upcoming first workout, I practically forgot about it all.

Nonye, meanwhile, prepared to call the listed number. Too oblivious and innocent to have any doubt in her mind about the rightness of her choice.


My girlfriend kept true to her word and thus managed to arrange for the workouts to be in the very same periods I would have had with my previous instructors. Actually, Ireti initially had those times all booked and sounded quite disinterested in changing her schedule.

Upon hearing that it was tall and very handsome she would be training, her tone quickly changed into a far more agreeable one. Nonye didn’t see anything wrong with that. If anything, Nonye herself would also be quite eager if she were to exercise and had the opportunity to do it with someone like me.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon. I pulled into the parking lot that was in the vicinity of the gym. It was in a good location, midway between his home and workplace. Already dressed in my sports outfit, which consisted of a top and shorts, I grabbed my bag from the backseat and headed towards the entrance.

Many other shops and various offices rented out the spaces in the building, so some traffic was present. I entered one of the main entrances to the building and looked around curiously as I went down the corridor. Modern, commonly present design, all in all, nothing special. It took me a while to finally notice the gym’s sign inside. I headed towards it and opened the door.

It was a sizable place, which hinted that Ireti had to be quite successful in her practice to profitably afford it. There was a small area past the door, a reception of sorts, but there was no one in sight.

“Hello?” I called out.

“Coooming,” a woman’s voice came from deeper inside.

After hearing the answer, I proceeded to wait patiently, checking out the various decorations and a few certificates that hung on the walls.

Ireti was quite interested in meeting her new client. She had many of them, of course, being as successful and capable in her field as she was. Despite that fact, she wasn’t overly ambitious and her schedule was not quite filled to the brim. Still, that was what she claimed as she rejected nearly all of the new prospects.

In spite of her fitness-freak nature, she was quite lazy. Thus, she preferred client quality over quantity, demanding hefty payments from women who desperately wanted to become as attractive as she was, or men who even more desperately wanted to get it on with her. Not many of the latter got the chance, however, failing to meet her rather high standards.

She was, in fact, an unashamed slut when it came to sex. She loved brazenly teasing these men who had nothing but their wallets speaking for them, especially if they had wives and girlfriends that were nowhere near her league.

Thus, always eager to meet a new handsome guy, she quite happily accepted Nonye’s request. Not for money, but purely for a sexual prospect. Ireti wasn’t worried about me being taken. After all, she had some experience with taken men. She just hoped that I would not disappoint.

Strategically fixing her hair into a ponytail, she entered the reception area with her elbows raised above her shoulders.

“Oh, wow,” she let out as she saw me. “Hellooo…you must Edwin, huh.”

I was caught by surprise by Ireti, turning to face her. My first thought was of how huge her breasts were, stuck in a tight top. Then there was her deliciously looking tummy on display and leggings that just as tightly hugged her legs and hips.

“Yeah, that’s me. Hi. And you’re Ireti, right?” I replied, instinctively taking a confident, charming attitude and tone, as if trying to appear my best in front of the impossibly attractive female. I stepped towards her, extending my hand. “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Mmm, pleasure’s all mine,” she purred sultrily, ostentatiously checking me out as she squeezed my hand.

Her eyes slid along my exposed skin, taking in the bulges of my muscle and feeling moist warmness start oh so slightly to pool deep inside her abdomen. It made her feel alive to be in the presence of someone she instantly knew she was attracted to.

“I’ve gotta say, your…aah?” she asked, still shaking my hand. A bit longer than appropriate, but…she liked his strong, firm grip.

“Girlfriend. Nonye,” I replied. Her skin felt silky smooth to my touch.

“Riiight, Nonye…she mentioned you were a handsome man but I’ve had no idea you were this good looking!” she complimented me brazenly and directly. She wanted to see how I would react.

“She, uh, she did? Well, thanks,” I was surprised, wondering exactly what kind of a conversation these two women had.

“So…what do you think of me?” she said, smirking. She then posed a little bit. “You’re not gonna compliment me back?”

I chuckled nervously. Reflexively, I checked her out again.

“I, uh, hah, I don’t think I should answer that,” I dodged the answer as I took in her immense sex appeal. She smelled so fucking sexy this close.

“Hey, be a gentleman nah. I’m hot, right?” she asked rhetorically and slightly aggressively.

I was taken, once again, by surprise because of her suddenly blunt tone.

“Yeah, you are, and I think you know that,” I replied honestly before I could catch my tongue. I realized a bit too late. “I, uh, I mean…don’t tell Nonye I told you that, heh.”

“Ohhh nooo, I certainly won’t let your girlfriend know you find me totally hot and sexy,” she purred, biting her lip. She felt irresistible in moments like this, her lust mixing with feelings of invincible confidence.

I felt my heart beat faster and my blood flow downwards. She stood really, really close, and her presence was making me forget all about my girlfriend.

“Aaanyway, how can I help you?”

I coughed, regaining my composure. After all, I came here to train, not flirt with a busty woman.

“My previous instructor left and I needed to find a new one. My girlfriend found you and, well, I want you to help me train and maximize muscle gains.”

“You mean get fit and ripped?” she asked, then ever so gently places her hand palm-first on my abdomen, copping a feel. “Daaamn, I don’t know if a man can get any sexier than what you’re rocking right now.”

I instinctively flexed my abs and felt my dick throb at her touch and comment. Hearing this sexy bitch say things like that was really empowering.

“Well, I think I haven’t quite reached the peak I want,” I replied back.

“Then in this case…we’ll see if we can reach that ‘peak’ together,” she purred, insinuation thick in her voice. She looked up into my eyes, her own twinkling naughtily. “Ready to get started?”

I breathed slowly and deeply, feeling her scent as if overpowering. Nonye, and my love and loyalty to her were the furthest thoughts away from my mind right now.


“Follow me then,” she answered, turning around, smirking already and sticking her ass out.

Ireti felt irresistible and she knew she was. I was responding to her just as positively as she wanted. She struggled not to just let her slutty desires take control, drop to her knees and suck me off right there.

My eyes fell down, glued to her ass. At the sight, I almost forgot how to walk. Those globes of hers were a perfect example of exactly how much good for mankind squats were able to accomplish. Her heavy flirting and rampant sex appeal made me struggle not to grab those leggings, rip them open and get to the goodness inside.

We headed forward, walking a bit too slowly. As if rather than moving from point A to point B, we unconsciously kept prolonging their foreplay. From the reception, we went through a small corridor holding the bathrooms and changing rooms, where I stopped for a moment to leave my bag. We soon entered the main hall of the gym.

Fluorescent lighting made it nice and bright. The hall was laid out with a shock-absorbing flooring. On one end there were many additional sports mats, including a couple of yoga ones rolled up in a corner. On the opposite end, there was a whole bunch of various gym equipment, including a bench, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, a pull-up bar, various balls both large and bouncy, and small and heavy. Finally, there was a small stereo set.

A quite well-equipped gym. I looked around impressed, before returning my gaze onto something I was far more interested in at the time.

“That’s my gym. You like?” Ireti asked as she waved her arm around, turning to smile brilliantly at me.

“Quite so, yeah. Very impressive,” I said then, trying to appear unfazed.

“Thanks. Alright,” she clapped her hands. “Shall we get started?”

“Yes,” I said, nodding while unknowingly staring at her breasts. “And like I said, I want resistance training. Muscle growth, strength and endurance.”

“Got you, baby. I’ll make it really hard…for you to last long with me,” she flirted, smirking with eagerness.

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