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May 8, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E15) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E15) (18+)

“Uh- yeah… Some…” Bisi started to pull away from me again, but I held onto her and pulled her back into me. Oh god… I was trying to limit the pleasure, but that only heightened it. How the hell am I still turned on…? “I uh, made you tea…” Go away!

“Mm, yeah. Thanks!”

I listened intensively and realized she was getting ready to brush her teeth. Fuck! Why the hell does she always do that before she eats!?

“So uh,” her voice came out a little garbled now that the toothbrush was in her mouth, “Do you think you can say ‘goodbye’ to Bisi this morning before you go?”

Bisi looked back at me again and gave me a deliberate pout face. The sheer indecency of the situation made my dick swell even bigger.

“Um- yeah,” I stated abruptly.

“Good. Try to be nice… I’m afraid she was getting the feeling that you don’t like her,” she warned.

I had to swallow back ragged gasps as Bisi wiggled her ass and forced my hips into gently humping her again. She jutted out her lower lip as she did it and pretended to be sad at Eniola’s comment. Next, she took one hand off the wall and quietly slipped it between her legs, then tickled me where the hilt met my sack.

“Oh… Uh- No, that’s not good…” I muttered, desperate to sound normal. Stop talking and *leave!* Bisi’s touch was driving me wild. The whole scenario was so twisted that I couldn’t even wrap my head around it. The longer it went on, the more fucked up it was… The hotter I got. Am I actually going to…?

“She wasn’t so bad to have around, was she?” Eniola inquired.

Bisi gave me a devilish smile and seductively nodded. She deftly jerked her hips in a quick rhythm, raked her nails lightly across my thigh, and silently blew me a kiss. This isn’t happening…

“Yeah she’s- she’s fine…” A lump formed in my throat as I said it. This is so wrong… I felt a flood of energy rush up my legs and pool down from my stomach. I furrowed my brow and let my mouth hang open in anguished pleasure. Oh shit, she’s her fucking sister, her little goddamn sister…! I dragged my eyes up along the length of her perfect tight body one last time and then shut them, biting my tongue as I came into her.

For a moment, there was nothing but the water hitting my back and come overflowing out of me. Dimly I was impressed at how hard I was climaxing, considering the amount of times I had already jerked off to her… The buildup was worse than I thought. I’m *so* dead… Opening my eyes, I saw Bisi’s hand over her mouth, stifling any noise from coming out as her eyes twinkled in delight.

I think my girlfriend said something to the effect of her meeting me out in the kitchen. “Don’t use up all the hot water,” she cautioned, “There has to be enough for Bisi after me.”

Bisi’s face lit up, almost as if she was going to laugh. My body only just then finally calmed down from my orgasm. Really, I’m not sure how I didn’t just pass out from it all.


My senses returned to me after that and I was utterly scared. I had no idea how I got away with that… And all I could picture was Eniola seeing me come out of the bathroom naked with her little sister. I left the water running and, and as unnoticeably as I could, got out of the shower and peeked out the door into the bedroom. She wasn’t there.

I turned off the water and motioned for Bisi to get out. The girl could not stop smiling. I resented her for it, but there was no point in worrying about it now. She did it. She fucked me. I caved in. Even then, my dick still stirred a little bit at watching her young, nude form step out of the shower.

“I can’t believe she didn’t catch us!” she whispered.

I wrapped my hand over her mouth. “Shut it!” I hissed. “I’m gonna go out to the kitchen and get a drink… When you hear me talking, get the fuck into your room and pretend like you’re asleep.

Ooh, so bossy…”

I glared at her, grabbed a towel, and shoved it into her chest, forcing her to take it. I wrapped myself in a towel and went out first. To my relief, we managed to sneak her out of the bathroom without Eniola knowing.

I could barely say two words otherwise to my girlfriend for the rest of the morning. My mind was in a perpetual fog of conflicting emotion. I got dressed and was ready to leave soon after, and as I went out to the kitchen, I saw both sisters sitting at the table having breakfast. Eniola gave me ‘the eye’ and I knew I had to stay for a minute.

“Well, it was nice having you around, Bisi,” I forced out as naturally as I could.

She smiled sweetly at me, “Oh, thanks keeping me company.”

My girlfriend interjected, “We were thinking maybe she could come back again during the long holiday. Just for a week or two, then she could go back to our mom and dad’s.”

I tried to hide my jaw clenching.

“We were just talking though,” Bisi piped in. “I don’t want to, um, make things… hard for you again.” She had an undetectable smile.

“Don’t be silly,” Eniola added. “He won’t mind. Right?” She looked at me, expecting the ‘correct’ answer.

I swallowed and softened my features into as easy a smile as I could muster. “Of course not. She’s welcome any time.”

“Good, so we’re in agreement! Maybe we can even go on a little trip or something!” Eniola smiled satisfactorily.

Bisi’s eyebrows rose and she looked at me, closed lips hiding a grin. “Mmm!” she agreed happily.

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