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May 16, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E13) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Life is Good (S01E13) (18+)

Bisi had come to the door and pushed it open. I looked at her in disbelief. She was clearly upset, but she still tried to play it down and act sensual. “You don’t want to miss this…” she forced a smile and ran her hand up her side, cupping her breast.

“Uh- yes I do!” I replied incredulously. I was too shaken to be turned on.

And she knew it.

Her eyes clouded over and she dropped her hand, folding her arms over her stomach. “Are you seriously going to pass this up?” she asked unbelievingly.

“Yeah!” I said rudely.

She looked insulted. She spun around and left the doorway. I heard the door to the guestroom slam shut. I sat on my bed in a total state of amazement.

Ten minutes later, Eniola came home; ready to spend the rest of the afternoon with her sister.


Bisi had already changed and was ready for her sister. I was impressed by how easily she could alter her deception and act as if nothing unusual happened. Eniola invited me to tag along with them for the day, but I declined on, uh, account of not feeling well. They left shortly thereafter and I stayed at home in peace.

As my nerves settled, I tried to take stock of the day’s events. I was angry that I had given in. If it wasn’t for that neighbor, I was sure I would have lost it. I *had* lost it… I imagined Bisi taking me all in, riding me there on the couch… My fantasy got a little too vivid and I realized I was already getting hard again. Eniola would have walked in on us, and then I would have *really* be fucked. Still, if Bisi had come back from the pool sooner, the things that might’ve happened…

My boss called later that afternoon (for real this time!) and told me to come in early the next day. He needed some help with something that will only take a few hours, then I would have the rest of the weekend off for sure. That was fine by me; any excuse to get away from the house. Here’s the best part: I found out when Eniola got home that she will be taking Bisi back to her campus tomorrow afternoon. Jackpot!

For the rest of the day, I felt almost dizzy. I was nearly free of that little seductress… Never mind the fact that she almost had me. In twenty-four hours, I wouldn’t have to see her teasing that hot body around anymore, torturing me with endless indecent thoughts. But some of my euphorias wore off by that night. Even though Bisi was out of the apartment, I recognized that I still fantasized about her almost the entire day. The worst of it… Wondering, even wishing, about having fucked her.

The sisters returned late into the evening. Avoiding suspicion, (well, mostly avoiding getting in trouble with my girlfriend) I cautiously made myself socially available. But no sooner had Eniola left the room for a minute did Bisi slide up to me and press her hand into my crotch. “Miss me?”

I trembled at her touch and backed away. “No.”

Aw… Don’t be upset with me? I wasn’t mad at you earlier… Just, umm… disappointed…”

I furrowed my brow, anxious about Eniola coming back into the room. “Just shut up about it,” I warned.

“Come on… I know you feel the same…”

I gave her a strict look.

“Are you gonna tell me now that you haven’t been thinking about it?” she insisted quietly.

“Nothing uh- happened to think about.”

Hmm… That’s the problem! Maybe tonight though…”

I suddenly felt lightheaded, like I was losing control of my own senses again. “Look Bisi,” I practically said, “I don’t want to see you in my room or- or at all even, until tomorrow morning. Get it? No more.” I think she was as surprised as I was that I managed to sound so severe.

Before she could say anything, Eniola had come back into the room. There wasn’t another point for the rest of the evening where she got a chance alone with me. I did my best to make sure of that. Honestly, I was afraid she would think up something to say to make me weak in the knees again. I practically used my girlfriend as a shield.

When we went to bed that night, I was feeling at least somewhat confident that I had gotten through to Bisi. She had her chance, and it was blown. There’s no time left, it’s over. God, I felt like I had won some kind of war. I was suspicious that she would try and sneak back into the bedroom that night, but something told me she wouldn’t try the same trick twice.

That didn’t stop my mind from racing images of her naked body pressing into me. I cursed myself for at least not taking advantage of her when she was on top of me… I could’ve run my hands all over her. That wouldn’t have been so bad. What are you thinking, that’s completely wrong!

My irritation grew as my dick refused to calm down. Nothing I could do would tear my imagination away from unfaithful thoughts. Just one more day, and it’s all over. I won’t get to fuck her then, even if I wanted to…

It was another rough night. But at least Bisi never came in the room.

I got up early the next morning to get ready for work; earlier than usual. Not being able to sleep well and a case of unending morning wood gave me the bright idea to go into the office sooner than needed. I can minimize any time around Bisi. Feeling guilty, I crept into the kitchen and made a pot of tea for Eniola. Then I returned to the master bathroom.

I stripped down and got in the shower, mostly just standing there and feeling the warmth of the water. My eyes were closed and I admittedly fantasized about the day before. I grabbed my cock and gently stroked myself, imitating some of the moves that Bisi had used on me. God, stop it, you’re obsessed!

I absentmindedly soaped up my body and tried my damnedest to just think about work. A slight breeze of cold air dragged me out of my thoughts. That was weird… I stopped and listened for a moment. Was Eniola up already? She wouldn’t ever get out of bed before her alarm went off…

Part of me refused to consider the other possibility. Yet still, I curiously pulled back the shower curtain and looked. Oh… no…

There she was; an adventurous smile on her face. She had on a tiny pair of underwear; just white panties and a bra. She looked innocent and excited… If my dick was hard before, it was raging now. My thought process couldn’t even keep up with what was happening.

She bit her lip as she approached the shower. I was too petrified to move; still holding the curtain in front of me from when I looked out. She took it in her hand and pushed it back, revealing the full length of my body… well… my erection. I blushed furiously as she brought one leg into the shower.

“W-w-what… No…” I stuttered.

“Shh…” she whispered. “Don’t worry… You said you didn’t want to see me until the morning…” She fully moved into the shower and pulled the curtain closed behind her. Grinning up at me, “Good morning!”

The water splashed down onto both of us. She only looked hotter as her body got wet and her underwear became soaked. It clung to her skin even tighter and started becoming transparent. I backed up against the shower wall, frightened and confused. My skin was warm as I reached her gorgeous, young body.

“M-m… Eniola will…”

She took a step up to me, placing one palm on my chest and the other with a finger to my mouth. “Will not wake up… if you behave yourself,” she cut short.

Both her hands slid down my chest and stomach, which were still somewhat soapy. “Oooh, slippery!” she whispered. The sensation tickled and I pressed myself harder against the wall. Nowhere to go. My body tensed as she raked her nails down to my cock and made it jump. I already felt as helpless as I did on the chair the day before. It’s like she brought me right back to the same mental state… All I could think about was her perfect body and how bad I had wanted it.

She gently fondled the underside of my dick, holding me there with one hand, while she reached over and grabbed the bar of soap with her other hand. She brought it over and started lathering up my stomach. I almost grimaced as she moved it up to my chest. Not that way…

“Do you like my hands on you?” she asked seductively.

Ahh… N-no…” I lied.

Aw! Maybe you, um, like yours on me better?” Her body pushed into mine, her stomach and chest against me. She rubbed herself back and forth, dragging herself along me. She was so soft already, and the soap made her slide along my skin in a way that felt exciting. My hard-on was pressed down against her panties, pointing down between her legs. My own hands, which had been clutching the wall behind me, reactively grabbed her waist.

“Ooh- that’s a start!”

Eniola will catch us… “We- we can’t…”

She pushed her face into my neck and gave me a passionate kiss there. “Yes we can,” she encouraged.

My hand roamed around to her ass, then down to her thighs, and up her back. “Fuck…” I sighed, rejoicing in feeling her.

She pushed her hips into me harder as soon as I said it, making me shudder. “Mmm! I’m not leaving until we do,” she stated happily.

Somewhere, a shred of morality deep inside of me tried to act out. “Please…”

She slid her body down, dragging her skin against mine. She stopped, kneeling on the shower floor, looking up at me with sparkling eyes. I stared back in awe as she took my cock into her open-mouthed smile. My head hit the back of the wall as my eyes rolled up. Good lord… That was it for me.

My hand wrapped around the back of her head and tried to guide her to take more of me in. Swirling her tongue around my cock, she forced herself back and looked up at me, almost impressed. “You’re not gonna get off like that… Not that easy…”

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