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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E22) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E22) (18+)

Sunday morning was a little awkward. The three of us ate breakfast together and I pretended like I was ignorant about their late-night sex in the living room. For her part, Ogechi played it completely cool as well, although she managed to sneak knowing glances at me, and it was all I could do not to crack a stupid grin back at her.

Most of the day passed by without incident until the evening when Tobi was going out to a barbecue party his brother was hosting. He invited both me and Ogechi along. I declined, causing him to roll his eyes and tell me I needed to get out more. Ogechi claimed that she should probably get back to her place and make sure her neglected stuff was still intact. Tobi shrugged.

Around six o’clock, Tobi was almost out the door. He gave each of us one last chance to tag along, but we both declined. Ogechi was visibly packing her things up, getting ready to return home. I wondered which of them was going to leave first; part of me actually hoped it was Ogechi. I had been bursting with nervous energy all day and I wanted to actually relax.


I should have known it was not to be. No sooner had Tobi left and closed the door behind him that I saw Ogechi standing, hands on her hips, staring right at me. She turned her head to the door for a moment, waited a few seconds, then returned her gaze to me. “You,” she broke the silence, “are a very bad boy!”

My breath stopped.

“Oh, you’re not going to deny it?” She gave me an angry stare, but there was a hint of playfulness in her voice. She took a step closer.

I put up my hands in mock defense. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She took another step, her chin tilted down a little bit like she was coming to pick a fight. She got right up next to me and put her face in front of mine. I could feel her breath, she was so close. I felt my resolve giving away. “I saw you watching me…”

My heart was doing a drum solo in my chest. “I could uh- say the… the same to you…”

Her face softened a little bit. Her jaw hung open a little, leaving her with an open-mouthed smile. She moved her face even closer to mine; for a second I thought she was going to try and kiss me. Then she whispered, and I felt her sweet breath in my mouth as she said, “Well, I liked what I saw…”

I swallowed hard. I wanted to take a step back to make some space, but I somehow felt frozen in place. My mouth moved to try and say something, but words failed me. She smiled for a brief second, then softened her face into one of mock-innocence. Her hand touched the side of my abdomen and traced down to my hip. She looked down at my crotch, which was now steadily growing, and without looking back up, said, “I wouldn’t mind seeing it again…”

I closed my eyes and gasped a little. “You ah- what?”

She gave me a shy smile which, by some means wasn’t shy at all. “I’ve been thinking about it all day…” She moved her face up and hushed right in my ear, “Is that… wrong?”

“I uh…” I was panicking.

“I mean… It’s just watching, right? That’s not so bad…”

I don’t care how bad it is… “No, but, maybe uh- I mean…” I was having second thoughts. Call it a sudden qualm of morality. Or maybe fear that Tobi would come back. Or maybe just anticipation-overload.

She cut me off, “Maybe we should relax…” She looked back into my eyes for an answer. I think I was looking at her a bit unbelievingly, but my resolve was broken. And she knew it. With a little giggle, she finally tucked her head away from me and took a step away. I stood there in bewilderment and she turned and gave a little pout. “Come on!” she urged, grabbing my wrist and guiding me.

She was wearing a pair of loose trouser that had angel written across the ass. She paused in front of the doorway to Tobi’s room, then with a mischievous smile, noted, “You know, I’ve never even been in your room before.” She continued to lead me to my own quarters.

Once in my room, I felt vaguely unsettled. I didn’t really believe what was happening in the first place; and the fact that we were in the only sanctuary I had left from her made me feel particularly vulnerable. She spread her arms out wide and spun around, taking in the scenery and saying oooh! Like a girl in Disneyland for the first time. I rolled my eyes, but she ignored me and dropped herself onto the foot of the bed, lying back with her legs hanging off the edge.

Her arms were stretched backward, over her head, which caused her shirt to ride up and expose a fair portion of her stomach. I looked at the exposed skin, then blinked hard, realizing I was just standing there, staring like a retard. “So, have a seat!” she uttered. I gave a stinky smile and pulled up a chair to the foot of the bed, sitting in it a little embarrassed.

“Hmm,” she mused to herself happily, “So this is where you do it?”

My heart skipped a beat. “Uh- hmm?”

“When you think about me.” She was still lying back, but she raised herself up a bit on her elbows so she could look at me. There was this serious look on her face that unsettled me even more than usual. I placed my hands on my jeans, trying to wipe the sweat off that was starting to form on my palms.

“I… I…”

“Oh gosh, you’re so shy!” She laid back down onto her back exaggeratedly. “I would think by now we could be frank with each other!”

Somehow I actually felt guilty. “Sorry,” I blurted out, “It’s just… I mean- a little weird…”

She let out a little sigh. “You didn’t seem to mind last night…”

I gave a  smile.

“I really liked watching you…” She began tracing her fingers along her exposed stomach absentmindedly. “To be honest with you,” her voice was suddenly very quiet, “I was hoping you’d come out and see me…”

I started coming to life then. “You- you did?”

Her eyes were closed as she lay there. “Mm hmm,” she purred. She idly pulled her shirt up a little further so it bunched up just under her breasts. Her fingers continued to run along around her abdomen. It seemed so careless, but I watched every slight movement hungrily. “I couldn’t stop thinking about… about when I gave you that massage… And you… you know.”

Oh, SHE couldn’t stop thinking about it…

“Maybe it’s kind of naughty but…” She said naughty so innocuously. My eyes were glued to her fingers as one hand tentatively began probing under the elastic band of the loose sweat trouser. “…I guess I just can’t- can’t help myself…”

My breathing was growing heavier. I was almost completely hard now. My erection was straining against my jeans, begging for release. I shifted awkwardly in my chair to try and get more comfortable, but that only had the effect of rubbing it against the fabric of my underwear, causing it to crave more attention.

She tilted her head sideways so she could see me better while still lying down. “So… can I…?” her voice trailed off.


She repeated, pleading a little this time. “Can I see it again?”

I looked down at my own crotch. Should I really do this? I was still hesitating when I heard her whimper, please? Any thoughts of my own melted away. I slowly closed my eyes and allowed my hands to undo my belt, undo the button on my jeans, shyly pull down the zipper… I pushed a hand down my pants and grabbed my hardness, sighing a little. “Let me see it…” she appealed.

Raising my ass off of the chair slightly, I worked my jeans and boxers off my waist and pushed them down to my knees. I was nervous as hell but, well, Ogechi had a way of making me do things. I was throbbing at full attention. I heard her breathe out an ahh and I opened my eyes to see her looking straight at it, delicately chewing her lower lip. My eyes scanned the rest of her body and I was amazed to see one of her hands had pushed further down her sweats. Is she touching…?

Mm, I was… I was hoping you wouldn’t go with Tobi tonight…” she mused. The mention of his name made me feel guilty, but that emotion was quickly overwhelmed with lust at the thought that Ogechi was craving me instead. I saw her hand move in little circles and I was thrilled to know she was playing with herself, at least a little.

“But sometimes I- I wonder if… our relationship is getting… out of hand…” Her voice quavered a little bit, but I sensed it was more excitement than fear. “We’re just- mm- friends, right?”

Wanting to reassure her in any way I could, I quickly grunted yes. Her lips curled into a smile and she extended her neck a bit as a little shiver ran through her body. “Good… I’d hate to think we were doing something… wrong.” The forbidden nature of her dialogue just made me hotter.

“Come over here so- so I can see better.” She shifted over to the side of the bed, making room for me. I timidly stood up, clumsily as my jeans fell to my ankles. Ogechi giggled, “Just kick those off…”

I obliged her, one hand still tugging at the base of my erection. I stood over the bed, looking longingly at her, my eyes spending extra time hovering between her legs. She must have sensed what I was thinking. She pulled her legs up, knees to her chest, and deftly worked her trouser off. As they fell to the floor, I realized then her panties were gone too. My blood was pumping so hard that I was trembling.

She pulled herself back further into the bed, so her head reached the pillows. She moved one hand back to her pussy, gently rubbing the top of her slit. With the other hand, she patted the empty space of bed next to her, beckoning me. I cautiously sat down beside her lying body.

“Relax with me,” she soothed. I obeyed and lied down next to her.

We stayed in that position for a minute. No words passing between us as we each gently masturbated. I watched her face change between closing her eyes in contented pleasure and opening them, watching me play with myself.

“What are you thinking about?” She spoke softly, but it rang heavily in the silence.

“Uh… Just- just how it feels…”

Her faced flushed in a grin. “Me too…” At first, I didn’t realize what she meant. “Would it be a sin if I found out?”

My stroking halted as I grasped her intention.

“I mean… Would it really be so different from a massage?” She paused. I blinked at her, unable to respond. Yes!? She continued. “It wouldn’t be cheating if you didn’t… you know…”

Come? Can’t argue with that logic. “Uh… maybe…”

She stopped touching herself and rolled onto her side, reaching a hand towards me. She gingerly wrapped her fingers around my own hand that I was using to stimulate with and pulled it away. Then slowly, oh so fucking gently, she wrapped her hand around my hard-on.

Somehow it felt so soft and light, like feathers. The delicate touch made me realize my entire body was tensed up. As she softly tightened her grip around me, my eyes rolled back and I relaxed my muscles, reveling in the sensation.

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