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May 8, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E20) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E20) (18+)

“Come in here!”

It was only a few days since the shower when I found myself alone with Ogechi again. Tobi was gone watching football for a boys’ night out. I could’ve gone, but I didn’t. Chances are that under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have gone with him anyway. But now, I had to admit that with the near guarantee that Ogechi would be crashing at our place, I had even more reason to pass on the match. She had been holed up in Tobi’s room for a couple of hours but, sure enough, she was finally calling to me.

“What is it?” I called back.

“Just come on!”

I moved to the doorway to see what she wanted. She was standing proudly by the bed, which had towels lain over it. I turned my head and looked back at her.

“I thought, you’ve been so nice to me, it’s time I pay my share!” she uttered. “Take off your clothes!”

Huh? I wasn’t expecting that. “Sorry, what?” I shot back defensively.

“I’m gonna give you a massage! Strip to your boxers!”

I began to stammer. “I uh… That’s not necessary…”

“Oh please. I would’ve thought we would be passed this by now… I mean, you don’t have anything left to hide!” She giggled a little. I was still worried. “Oh gosh, fine! If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll do it too.” She was already tugging her shirt up and over her chest as she said that. As she threw it on the floor and began undoing her jeans, she shot me an eager stare. “Let’s go!”

So the next thing I knew, despite myself, I was stripped down to my boxers; she was down to just panties and bra. I only got a short minute to drool over her body before I found myself lying on the bed on my stomach, with Ogechi sitting over my ass, straddling me with one leg to each side. She was attentively rubbing my neck, shoulders and upper-back. I’ll tell you, it felt damn good.

At first, as usual, my blood was racing from her hot body being so close to mine. Her initial touch on my back felt amazing, and I reveled in the extended contact of her skin on mine. I was thankful that I was on my stomach and she couldn’t see my growing hardness. After a little while though, I actually managed to relax and calm down a bit.

We didn’t talk too much. She chatted mostly on her own for a time; I would occasionally reply back with a quiet moan. She told me she could never just give Tobi a massage because he was too impatient; he would just want sex right away. But not you, you can just lie there and relax like a good boy. Sure. Wouldn’t think of fucking.

After a while, she gave up talking and just quietly hummed to herself. She worked my lower back, then skipped all the way down to my calves. I felt myself growing again as she worked up to my thighs. I was surprised when she actually began kneading my ass through the boxers. It felt good, and I tried to relax and not make a big deal of it. But knowing she was consciously fondling my butt was a little too much to ignore.

I’m sure she knew that.

“Okay, flip!”

I panicked. She didn’t care. Her fingers were digging under my shoulders, helping to push me over. She got off of me just long enough to roll me onto my back, and then she straddled back on right above my waist. I looked helplessly up into her smiling face as she went back to her little hum and began working the front of my shoulders and chest.

There was no helping myself this time. Now I could actually see her mostly-nude form as she worked away on my skin. And my chest was way more sensitive than my back. I actually twitched and stifled little laughs when she worked into my stomach because it tickled. The sensations were too much; it shot straight between my legs and gave me a serious hard-on. I knew she could feel it behind her, tenting up the rear of her seat. She didn’t mention it.

After rubbing my stomach, she got off of me and moved down the bed to work on my ankles and move up my legs, as she did before. My mind was flying, wondering if she would actually touch it.

As dead-sexy, as she was, I decided to simply close my eyes and try to picture some calm scene in order to get some control over my standing embarrassment.

Up, up she went to my thighs. The closer she got, the more I got hard with anticipation. The faster my heartbeat.

“That looks uncomfortable,” she said. My eyes popped open and I saw her cautiously undo the little button in the front of my boxers. I was completely afraid. It seemed like she didn’t even have to try; my erection sprung out effortlessly, newly free from its confines and pulsing with each surge of blood. “That’s better!” she proudly announced, as if to herself.

She began rubbing her fingers back into my thighs, working under the legs of my boxers. I took a huge breath and closed my eyes again, enjoying the amazing sensation in spite of my humiliation. Fuck all if I had anything to say.

“I know you’re not seeing anybody right now but… Don’t you ever… take care of this problem?” she asked me. God. Talk about awkward.

“Uhm… Well…” I trailed off, hoping she was already amused enough.

“Well, what? Do you?”

I sighed. “Yeah…”

“Oh,” she moaned softly. She was rubbing just above the base of my dick now. I was in agony. “Am… I the problem?”

I managed to open my eyes and look at her. She was staring at me, delicately biting her lower lip. She wore a look of such concern but I knew it was total bull.

“Well uh… It’s not every day I have a- uh… sexy, um, lady giving me a personal massage…” God, did I just say she was…

She let out a little gasp. “Oh my! You think I’m sexy?

Oh for fuck’s sake. I hated this little cat and mouse game as much as I loved it. “Oh ha ha,” I managed to actually be sarcastic. Having had about enough of this humiliation, I began to push myself to sit up. I was stopped in my tracks as she actually brushed her hand up against my cock as she moved it to my stomach to stop me.

“No, don’t go!” she pleaded innocently. I halted. “I didn’t mean to be rude… I’m flattered…”

I let her push me back down and she moved off of me in order to sit next to me. “I wish I could massage… it for you, but… That might be bad…” she made a sad face to me.

Just be bad! “Yeah uh… Probably not, uh- right…” I stammered.

“Why don’t you just do it now?”

Did she just say that? “Huh!?

“Why not? I’m trying to help you relax… I probably shouldn’t touch it but…” she put her hands on mine and moved me towards my own erection.

“Um, Ogechi, I- uh…”

She cut me off, “Do you ever… think about me?” She carefully wrapped my hand around myself. Her soft fingers were still touching mine, and she gently guided me to start wanking. I helplessly allowed it to happen, completely shaky.

I gulped hard, my eyes shooting from her curious stare to her breasts, to her stomach, to her hands, to my hands.

“Because there’s nothing wrong with that… I mean, if you do it anyway, then what’s the difference if I’m right here or not?” she was reasoning out loud. Was this actually happening? My body was trembling from nerves and excitement. I found myself gingerly jerking off myself without her encouragement.

She slid her fingers away from me and leaned back a little bit. This had the effect of stretching out her body some; I knew she was making a kind of casual pose for me. She was baring the entire length of her stomach, showing it all off.

“So… do you?”

“I uh… Y-yeah…”

Her face flushed in a big smile. “No wonder you always seem so excited!”

I groaned a little chuckle, but still touching myself slowly.

“What do you… What do you think about?” She questioned innocently.

“I dunno… Just, just you I- I guess…”

Oh… Like, my body?”

I let out a sigh as I dragged my eyes across her perfect form. “Yeah,” I breathed out.

She ran her hands along her stomach and sides. “What part do you like to imagine?”

“Um, all of- everything… Your stomach, your bo- your breasts…” I was stupefied at this point. I probably thought I was dreaming.

She cupped her breasts in her bra and looked down at them with a little smile. “I guess I’m not wearing this when you… do it, right?”

“Uh… I guess, n-no.”

She gave a gentle smile as she undid her bra and let it drop to the bed. I let out a soft moan of surprise as I saw her breasts spring free. I began to squeeze my dick harder and wank with more enthusiasm.

“Well, I want it to be an authentic experience…” she shyly said. Her hands were running over her breasts, her fingers occasionally tweaking her nipples lightly. “Tobi wouldn’t appreciate this but… Since you do this on your own anyway, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Do you?”

I blinked hard, realizing she asked me a question. “Um, yeah- er- no… You’re- you’re right…”

“Yeah, it’s not like I’m…cheating or anything. You’re just seeing for real what you fantasize about… No… big deal…” She said it so seductively, but there was a ring of innocence to her voice. I think it just made it that much sexier. I was giving myself slow, strong strokes then; focusing on squeezing the base of my dick. I knew it wouldn’t belong.

“Is that how you normally do it?” she inquired sweetly.

“Uh… er, yeah…”

She breathed out so sexily, “I like it…” She was biting her lower lip again in that ultra-sexy look of anticipation. I was gone.

With a quiet cry, I felt my climax surge up and out of control. The first spurt shot up and landed on my stomach. With one hand still furiously tugging myself at the base, I wrapped my other hand around the head to try and catch the streams of cum shooting out of me. My hips involuntarily thrust upwards and my eyes fluttered shut as I groaned out in orgasm.

For that short while, I was in total bliss. As I began to calm down, I realized what had just happened and became wrecked with guilt. “Oh my god…” I groaned to myself.

“Wow! That was… nice…” Ogechi exclaimed.

“Jesus! Ogechi I’m-, I’m sorry…”

She actually laughed a little at me. “What! I wanted you to feel good! That’s the whole point! Besides, I kinda liked it…”

I shook my head to myself, speechless.

“Do you feel better?” she murmured at me.

“Uh… yeah…”

She tapped my head and rub it a little bit. “Good! You should probably go get cleaned up now… Tobi will be home soon…”

The mention of her boyfriend caused me to jolt upright. She tried to calm my anxiety. “He just wouldn’t… understand. We’re just friends!” she said excitedly. Huh. Some friend. I grunted my agreement and got up from the bed.

There was cum dripping on my stomach and my hands were still clutching my cock, holding it from spilling all over. I felt so awkward. Ogechi just continued to beam her reserved but knowing smile.

I treated myself to a quick shower. When I got out, I noticed she had shut the door and was back to her own thing. I was silently thankful and retreated to my own room. Fifteen minutes later, Tobi came home. I pretended I was asleep, so he didn’t try and tell me about the card game.

It wasn’t much later that I heard the familiar sounds of his and Ogechi’s fucking next door.

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