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May 8, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E19) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Desires! (S01E19) (18+)

I usually left for work pretty early in the morning, but today I was going in late. That meant Tobi would actually get out the door before me. I guess that’s the setup that allowed the following event to happen.

I had only been in the shower for a few minutes. I had already washed my face and was soaping up my abdomen and dick. I’ll admit since I was in no hurry this morning, I was enjoying myself; sliding my hand back and forth and thinking about Ogechi. It had only been a few days since our last little chat, but since then, I couldn’t help but fantasize about her relentless teasing and imagining her begging to be spanked. Of course, I had no intention of making a move on her but… Well, it was nice to think about.

So you can imagine I was a little lost in my own world. I didn’t hear the bathroom door open. What I did hear, to my own humiliation, was the shower curtain getting pulled back and Ogechi breathes out, “Hey, I’m in a serious hurry. I’m gonna hop in, okay?”

My eyes shot open and I think my entire body hopped at the shock. There was her face, peeking around the curtain, looking straight at me with those big eyes. She had said it so matter-of-factly… how does she do that? I realized my hand was still on my soapy, hard cock and I immediately let go, which made it bounce and displayed my erection even more obvious. “Uh, I’ll just- um, be thirty seconds…”

With a grin, she slipped back behind the curtain, calling out, “No, don’t worry about it.” For a second, I assumed that meant she would wait me out, and she just wanted an excuse to catch and embarrass me in the shower. Nope. The next thing I know, the curtain is flinging open as she is hopping into the shower with me, completely nude. Jesu…

Let me take this opportunity to describe that this is not your fancy shower and bathtub model. It was just one of the little ghetto stand-only shower stalls; that is to say, room for one. So you can imagine my anxiety at this situation. My first fear came to mouth, “Whoa! Uh, Tobi?” For all her effort to make sure he didn’t see her most blatant flirtations with me, this seemed outrageous.

“Oh, don’t worry about him…” she pushed her body against mine and moved between me and the water, beginning to rinse herself down. “He left already.”

My brain was going at speed. I think I actually heard whistling in my ears, I was so over-stimulated. Was this happening? Was I actually staring at her completely naked breasts, watching the water run down her chest, over her nipples, down her stomach, between her legs… I was so nervous; maybe under different circumstances, my hard-on would have died down. But at this point, it actually ached.

There was probably some faint thought in the back of my mind that told me, just get out of the shower. If it was there, it was without a doubt deafened by Ogechi’s naked! I stared at her like a moron until she interrupted my trance.

“Sorry about this, I am so late!” She grabbed the soap and was lathering her breast and stomach up. Ignoring me, she stood right in the middle of the little shower so the water hit her comfortably. I was backed right up against the wall, but I was still right next to her. My dick pulsed with each heartbeat; it was literally inches from her… As she continued to soap up her front, she bit her lower lip and gave my erection a good look. “Did I… interrupt something?”

Oh, Jesus. “I- uh- no! You, um…”

She let out a giggle and held down her hand with the bar of soap. She was holding it out for me, but it was resting right down at my cock, right next to it. I mean, her fucking hand was parallel to it, standing proudly at attention. “Come on! Do my back, I said I’m in a hurry!” She pushed the soap toward me and her pinky and ring fingers lightly brushed against my hard-on. With a sharp intake of breath, I grabbed the soap from her.

Ogechi immediately spun around and began to rinse off her chest and arms. I stood there with the soap in hand for a moment, wondering if she actually meant what she said. As if to answer me, she shot me an annoyed glare over her shoulder. “Help me out!” As if afraid to offend her, I lathered up my hands at once and began rubbing the soap into her shoulders and upper back.

I became completely fascinated by my own actions; delicately but firmly massaging the soap into her. I’m not sure if I was giving her such attentive treatment because I was in heaven getting to rub my hands along her back, or if I was afraid to speed things up and actually soap lower.

Ah… That feels great but, do the whole thing!” she insisted to me.

I stopped massaging and just went to soaping up her mid-back. My hands stayed mostly in the middle of her back; I was nervous to stray somewhere that I shouldn’t. But occasionally she would turn her body a little one way and my hands would slip along her sides, my fingertips nearly wrapping around to her stomach or the sides of her tits.

Next thing I knew, I was soaping up her lower back, staring at her perfect ass, so close to my throbbing cock. Suddenly, she took a big step back and began working to wash around the inside of her thighs. There was no more room, and her body was actually pressed up against mine now. My hard-on literally slipped between her legs. I grunted out a startled whoa! My soapy hands instinctively wrapped around her hips.

The feeling of her skin brushing against my cock was exhilarating. It sent a rush of blood through my body so fast that, for a second, I was light-headed. Ogechi rubbed at her thighs and pussy with one of her hands. When they went between her legs, her fingers brushed up against the tip of my member and ran along the underside of it. I bit my tongue to prevent myself from moaning.

In an instant, she flipped around and was facing me. She let the water run down her shoulders and rinse off her back. I was looking right into her trademark smile: very casual yet subtly mocking. “This must look really bad, huh?” she grinned.

“Uh… h-huh?”

“If Tobi saw this, he would flip! But it’s not like we’re fucking or anything…” She said fucking so offhandedly that it actually made sense. “You’re just helping a girl out in a hurry!” she cheered.

Yeah. Sure.

“I’m glad you’re so cool about this. Other guys would think this was cheating or something. People need to relax!” When she said cheating, she pushed her waist forward and looked behind her shoulder to rinse off the last bit of soap from her lower back and ass. By doing this, she pushed my still-hard cock between her legs again, running along the outside of her pussy. I closed my eyes in agony.

She opened the shower curtain and moved to step out. Of course, she leaned forward and pushed her breasts against my chest, dragging her nipples against me. I felt the last bits of amazing sensation on my dick as she moved to step out of the shower, freeing me from between her legs. On her way out, she playfully traced a finger across my erection and chirped, “Thanks a lot; you can… finish up now!”

I saw one last smile as she whipped a towel off the rack and closed the shower curtain. I heard the bathroom door open and close. Paranoid as I was, I actually peeked out of the curtain to make sure she actually left. Taking a deep breath, I tried to relax a little bit, feeling bottled up tension in my shoulders. With the soap, I attempted to just go back to washing myself, but it was no use. Before I knew it, I was jerking myself off right there, fast and hard.

Imagining the feeling of my cock between her legs, I started to breathe faster. If only I was actually in that goddamn pussy of hers… But no, then she would be cheating… The thought of it made me so desperate. I don’t think I had come that much in a long, long time.

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