June 27, 2022

Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E07](18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E07](18+)

Aunty’s eyes twinkled in joy as she inhaled my hard cock like a slut, smoothly taking the top half of my heat in and out of her mouth.
With her hand, she stroked the remaining half of my pulsing weapon, making sure every inch of my cock was well taken care of, like a good aunty should. She sucked me with fervor, with hunger, as if she had been starving for cock for far too long.

She savored it with her mouth, with her soft lips, with her tongue, giving my thick prick the worship it deserved. After a minute of this, she pulled her mouth from my prick, detaching her swollen lips from her nephew’s cock.

“Jesus…” Aunty moaned out, eyes glassy with lust as bands of spit connected the head of my cock to her panting mouth. “This is the best cock! Oh my God!” She then dipped her face forward, attaching her mouth to my large nuts.

“Ahhh!” I called out, feeling my aunty’s tongue massaging my balls. She took one of my nuts in between her lips, sucking on it lightly, sliding her eager tongue over my sperm-filled nut. She repeated the same treatment to the other testicle, fully worshipping my balls.

Once they were sufficiently covered with spit, she detached her lips from my nuts before taking my dick back into her mouth.

She brought her palm up to my sack, massaging my spit-covered balls in her hand as she inhaled my cock. Spit was leaking down my shaft as she sucked me off vigorously. She was really, really into this.

I looked up across the room, gazing at our reflections in the mirror. Between the piles of clothes on my floor, and my stuff haphazardly scattered about, there I was, naked, sitting on my bed, my mostly naked aunty between my legs. Her head bobbing in my lap, her hair grazing over my thighs.

Her bubble butt pointed right at the mirror, the perfect round cheeks being showcased while parting slightly, displaying the tiny string bisecting them.

“That’s it, Aunty. Suck my cock!” I told her, smirking slightly. I put my hand on the back of her head as Aunty focused on sucking me off. My cock was tingling in her mouth. She was sucking me so well. She brought her palms back to my thighs, digging into them with her nails with her head pointing straight down, vigorously sucking my dick.

“Yes! I knew it… I knew you wanted this! Yes! Every time I teased you. Flirted with you. Checked you out! Every time, I knew you wanted to do this! To get on your knees and suck my fucking cock! Yes!”

Aunty pulled her mouth off my cock with a pop. My shaft was seriously coated with her spit, glazed with her, her heated saliva stretching between it and her mouth in viscous bands. She energetically stroked my rock hard pillar as she looked up at me.

“And I was thinking the same thing…” she said with a smirk, stroking my manhood. “I mean, it’s so wrong. So messed up, but… Jesus, you’re so hard! It’s so wrong to be doing this, and… shit, your cock feels so good in my hand.

But, God. I can’t stop thinking about it. And whenever I caught you staring at me, I imagined doing this…” She then slid her hand off my throbbing prick with a flourish and stood up in front of me. I looked up at her as she looked down at me with a wicked grin.

My eyes widened as she reached behind her back. I watched, committing every moment to memory, as aunty unsnapped her bra for me.

Her breasts jumped forward slightly as the fabric loosened, and finally, after holding the garment in place for a moment, she whipped it off, tossing her bra to the side recklessly, exposing her big tits to me for the first time.

“Damn!” I called out in shock. It was surreal. I was looking right at my aunty’s big naked breasts. She was showing them off for me, and I was staring. They were the best breastsI had ever seen, and it wasn’t even close. My AUNTY had the best pair of breasts I had ever seen. It was crazy!

They looked even bigger bare than they had stuffed in her bra. They were massive. They jutted out, perfectly round and perfect. The satiny breast flesh was evenly smooth.

Her hard nipples were throbbing, pointed outward, the hard nubs calling to me. Her mammoth boobs were so large they pressed against each other, forming a natural fault line of juicy cleavage.

They were perkier than they had any right to be, and the soft, smooth, dense flesh was calling to me. I need to get my hands on those breasts. And I would get my wish very shortly.

As I was mesmerised by her big breasts, she bent over, letting me watch those big boobs bouncing against each other while she reached down, slipped her fingers into her panties and tugged them down, letting them fall to the floor.

Aunty stood up, now completely naked, all for me. I hadn’t gotten a peek before but now, looking at my own aunty’s naked cunt, I was stunned into silence. No remarks.

No smirk. I was mesmerised, gazing at my aunty’s slim, sexy pubic hair, complementing the smooth, taut, puffy lips. I looked up at her smiling face, grinning wickedly, happy to see me so enraptured by her hot naked body.


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