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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E06](18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E06](18+)

I looked down at her hot, luscious body. I had seen her in a bikini before, but this was different. I was supposed to be able to see her in a bikini. I wasn’t supposed to see her like this. The lacy white bra was struggling to contain her big breasts, the material digging into the soft flesh.

Her shoulder straps were digging into her shoulders, the full weight of those large breasts ready to make those straps explode. The lacy material was partially see-through, allowing me a small glimpse of her nipples.

Down lower, past her flat, fit belly was the material of her small white panties. The straps rode high over her hips, converging at her pussy. The tiny triangle of material there was scooped low, barely covering her pubic regions. Through the thin lace, I got a good view of her small, dark, immaculately groomed landing strip of pubic hair.

And when she reached down, she tucked her thumbs into the top of her panties, causing it to lower slightly, revealing just a hint of that landing strip over the top of the panties.

My cock pulsed with delight at this visual feast.

I looked up at her confident face and reached up with two fingers, indicating for her to spin around for me again. With a lusty smirk, she did just that, turning around for me, exposing her long, taut, fit back. But my eyes went straight to her ass. It looked incredible, the shelf-like cheeks jutting out from her slim frame.

My eyes hungrily looked across the ripe, firm ass cheeks, so round and perky and smooth. The tiny white panties met in a triangle above her ass crack, leading to a string disappearing between the cheeks. Her heart-shaped ass was incredible!

She turned to face me again, her big breasts jiggling as she did. She put her hands on her hips and looked me over, but she was struggling to rip her eyes from my tremendous bulge. She finally did, looking the rest of me over.

The tension was thick. We stood in silence, basking in the heat of our near-naked bodies and the sticky heat from outside. Both of us were hungrily consuming each others’ bodies with our eyes, and we were both starving. Finally, our eyes met again. I looked at her. She looked at me, our hunger clear to each other.

And finally… we feasted.

At the same moment, both of us leapt forward, our mouths meeting in a fiery kiss. Her plump lips met mine, and our mouths quickly opened. Her tongue aggressively slid into my mouth, sliding against mine. Her smooth, feminine tongue duelled with my tongue as we swapped spit. Our mouths were pressed roughly against each other as we hungrily made out.

I was making out with my aunty. I was making out with my own aunty! This was crazy! She raised me. She made me my lunches for school. She was the one who bought me Christmas gifts. She drove me to football practice. She cleaned off my cheeks when I was dirty. She was my aunty!

But now, I was a grown-up. I was 19. And I was seeing the other side of her. The adult side of her. The side of her beyond her smiles and aunty outfits. The part of her that was an adult woman with needs. The side of her that was horny. The side of her that was hot and sexy and needed the type of pleasure that a woman with her body was worthy of. The side of her looked at her nephew with new eyes.

That side no longer saw him as the young man she raised but as a viable sexual partner. The side of her that was so fucking horny she was willing to fuck her own nephew. And that’s where this was going.

My Aunty and I were gonna fuck.

We were acting on raw, boiling, physical lust for each other. We weren’t thinking about how wrong this was. How this was a prelude to full-on incest. Lust was coursing through our veins, clouding our thoughts, driving us both towards one inevitable outcome.

My cock in her pussy.

While our mouths were busy, our hands were too. As her big boobs crushed against my chest, my hands went around her waist, grabbing her ass roughly, squeezing the bare, bubble fat cheeks. I wanted to get my hands on those breasts, but the positioning made it awkward. I could wait.

The moment would come. I kept using my hands to grope my aunty’s hot, bouncy ass as I jammed my tongue down her throat. And her hands, my own aunty’s hands, were only interested in one thing.

My thick, hard cock. Her hands slid between us, sliding down my fit belly, before digging under the hem of my boxers. My aunty’s hand slid into my boxers, and her long, nimble fingers slid around the root of my dick.

“Mmmm…” I groaned into her mouth. She used her other hand to pull down the hem of my boxers, allowing her to scoop my thick dick out. Even though my prick was crushed between us, her hand was eagerly stroking it as best she could. I pulled her into me, sliding my cock against her belly, seeking pleasure. Sensing my overwhelming need, our lips parted.

“Come on,” Aunty urged me, spinning me around and moving me towards the bed. She pushed me back, forcing me onto the bed, into a seated position. Her eyes were not leaving my throbbing dick as she got onto her knees in front of me.

Still looking at my massive organ, she reached up and tugged my boxers down my legs, pulling them off and tossing them aside casually. She moved between my knees, bringing her hand forward and sliding her fingers back onto my bulging prick.

“Oh my God.” I moaned out, letting my head roll slightly.

“Jesus…” she sighed as she began to stroke my pulsing cock. “I thought you might have a big one, but fuck!”

“You like it?” I asked, trying to still be cool with my aunty on her knees in front of me, wanking my cock.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to get my hands on this massive cock!” she said excitedly, now using both hands to stroke my throbbing prick. “How long I’ve wanted to wank you!”

“Mmm…” I groaned, squirming to her expert touch. Hearing my aunty talk like this was so hot!

“God damn…” she said softly, admiring my cock from up close, gazing at the swollen shaft and the thick, angry mushroom tip, which was already leaking my sperm. I felt her eyes drifting down to my balls, hungrily admiring my swollen sack. She looked up at my pleasure ridden face and smiled.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” she said with a nervous giggle.

“You’re so hot, aunty,” I told her, not giving her time to reconsider by stroking her ego as she energetically stroked my cock. On her knees in front of me, her massive breasts pushing outward, barely contained by her bra, her long back and her round, bubble ass adorned in that panties… she looked incredible.

“You’re not so bad, either,” she chuckled, firmly stroking my prick. For some reason, my eyes drifted to the clock, and I noted the time.

“But aunty… we’re gonna be late to the party!” I said with a smirk.

“You think I care?” Aunty asked with a wicked smirk. “Your uncle can go enjoy the party… and while he’s doing that, I’ll be doing this.” Before I could react, aunty leaned down and slid her mouth around my thick teenage cock.

“Holy shit!” I called out in shock. I watched my aunty’s open mouth descend over my swollen, hard shaft, taking in half of it in one smooth movement. “Ahhhh! yes!” I said as I felt my aunty’s plump lips wrapped around my throbbing meat.

Shit! She was doing it! Aunty was sucking my big cock! And it felt sooo good! Jesus! I felt her tongue against the underside of my cock, massaging it lovingly, enjoying it. She looked up at me as she began slowly to suck up and down.

“That’s it… suck my cock, aunty! Yes!”

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