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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E05](18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E05](18+)

And yeah, let’s just say, I played my cards right.

“Nice…” I said, not wanting to sound too excited. Her eyes flashed with mischief as she looked back at me. She knew exactly what she was doing. So I knew she wouldn’t mind when I looked right at her ass. The thin dress was draped over her big bubble butt.

“I think this one makes my ass look good… doesn’t it?” she asked, looking back over her shoulder at me, making it abundantly clear I got the message to look at her butt. I almost lost my nerve at how forward she was being, but I had to play it cool.

I had to be calm and play this right. I looked at her thin skirt and made my judgment. Some of her other outfits had really got in there and hugged her ass, so this wasn’t my favorite one. Knowing she was in the game now, I took a different approach to get her out of these clothes.

“Yeah, one of my ex’s wore something similar. I really liked it on her,” I stated.

“Yeah?” Aunty asked, looking back at me.

“Of course, it didn’t stay on her too long…” I said boldly, raising my eyebrows. She turned away from me and laughed to herself surprised and kind of impressed by how shamelessly I was speaking to her. But she didn’t object. In fact…

“You know,” she began, before turning back to face me with a bit of more confidence, giving her chest a little extra jiggle as she did. She looked at me as my gaze drifted down, staring right at her jutting breasts.

Her nipples were positively throbbing beneath her top. I looked back up at her, her eyes twinkling with amusement. “I found other outfits deep in my closet… stuff I would never wear in public. Or for your uncle. But… do you wanna see?” she asked. Our eyes locked, and the tension we were feeling was apparent. We both knew where this was going. We both knew what game we were playing. The unspoken tension between us was boiling over.

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” I replied with a smirk. She smiled wickedly and walked away, shaking her ass from side to side purposefully, again causing her flowy skirt to bounce, offering me teasing glimpses of her butt. She gave me one last look before entering her room, closing the door behind her.

In the silence of the moment, I had to think this over. I didn’t know why I was feeling this brave. I didn’t know why I was pushing things like this. Maybe it was fate guiding my hand. Guiding us to bed together. But I had never been this turned on.

My dick was like iron in my trouser. Feeling a little sweat on my brow, I wiped it off with my arm and spun around in my chair. I suddenly realized how hot I was, temperature-wise. The window was open, and the breeze had died, leaving us to bask in the heat.

I glanced to my side to the clock. We were well beyond the time we had planned to leave. But I and she were both playing this out, listening to our base instincts. Listening to our bodies. To our urges. Our needs.

“So…” Aunty said from behind me, making me jump. “What do you think?”

I spun around in my chair, and any remark I may have had died on my lips. My jaw dropped and my eyes got big.

“Jesus…” I muttered, unable to believe what I was seeing. Aunty looked filthy! She was dressed in tight denim bum shorts, just barely going beyond her crotch, clinging to her so tight I couldn’t imagine how she even got them on. Her long, firm legs were left exposed, leading down to her high-heels. Her flat, sexy midriff was left exposed, the only interruption being the straps of her panties, riding high on her hips.

My hungry eyes travelled up her frame, taking in her thin white t-shirt, tied between her breasts, struggling to contain them. A mile of juicy cleavage was left exposed to me, leading my eyes upward towards her smirking face. This outfit was just pure filth. My aunty looked trashy hot in all the best ways. I loved it.

“Wow,” I said, unable to hide my approval.

“So, you like it?” she asked, smiling brightly, stepping forwards slightly, causing her big boobs to jiggle lusciously. I was staring at my aunty’s big breasts, and she knew it, and I didn’t care.

“Damn, Aunty…” I said, shaking my head in awe, my eyes locked on her hot body. “You look hot!”

“You really think so?” she asked with a small smile.

“Jesus, Aunty…” I looked right at her chest. She still had a bra on, a white lacy number, which matched both her top and the thong she was so blatantly showcasing for me. I could see a bit of the lace through the thin white top, and a hint of her nipples.

“So,… does this outfit really show off my big breasts?” Aunty asked with a naughty glint in her eye, her words and her expression sent a shudder through my bone-hard cock.

“Oh yeah…” I growled. “You look… amazing.”

“How about my ass?” Aunty asked, spinning around, turning her back to me and pushing her butt out at me slightly, showcasing it for me. The bumshorts were clinging to her bouncy ass, showing off its perfect shape. The round, firm cheeks were bursting to escape their tight denim confines. The shorts really dug in, showing off each round cheek and the cleft in between.

Capping off this perfect, sexy image was the obscene whale-tail, the triangle of the panties showcased proudly above the hem of her shorts.

“I love it…” I panted, near out of breath with lust.

“Do you think I should wear this to the party?” she asked, turning back to face me and leaning forward slightly, showing off her cleavage to me.

“If you want to get everyone’s attention,” I replied, unable to stop my hungry eyes from taking in so much exposed flesh. Her fit belly. Her long, firm legs. Her big breasts. God…

“You know…” she began, standing up straight, making her breasts bounce. “I think this is unfair. I mean, we’ve been going over my outfits, but we haven’t talked about yours…” I looked up at her beautiful face, intrigued.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I’m not going to llie… I’m not too crazy about your outfit either,” she said, looking right at me with a knowing grin. With a sudden surge of boldness, I knew what to do. Before she could react, I stood up, making her take a step back.

“Well,” I began firmly, reaching down. “Let me change.” I grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up, exposing my tight belly to Aunty. She looked down at my exposed upper body with wide eyes as I tossed my shirt away. And then, keeping my eyes right on her, I reached down, and with a firm tug, yanked my trousers down, leaving me only on my boxers.

Aunty’s eyes went very wide as she took me in. Her eyes went straight to my crotch, where my dick was straining to escape. The black material of my boxers was clinging to my meaty, nine and a half inch cock. My shaft was pointed towards my hip, giving aunty a nice view of the full size and shape of what I was working with.

Her eyes were wide, and her plump smooth lips were curled up in approval. I stepped out of my trouser and walked towards my wardrobe.

“You’re right, aunty,” I said, turning my back to her as I walked towards my wardrobe. “And by the way, I don’t know if you noticed, but I can see your underwear again.” I smiled to myself.

“You can?” she asked, her voice like honey. I spent a few moments at the wardrobe before grabbing new clothes out of the wooden space. I turned to face her, and what I saw made the clothes in my hands fall to the floor.

“How about now?” she asked, posing for me. Her thin white top and her dark, denim bum shorts were now on the ground, leaving her standing in front of me only in her underwear. My eyes went wide, and she smirked at my reaction.

“Didn’t want this to be unfair.”

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