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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E03](18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E03](18+)

“What do you think of this?” she asked. I spun in my chair, turning to face her, to appraise her.

I looked her over from top to bottom. She had replaced her white top with a black one, a little less snug over big breasts, but still very flattering, nonetheless. She replaced her grey skirt with a light, green one, cut just over her knees in a diagonal slash. She looked very good.

“Eh…” I said, shrugging, acting like I wasn’t impressed. “Do you want to wear black on a day like this?” I asked. She rolled her eyes and walked away.

“Sorry!” I called out.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she called out, stepping into her bedroom and shutting the door. Both of these outfits were more than good enough, but I liked making her mad.

The score in the game was 7-2 by the time I heard my aunty approach. I turned to face her and took her new outfit in.

She had replaced her previous outfit with a nice dress, green with purple lines decorating it. On most women, this dress would look nice and innocent. But for a woman with the curves my aunt had, she looked stunning. Her arms were left bare, and the thin material could barely contain her massive bust. Her upper chest was left exposed, showing off a hint of her cavernous cleavage, and her breasts were so large the sides of them could be seen through the armholes.

The thin material cascaded off her firm ass, giving a good indication of her perfect rear end. Also, the green material did allow for someone with a trained eye like me to notice the dark material of her bra and underwear through the dress.

“What do you think?” she asked, holding her arms out. This interaction was still relatively innocent, I realized, so let’s turn it up a notch. I let my eyes narrow as I looked her over. She noted the confused expression on my face. “What now?” she asked.

“Well…” I began, with a small smirk. “I don’t think of this outfit as very… corporate.”

“What do you mean?” Aunty asked, confused. “It’s a party. I think this would be nice.”

“Well, if you want to wear that, you’re gonna have to, uh…” I began, knowing I was getting into delicate territory. “The thing is… I don’t know if you want to be showing off your underwear to all of uncle’s friends, but…” I trailed off.

“You can’t see anything…” she began, turning to look the mirror in my room. She narrowed her eyes as she appraised herself. “Damn…” she said to herself, confirming my words. “How did YOU notice? You’re not supposed to be looking for that.”

“It’s hard not to notice,” I said with a laugh. She slapped my shoulder, knowing it wasn’t that blatant. “And besides, I’m a guy… I can’t help myself.”

She gave me an odd look for a moment, biting her lip before turning and walking away. I didn’t know where I was going with this little game. I was improvising, to be honest, but the energy had slightly changed in a way I couldn’t describe. My aunty didn’t say anything, but she clearly sensed it too.

She probably didn’t realize it yet, but the fact that I had noticed her bra and panties through her dress changed things for her. And she probably didn’t notice that she shook her ass at me slightly as she walked back to her room.

I set down the game controller as I waited for aunt to reappear, now more intrigued by the game going on between me and my aunt than the one on the screen. And I should be, cause the game on the screen was leading to a cosmetic, meaningless victory.

And considering that this game I was playing was leading me to hot, sweaty sex with my own aunt, I couldn’t be blamed for finding this one significantly more interesting. I sat back and waited for aunt to return, and see what came next.

I was not disappointed.

Aunty’s door opened, and she appeared from inside, walking towards me. I sat back as my eyes widened, taking her in. She had squeezed herself into a tight green sundress, and I was not exaggerating. It looked like she was poured into that dress. The solid, green material clung to her impressive figure, all the way down to just above her knees, while also showing off a bit of her upper chest.

It would be tasteful on a normal woman, but on a woman with my aunty’s breasts, it showed off a healthy amount of cleavage.

And, putting her body aside, she just looked incredible in that dress. It contrasted well with her smooth brown skin. Her hair cascaded down in waves, and her perfectly made-up face and incredibly good looks completed the ensemble. She looked amazing.

“Yes, yes, we got a winner here,” I told her, unable to stop my eyes from gazing at her hot body. I stared at her big breasts, watching the way they jiggled as she walked towards me, while admiring the way the material showcased their perfectly round shape. Those boobs were bursting to escape the tight garment as they were packed tightly within her dress. The smooth, soft flesh of the tops of her breasts were rippling with every step, arresting my vision.

They were so freaking big! I know these are my aunty’s big tits, but they were perfect! I couldn’t help but stare. I saw something else, as well, something I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been staring: the slight indentation of her nipples through the material. I noted this fact.

“I don’t know,” Aunty said, as she stepped into my room, looking down at herself. “I think it’s too much.”

“It’s perfect,” I told her with a laugh. “green… party… it works.”

“It’s not the color I’m worried about,” she said, turning to look at my mirror across the room. With her attention on her reflection, I leaned back and let my eyes stare at her ass. God Damn. The material clung to the round, juicy cheeks, and every little shift in weight she did made them jiggle lusciously.

My dick throbbed in my pants. The dress was so tight it left little to the imagination and I could see the full shape of those firm, perky cheeks, and this fact sent a realization through me, a fact I noted for later.

My eyes glanced at the mirror, giving me another good view of her massive breasts. God, they looked big. They were so round and smooth. They were begging to be squeezed. I had never seen a pair of breasts that big in real life. None of the girls at school could compare, not even close.

Looking back, and knowing that I was mere minutes away from talking her into showing off those big breasts for me, completely bare and exposed, was incredible. I think I was already formulating a plan. At the moment, my eyes were locked on her massive boobs, unable to stop myself from looking away. I stared at the slight protrusions of her nipples, willing them to get harder for me.

I shook myself and looked up before she could notice my gaze. I watched her appraising her outfit, tugging the hem down so it wouldn’t rise up too far.

“Yeah, this is way too tight,” she said to herself.

“No, it’s perfect,” I said, causing her to look at me with a sceptical look in her eyes.

“Please,” she said sarcastically. “I don’t remember it being this tight,” she said, tugging at the edge of her dress, near her boobs, trying to stretch it out a bit. “It really hugs the, uh… girls.” she said quietly, for the first time mentioning her impressive bust to me. It was an oh-so-subtle way for her to get me to glance at her big boobs, but I didn’t need the assist. I was already staring.

Even at this point, I knew this was just the start of something for her. It started small, an off-hand comment about her breasts, so subtle she probably didn’t realize she had done it. But I just knew, if things were gonna play out as I thought they were if the urges inside her kept spurring her on, these comments would become far less subtle.

She would soon be inviting me to stare at her big tits, or her hot ass, under the guise of judging her outfit, of course, but we would both know the truth. She liked having my eyes consuming her hot body.

I was pulled from my reverie by the sight of my aunt staring in the mirror, running her hands over her chest, smoothing out the material over her large, soft, squishy breasts. As she did this, I realized it was time to take this game up a notch. I looked up at her with a knowing grin. It took her a few moments before she noticed, ready to deliver a delicious maneuver on her. “What?” she asked, accusatorily.

“Nothing,” I said, sitting back, smiling. “It’s just… good to know.”

“Good to know what?” she asked.

“Well… good to know I have enough game to talk my own aunty out of her underwear,” I said with a cocky grin. The tight dress made it clear to me that she had removed her bra and panties before putting it on. Some might not notice… but I did. And letting aunty know that I knew made her slightly embarrassed.

“No… it’s just…” Aunty stammered.

“Must be my influence,” I interrupted, before licking my lips for her, still grinning like an idiot. My aunty’s eyes widened and she gulped at this, slightly taken aback, but despite her apparent embarrassment, the way her lips parted in a heated gasp sent tingles through my nuts. My bold comment turned her on.

“Yeah, uh…” she said, looking away, her voice quiet but heavy. “This dress is too much.” She began to turn away, but not before I noticed those nipples capping her big breasts getting nice and stiff. This sent a jolt of excitement through me. I watched her walk away quickly, and if there was any doubt before, this time, it was clear. Her ass was bouncing side to side for me. I doubt she was doing it on purpose, but I appreciated it all the same. She was getting turned on by this, despite everything, as was I. And I think this was the moment she first realized she was getting turned on.

That was probably why it took her so long to change this time, more than any other. She was probably wondering where this was going. If things were getting out of hand. Wondering which direction she should go.

I knew exactly where this was going. Me and her, fucking each others’ brains out. She could have easily put an end to this, as it was getting close to the time we needed to be heading out. She was probably wondering what she should do. Should she turn down the heat… or turn it up? But the lure of the forbidden was enough to keep her going. And a few minutes later she emerged in a fresh, new outfit.

“Alright, Jimmy, I hope you’ve calmed down,” she said, warning me, letting me know I was crossing a line with my earlier comments. She had said things along these lines before, but this time, I was simply spurred on. I don’t know what it was, but I was feeling extra bold, so I wasn’t gonna slow down. I know it seemed crazy, but I was willing to play this out, see where it goes, which is why I wasn’t afraid to express my disappointment at her next outfit.

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