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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E02](18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Aunty Tosin Isn’t As Innocent [S03E02](18+)

“And honestly, you play these games way too much. They’ll rot your brain. Go outside. Have some fun.” she suggested, making me roll my eyes. It was a lecture I had heard before. She grinned slightly as she stepped back to allow me room to stand.

And it was only at this point that she looked around and took in her surroundings.

“Ugh…” she said, turning up her nose. “Your room’s a mess. Remind me, when we get back home, to punish you so you can get this room cleaned up,” she said with a smile. We had a teasing relationship, so I simply nodded and laughed.

Yeah, she disapproved of the state of my room now, but that wasn’t gonna be nearly enough to stop her from what was about to happen next. As an aunty, she disapproved, but as a woman, she clearly didn’t mind, as she would prove to me by being very, VERY willing to have sex right here. In my room.

With me. Was she thinking about it right now? Did my slight bit of teenage disobedience appeal to her naughty side? Did my piles of clothes on the floor make her want to add her own to the mess?

I stood up in front of her and walked to my mirror.

I was a good looking guy. Not, like, a model or anything, but I was good. I had nice features, a strong jaw, good eyes, nice hair. And I was an active sportsman, so my body was in shape. I was pretty fit, but I wasn’t, like, overly bulky or anything. I was more tall and lean, but still well-muscled.

I saw my aunty behind me, inspecting me in my current state. Was she checking me out? I didn’t think so at the moment but looking back…

Anyway, in front of the mirror, I straightened some of my uncombed hair, tilted my head back and forth, inspecting myself before stepping back proudly.

“I’m ready!” I called out, looking at my aunt with my arms spread wide. She rolled her eyes.

“Nice try,” she said, dismissively. “Now get your butt in the shower. You’re holding this whole thing up. I’ve been ready for, like, half an hour. Come on,” she insisted, urging me onward.

She was so eager to get me in the shower. Was she so eager because she wanted to join me in there? Water coursing down our naked bodies as we got it on. Was she thinking about it now? Was she fantasizing already? It was hard to say, but she just might have been…

“Alright, alright,” I relented, moving towards my bathroom.

“And dress up nice!” she warned. “Like me!” she said, posing.

My aunt did look nice. Very nice. She wore a tight dark red top, short-sleeved to show off her lithe arms, scooped low enough to show a tasteful amount of cleavage, and tight enough to show off the perfect shape of her massive breasts.

Down below, she wore a clingy dark grey skirt, going down to her knees, hugging her firm thighs, and no doubt her ass as well. She wore a nice pair of high-heels too, making her stand up taller than normal, and again, no doubt it accentuated her hot ass.

“Well, I don’t think I can pull off the skirt quite like you can,” I replied with a flirty tone and a knowing smirk. She rolled her eyes again.

“Alright, go jump in the shower. I think you need to cool down.” she replied, more annoyed than amused. She turned and walked down the hall, her heels clicking as she did so. I couldn’t help but glance up, and yeah, her ass looked great in the skirt.

Really fucking great. The thin, smooth material, hugging each of the firm, juicy cheeks, showcasing it as it swayed side-to-side. My cock stiffened in my trouser. I shook my head, clearing those thoughts and moved to grab some clothes, sensing her annoyance and impatience.

Need I remind you that I and she were, like, less than an hour away from straight-up fucking. This party that we just had to get to… we would end up being very, very late because we would be too busy. Naked, in my bed. Fucking the shit out of each other. I was less than an hour from feeling my own aunty’s tight, dripping pussy wrapped around my naked cock, squeezing me tightly, trying to draw a heavy load of cum from my swollen balls deep into her waiting cunt.

My aunty was annoyed at me now, but very soon, she would have her plump lips wrapped around the tip of my cock, eagerly swallowing my semen like a complete slut. And still, at a point so close to that magic moment, things were normal. Nothing was unusual.

She was right that I needed to cool down, so the shower was welcome. This was one of those days, those hot days that leave you extra horny. I didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, and while I did know a few girls who would be happy to get together for some no strings attached sex, that wasn’t gonna be happening tonight because of this stupid party.

I contemplated just taking care of myself right there, in the shower, but at the rate my aunty was rushing me, I probably didn’t have time for a good, satisfying wank session. I cut the water and tried to ignore my stiff cock, gritting my teeth, annoyed that I would probably be spending the whole night counting the hours till I could drain my swollen nuts.

Luckily, I wouldn’t have to wait that long. My aunt would eagerly be seeing to that.

I got changed, putting on a nice polo shirt and a nice pair of trousers. Nothing too fancy, but comfortable and stylish. I cleaned up, combed my hair, and brushed my teeth before leaving the steamy bathroom behind. I made my way downstairs toward the kitchen, where I knew my aunt would be waiting impatiently.

I walked my way over to find her there, standing in front of the stainless steel fridge, studying her reflection, fussing with her clothes. She didn’t sense my presence, and in my current state, I couldn’t stop myself from checking out her round, juicy ass, moulded perfectly by her slim skirt.

Normally, I could control myself. Normally, I knew better. But, combining my current state of being horned-up with my annoyance at having to attend this dumb party, I was feeling a bit rebellious. So, with aunt still not noticing me, I slowly approached her from behind. Before she could do anything, I reared back with one hand and firmly brought it forward, giving my aunt’s fat ass a nice, crisp…


My hand collided with her firm left ass cheek, making a loud sound upon collision, my fingers digging in slightly as soon as I made contact. She jumped as I did this, turning to face me.

“Ah! What the hell!?” She called out to me, eyes wide in surprise as she rubbed her ass. But there was something else there. Something that flashed across her face for just a moment. A look of anger, combined with something else. Her eyes looked glassy. Her lips parted with a gasp. This was a look that could only be described as pure, concentrated lust.

The look passed quickly as she erased it from her face as if she didn’t want me to notice.

I would like to think this was the moment my aunty decided she wanted to swallow my cock to the root, wrap her plump, full lips around the throbbing base to form a tight seal as I pumped a giant wad of cum down her tight throat. And who knows… maybe it was.

Maybe the penalty for me invading her person like this was her getting on her knees, inhaling my cock, and swallowing my semen? I know it sounds crazy, but examining the facts later, it seemed like a reasonable explanation.

But this was undoubtedly the moment that changed things between us. This was the moment that led us down a path that ended with us naked and sweaty. This was the first step down a path leading to a very pleasurable conclusion for both of us.

“You’re such a fool,” My aunt said to me, annoyed, but unable to contain an amused smile. “Don’t do that again!” she warned, as I grinned at her.

Yeah, like an hour later, she would be BEGGING me to spank her fat, bare ass, over and over again. And I would happily comply. And she would love it. It would make her pussy squeezed hard around my cock.

But that would come later.

I moved towards the cupboard before stopping, noticing that she turned back to face the fridge, looking displeased.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t know if I’m happy with this,” she said, looking at her outfit. “What do you think?” she asked, turning to face me. She looked spectacular. The clothes hugged her figure while still being tasteful. The top flattered her fit frame and massive, succulent breasts, and I hadn’t been able to keep my eyes off her ass.

So the slim, black skirt was doing the trick. But, sensing weird energy in the air, and feeling a bit bold, an idea jumped to mind.

“Uh…” I said, shrugging, acting unimpressed. “It’s alright.”

“Yeah, I knew it,” she said, annoyed. “I don’t think this is gonna work. I’m gonna go change,” she said under her breath, marching out of the room, back upstairs to her room. I smiled slightly, with no real plan in mind, happy that I had gotten under her skin a bit.

Pleased with myself, I made my way back up to my room and booted up my PS4, knowing my aunt was very indecisive in things like this. I was up 3-0 in the game by the time she made her way to my doorway.

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