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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 3) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 3) [18+]

Forty-five minutes. She was breathing hard, feeling the burn. Her top was soaked through. Seeing herself in the mirror, the tank top clinging wetly to her body, maybe she should have worn that sports bra. But she hadn’t and it wasn’t like there was anyone else in the gym to see.

Breathing hard, she kept it up for another ten minutes before slowing. It was time for A short cool down for one of the weight machines. Which she had to adjust. Damn, guys doing their weight routines and showing off. On the other hand, it only took a minute to adjust and then she was off, working through her reps.

Eyes closed, breathing hard, she was halfway through her weights when a draft of cool air wafted across her, chilling the wet top where it clung to her, chilling her shorts where they clung to her. Startled, she opened her eyes and looked towards the door.

Wunmi saw HIM.

Just like that, something inside her knew immediately that this was the guy. The one. Just one glance. She was breathing faster, her heart drumming like a bird, her whole body going weak so that she almost let go of the grips. It wasn’t his face, although that looked good.

Clean-shaven with a slight shadow, dark-eyed, masculine. Maybe a little older than she was. No, it wasn’t his face, it was the way he was built, from his feet to his head. She watched him turn towards the treadmills, presenting his back to her.

V-shaped, rising from a tight butt and narrow waist to broad muscled shoulders and arms as thick as her thighs. And his butt. Oh god, that was a butt to die for. Narrow and tight and firm and beautiful. She wanted to kneel at his feet and kiss that butt, run her hands over it, hold it, then touch him everywhere.


His back to her, he began to jog. Wunmi watched him move, eyeing the flex of his muscles, the swing of his legs, hypnotized by the movement of his butt, the play of his muscles. She slowed her reps, wanting to draw out the sheer visual pleasure looking at him gave her.

She wondered if guys felt like this when they looked at those girls on the porn websites she looked at out of curiosity once or twice. She must have watched him running for a good thirty minutes, slowing her reps right down. Even so, her arms were totally burning when he finally stepped of the treadmill to move to one of the weight machines.

While he was setting himself up, Wunmi started working, very slowly, on her legs.

He sat, facing her across the small gym. Almost hypnotized, Wunmi could hardly breathe. His pecs, moving as he worked, flexing, tightening, relaxing. His abs. Like a wall, so well-defined even through the tight t-shirt. His arms moving, flexing.

Almost panting, she wanted to run her hands over him, stroke him, feel those muscles moving, feel them flexing. God, he looked so large, strong, and sexually attractive. Those arm muscles. Those abs. That tight butt. And his legs. Without conscious thought, Wunmi’s eyes ran over his legs before moving to his shorts, seeing the bulge there.

Even from where she sat, she could tell that bulge was bigger than the bulge in Tope’s boxers. Her pussy pulsed hotly. Her nipples seemed to harden and swell, aching as they pushed outwards against her wetly clinging tank top. She wasn’t even embarrassed, she was so into just looking at him working out on his weight machine.

For the first time in her life, Wunmi desperately wanted to pick a guy up. But she didn’t know how. Instead, she sat there watching him, feeling her body tingle and burn. Feeling her swollen nipples aching. Feeling herself so wet and hot, as wet and as hot as when she teased herself with her fingers.

He was looking at her too. Whenever she glanced at him, he was watching her. He would look away when she looked at him, the same way she would lower her eyes or move her head when he caught her looking at him. Looking away from his eyes, she looked again at that bulging prominence that his shorts concealed.

Oh. My. God. He had an erection. She could see it pushing outwards against his tight shorts. He really was huge. He was looking at her the way she was looking at him. He was watching her. He got hard just looking at her while he did his reps.

Wunmi felt her pussy pulse again as she closed her eyes, feeling faint, feeling an unfamiliar black hole of excitement opening within her. She had never seen a guy get hard from just looking at her. Never.

His eyes, she could see his eyes, he was looking at her legs, where she sat with her legs spread wide, her lycra shorts clinging tightly to her body. Very tightly. She was wet, she was wet with excitement from looking at him. From seeing him looking at her. She actually had to bite her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning out loud.

Wunmi’s sweat-soaked top clung to her like a second skin, making it obvious that she wore no bra. Her tight shorts clung to her body, outlining every intimate curve. She was heart-stoppingly aware of that, of the tightness of her shorts, hugging her body.

Hugging her everywhere as she sat facing him. His eyes stayed on her. They stayed on her as she climbed off the weight machine on shaky legs. They followed her as she walked across to the exercycle.

Half of her was embarrassed enough to want to leave the gym. The other half of her wanted to stay and watch him, wanted him to watch her, to look at her, to get excited by her. All of her wanted to say something to him, to talk to him, but she had no idea what to say. How did you pick up a guy in the gym? Maybe she should have followed Sophie’s advice and gone out more. Maybe she should have, but she hadn’t.

Breathing hard, and not just from her workout, she climbed onto the exercycle, pedalling slowly, looking at him, imagining feeling his body on hers, that mouth touching hers. Thinking about him like that was getting her wetter and wetter, so hot she was almost wriggling as she pedalled, the movement of her body against the stretch fabric that clung so tightly to her accentuating that wetness, that heat.

She wanted to touch herself so badly. So badly that she was almost wriggling in her seat as she pedalled, the friction of the seat beneath her as she moved exquisitely enjoyable.

Wunmi pedalled harder, breathing faster as she eyed him. He was bigger than Tope, more muscular, yet somehow he looked gentler, more open. She tried to imagine him doing to her what Tope did to Sophie and had no problem with that thought.

It was easy to think of his hands on her, caressing her, easing her onto her back as he drew down those tight shorts to expose himself. Closing her eyes, Wunmi pedalled faster, panting, rubbing herself against the seat of the exercycle, feeling herself so wet and slippery. Leaning forward a little, in her mind she parted her legs for him, exposing herself, feeling him push against her. She slid herself against the seat, rubbing, rubbing … Imagining him pushing into her, those eyes looking into hers as he took her …

“Oooohhhhhh.” She cried out, abruptly climaxing, suddenly dizzy, losing her balance, and starting to fall off the bike. Everything went black for a second as she toppled sideways. She felt strong arms suddenly catch her, hold her, and support her. When she could see again, he was half holding her in his arms, one arm steadying her, the other under her, supporting her weight.

She tried to hold herself up, failing miserably as he lifted her and set her onto her feet. She had to place both hands on the exercycle, bending forward, panting, her knees turned to jelly, her body still glowing. One of her breasts pushed firmly against his arm where he supported her weight. That felt good. That felt so good.

“I think you pushed yourself a bit hard there.” God, his voice was perfect. As perfect as the rest of him.

“Uhhhhh,” Wunmi gasped, “Uhhhh.”

“Are you okay.”

“Nuuuhhh.” Oh god, she sounded like such an idiot. This was so embarrassing.

“Take it easy there, relax, breathe in slowly…” Please, keep talking. Wunmi wanted to say something but she was still breathing too hard. Too hard? She was doing a good imitation of a steam engine. She still felt faint. And oh god, his hands on her felt so good. Even better than her imagination.

“Better come and sit down.” He led her over to one of the weight benches, and eased her down. “Put your head down, breathe slowly … slowly now…” He knelt on the floor beside her, close enough to bite. She could smell him, sweaty, masculine, an attractive smell that made her want to lick his skin.

“Feeling better now?” She could hear the concern in his voice. With her head down, she could see the bulge in his shorts. God, he still had an erection. She wanted to reach out and stroke it with her fingers. She had been sharing an apartment with Sophie for too long. That was the sort of thing Sophie would do. Not her. Not Wunmi Philip.

“Yeah,” she managed to pant. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem.” He stayed next to her. “You sure you’re okay? I can walk you back home.”

“No, that’s okay, I’m fine.” You idiot Wunmi, you should have said yes.

“That’s good.” He stood. Standing, that bulge was right in front of her face. Wunmi’s pussy pulsed again. So close. So very close. She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, he was walking back to his weights. With a sigh, Wunmi stood, walking across the gym on slightly shaky legs to retrieve her gym bag. She caught his eyes following her.

Deliberately now, her back to him, she bent down to retrieve her towel, wipe her face, hang the towel around her shoulders before heading for the door. He watched her to the door.

“See you again,” he called out as she opened the door.

Wunmi turned her head and smiled. “See you next time.” Oh please please please see me next time. Through the glass walls, she could see him watching her across to the corridor leading to the elevators. Why oh why oh why hadn’t she said yes when he asked if she would like him to walk her back to her house.

That night, she slept so soundly that Sophie and Tope didn’t wake her up at all. In fact, it was ten in the morning before she opened her eyes, rested and relaxed. Her first thought on waking was of that guy in the gym. Maybe he would be in the gym again. She threw on her tracksuit trousers, a sports bra and T-shirt.

She had a long slow gentle workout while she waited, hoping he would show up.

He didn’t.

Maybe next time?

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