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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 2) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 2) [18+]

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“Yes,” she whispered, her cheeks burning, “oh yes … fuck me … fuck me …,” not quite knowing what “fuck me” would feel like but wanting it despite herself, wanting what Sophie had. Savouring the sound of those words coming from her mouth.

Wanting to know what it felt like to be fucked. Wunmi slid one finger inside herself, feeling her own tight wetness, moaning softly, listening to Sophie moaning on the bed on the other side of the wall, hearing the loud squeaking of the bed, hearing Sophie’s date’s rhythmic groans of pleasure as he took her.

Wondering if he would groan with pleasure like that if he took her the way he was taking Sophie. Wondering if she would make the noises Sophie was making as she was taken.

Wunmi’s other hand had left her breast to join the hand between her legs, legs that were now spread wide, thighs so taut they quivered, her hips lifting, moving as one finger worked inside her while the fingers of her other hand moved over the swollen little bud of her clitoris. Imagining in her mind that she had a big hard cock and that it was plunging into her.

“Fuck me hard,” Sophie had sobbed.

“Fuck me hard” Wunmi’s whisper had echoed, her mind-eye picturing what Sophie and her boyfriend were doing. She had heard Sophie’s shuddering moans and cries, heard her her boyfriend’s grunts and the pounding rhythm on the bed.

“Ohhhhh,” she had heard, “oohh ohhh ohhhh…I’m coming …I’m coming”.

Wunmi had taken a deep shuddering breath as she listened to Sophie’s cries of pleasure, of culmination, and then she too had climaxed, her fingers working wetly, her body shuddering in the darkness, biting her bottom lip to keep from crying out as loudly as Sophie was.

Slowly, her breathing had returned to normal, her heart had slowed, her excitement had faded and her embarrassment had grown. But always, in time, the noises Sophie made would resume, more often than not waking Wunmi from her sleep.

“Really Wunmi, if you can’t sort out a guy to satisfy you here of all places, you should maybe just get yourself a vibrator,” Sophie had giggled after Wunmi had asked her to keep the noise down the previous weekend. “Maybe you wouldn’t be so uptight about it.”

“I’m NOT uptight. I DON’T need to be satisfied. I just don’t want to listen to you and whatever guy you’ve picked up having sex all hours of the day and night. I need to sleep Sophie. I need to study. I have to get good grades, even if you don’t.”

“Jeez Wunmi, relax, I only have Tope over in the weekends … well, and last night … but it’s not like its every night of the week. See Wunmi, you’re nineteen, you’re at university, this is where you should party like the rest of us before life gets serious, stop being so uptight and get out more. Come out with us, Tope can find a date for you.”

“I’m NOT uptight,” Wunmi was getting angry. If she wanted, she could find a date for herself. She knew she could. One or two guys had asked her out. But with her course workload, dating and studying weren’t exactly compatible.

“I’m just tired, I mean, come on – at four in the morning? You would be upset, too, if you had a test at nine and you were up all night, trying to study with all that … all that noise going on in the next room. At least keep it down Sophie, please, and don’t scream your head off after midnight. Please, Sophie, that’s all I ask.”

“Wunmi, you can’t keep good sex down. When it happens, you have no idea whether you’re screaming or not, you just do it.” Sophie had giggled. “If you had it, you would know what I mean.”

“Aaaiiiiyaaaahhhhh!” That particular discussion had ended with Wunmi storming into her bedroom and slamming the door. And now Sophie was going at it again. Jesus! At least this time they were quick about it. Wunmi was still eating her noodles when the screaming ended. A little later Sophie emerged, sweaty, dishevelled and smiling happily.

“Good news Wunmi.”

“What’s that? Tope bought you a gag?”

“Hey, don’t be so bitchy.” Sophie grinned, holding up her cell. “Tope says he can line up one of his friends for a blind date, you’re coming out to a party tomorrow night with us.”

“No waaaaay! I’ve got an assignment due Monday.”

“Come on Wunmi, pull the other one, I know you already finished that one, you’re just trying to get that bonus mark on top of one hundred per cent for it, I know you. And I bet you did well in that test this morning anyhow.”

Wunmi grinned a little sheepishly. That’s exactly what she had been intending. She had known she would do well in the test by the time she finished it. But she really really really wanted those bonus marks as well. “Yeah, well, I’m not going on any blind date Sophie. I don’t want to date some guy like Tope. Or one of your other rejects.”

“Hey, I heard that.” Tope stood in Sophie’s bedroom doorway towelling his hair, dressed in nothing but his boxers. Very tight boxers.

“Put some clothes on Tope.” Sophie grinned at Wunmi. “Don’t shock Wunmi.”

“Whatever, Tope’s not my type of guy.” She couldn’t help looking at him though. Those muscles on his arms and chest and those six-pack abs. He had a nice tight butt too. And there was that large bulge in the front of his boxers.

Tope wasn’t like any of the half-dozen weird guys she dated in secondary school. Not at all. They had all been the bookish types, attracted to a female nerd. If one of the big guys had ever asked her out on a date … say, a guy who looked like Tope, she might had done a little more than kiss. She pushed that thought away in a hurry. That was almost as bad as lying in bed listening to Sophie.

“Wunmi! Do NOT start dating guys like those guys you hung out with back at High School. They were … you … Wunmi, you can’t waste yourself on losers…you’re far too pretty to date nerds. Isn’t she Tope?”

“Yeah, far too pretty for that.” Tope was still towelling his hair, his muscles moving in a most distracting kind of way. He glanced at Wunmi, smiling. “What sort of guys does Wunmi like?”

“Total nerds,” Sophie almost wailed.

“I don’t,” Wunmi protested.

“Hey, some of my best friends are nerds. I need help with my grades.” Tope’s laughter annoyed Sophie. Wunmi found herself grinning as he glanced at her. “Come on Wunmi, come with us this once at least, I’ll make sure the guy behaves.” He grinned. “No one like me, I promise. And no nerds either.”

“Come on Tope, get dressed, we gotta go. Tomorrow night, okay Wunmi.”

“Yeah, you gotta come with us Wunmi.”

“Okay okay, just this once.” It must have been looking at Tope in his boxers that made Wunmi say okay. Listening to Tope and Sophie had got her all hot and bothered. Again. Even if she didn’t want to. Her pussy pulsed hotly as she glanced at the bulge in those boxers again.

She hadn’t intended to agree. But she did, somehow, the “okay” just slipping out of her mouth.

“Great.” Sophie almost squealed.

Tope just grinned before he disappeared back into Sophie’s bedroom. It didn’t take him long to dress. Sophie was ready to go more or less at the same time. Wunmi tried to study after they had gone. She couldn’t. She couldn’t sit still.

She couldn’t focus. But she could easily think about Tope standing there so nonchalantly in his boxers with that large bulge in them. She could easily think about what he and Sophie had been doing earlier in the evening. She could easily touch herself through her panties.

But she couldn’t study.

In the end, she gave up. Maybe she would watch a movie. But the movies she found just didn’t interest her. She would watch them for a few minutes and drift off into her own thoughts. Maybe Sophie and her other friends were right. Maybe she should get out more.

Socialize. Meet new people. Maybe even date. Oh god, why on earth had she agreed to go out tomorrow night anyhow. She just hoped Tope’s friend tomorrow night wasn’t a complete waste of space. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t find her own dates if she wanted one. She wasn’t bad looking.

Whatever, she couldn’t just sit here all night.

Why not go down the street to the gym and workout until she was exhausted? Then at least she would sleep. It wasn’t like she needed to change. She was already wearing the shorts and a tank top she usually wore around the apartment. It was Friday night, nobody would be in the gym except her.

Decision made, she grabbed her gym bag and headed for the gate. She bounced through the busy street and into the gym, waving to the receptionist at the front desk on the way. She had been right. She WAS the only person in the gym. Great! She knew most of the regulars who used it in the morning but she had never actually used it late in the evening.

Anyhow, it was great to have it to herself. She didn’t need to bother slipping her sports bra on under the top. Stretches done, she moved to the treadmill. A slow jog to start with, speeding up a little as she warmed up and got into her stride.

She actually preferred jogging outside but the treadmill was okay. Running, she almost regretted not wearing a sports bra, but really, it wasn’t like she actually needed one. One of the benefits of small firm breasts. She found herself giggling as she stepped up the pace, starting to push herself harder. Fifteen minutes and she was sweating hard.

Thirty minutes and her top was soaked with sweat, clinging to her.

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