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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 1) [18+]


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Average Joe: Introducing Wunmi (Episode 1) [18+]

“Harder … harder … oh God … HARDER!”

“Dammit, can’t you keep it down, Sophie”

Wunmi Philip hammered on the wall. She wanted to scream herself! It wasn’t just having her study interrupted. She had to listen to Sophie and Tope going at it all afternoon. They had been at it last night for hours. Worse still, Sophie yowling like a bitch in heat had woken her up in the early hours of the morning.

She didn’t even try to be discrete about what she was doing. Sophie was her best friend, they had been friends since they started secondary School, but honestly, this was waaaay too much. She had an assignment to hand in on Monday. She was doing her best to fine-tune and polish it.

With all this noise, it was impossible for her to stay focused on her work.

“Harder … harder … fuck me harder … oohhhhh … ohh yes yes yes … Oohhh Jesussssss … ohhh Jesusss fuck me hard …”

Sophie’s voice carried clearly into Wunmi’s bedroom. She wasn’t calling on the Lord in vain either. Her bed squeaked even more noisily than she did. Squeaked and groaned and thumped with increasing vigour against the wall. In a less-than-musical duet with her bed, Sophie moaned and cried out and wailed and begged. All too audibly. Wunmi didn’t need to imagine what was happening.

She had the soundtrack.

On full volume.

Sighing, she rolled her chair back from her desk and walked out to the kitchen. If she couldn’t study, she would cook some Indomie noodles. Sophie and Tope would be heading out to party soon, she could eat now and study after they left. After those distracting noises ended.

It wasn’t like it was the first time she had hammered on the wall. She talked to Sophie about the noise before. Before? She brought it up with Sophie any number of times over the last few weeks.

She listened to Sophie and one guy or another going at it in the other bedroom at all hours of the night from almost the first week they’d moved into the apartment. At the moment the guy was Tope. Who was, she had to admit, pretty large, strong, and sexually attractive.

Since Sophie had started dating him, she fantasized once or twice about Tope herself. It was hard not to when Sophie was having one of those “mind-blowing orgasms” as she so fondly called them, only a few feet away.

Especially for someone who more or less decided not to have sex until she met the “one”. Mind you, when she started university back in August, she hadn’t exactly expected “the one” to take quite so long to find her. It wasn’t that she was averse to sex. But unlike Sophie, she wasn’t going out and actively searching for it either. It wasn’t like she was in a hurry.

“Yes … yes … harder … fuck me harder … do it do it do it … ooohhh yeaaaahhh … do me … do me … oh god yeeeeeesssss…”

Not like Sophie seemed to be.

Although when she left home and headed off to university, Wunmi had faithfully promised her Mom and Dad she would work hard and behave, be a good girl, not party. She had meant it to. Which didn’t mean she wouldn’t with the right guy.

Someone she loved. Okay, maybe just liked a lot. After all, she WAS a good girl. She even joined a Bible Study Group as soon as she started uni. She attended religiously.

“Ooohhhhhh Jeeeesuusssss Jeeesuussss Jeeeessssuuuusssss …”

Although Wunmi’s idea of religion seemed to differ somewhat from Sophie’s.

Wunmi’s Mom had been so serious, so concerned for her. God knows her Mom and Dad had worked hard to get together the money to send her off to university. It wasn’t like they were wealthy or anything.

Her Mom had always been so adamant about the family plans for Wunmi – go to university, study hard, get a good degree, find a good job, meet someone who was good husband material, preferably Yoruba. Then get married, have a family, all the stuff Yoruba parents expected from a girl.

Wunmi knew the sacrifices her parents had made. And her Uncles and Aunts, who were helping with her school fees. She had no intention of letting the family down.

But a boyfriend would be nice.

Only she wasn’t going to do what Sophie did with her boyfriend.

Even if she did fantasize about it.

Anyhow, she didn’t have a boyfriend, so it was a moot question.

Sophie’s vocalization wasn’t a moot question though. It was actually starting to affect Wunmi’s grades. She really couldn’t afford that. She HAD to do well. If she couldn’t persuade Sophie to turn the volume down, she might have to move out.

That would hurt too, because Sophie was paying forty percent of the rent. When they looked at the apartment together, they both liked it and the building. Half the rent had been too expensive for Wunmi though.

“Don’t worry Wunmi, I can pay it.” Sophie’s allowance from her parents was way more than Wunmi’s. She really WAS a good friend, despite the noise. In the end, Wunmi had acquiesced.

“But you get the big bedroom,” she insisted. She cooked as well. Wunmi had grown up in the kitchen of her Mom and Dad’s restaurant. Sophie couldn’t cook to save her life.

She could burn boiled eggs though.

“How could you actually do that?” Wunmi had been stunned.

“I’ve never cooked in my life,” Sophie admitted. She hadn’t even sounded embarrassed.

It had taken a couple of days to get rid of that sulphuric burnt egg smell. The cheap metal pot had managed to weld itself to the element on the gas stove as well. Sophie had no idea how to replace the element either. Wunmi had shaken her head.

“It’s probably better if you don’t start now. Maybe after you graduate?” When they had gone their separate ways.

Whatever. Sharing an apartment with Sophie for the last few months had opened her eyes to rather more than Sophie’s inability to cook or do housework. She had known Sophie since they started secondary school. She’d thought they had a lot in common. They did, but there were also a few things they didn’t have in common that were now glaringly apparent.

Like the way Sophie dressed when she went out on dates.

Like Sophie’s attitude to guys.

Like the way, Sophie so casually had sex with almost every guy she dated.

Sophie had dated at Secondary School. Wunmi knew that they had both dated, they had talked about guys and dates. They were best friends after all. She knew Sophie had actually had sex with a couple of guys just before she finished secondary school.

But Sophie had obviously decided that now that she was away from home and at university, she could cut loose. She started partying almost from the first week. To be fair, Wunmi had to acknowledge that she mostly studied during the week. But unlike Wunmi, most of her weekends were spent out on dates or at parties and bars.

And not just dating one guy. Sometimes she would go out with a couple of different guys over the same weekend.

To Wunmi’s rather shocked surprise, Sophie had sex with most of them. The first time she brought a guy back to her room, Wunmi had been horrified. How could Sophie do that? But she had, and Wunmi had had to listen.

Again and again. To Sophie and guy after guy. Wunmi had lost track of Sophie’s guys very quickly. Now she was used to it. But her whole view of Sophie had needed to be … adjusted. It wasn’t like Wunmi was completely innocent, she knew all about sex. In theory anyhow. She had dated back at secondary school a few times – she had even kissed Kunle and Olamide and that other guy she dated, what was his name? Henry?

She let him touch her breasts. Which had been enjoyable, she had to admit. But never more than that. It had barely even crossed her mind to have sex before she was married. Maybe with a very special guy. Perhaps. But not with guy after guy after guy. Not like Sophie.

How did she do it?

The worst wasn’t so much that Sophie was bringing guys back and having sex with them. That she could have lived with. No, it was the noise Sophie made when she had a guy in her room. It was so distracting.

It was bad when she was trying to study, it was worse when she was trying to sleep. Worse still, sometimes it actually got her all hot and bothered and made her think about doing things like that herself.

When that happened, it became impossible to sleep. Listening despite herself, Wunmi would lie in bed, imagining what Sophie was doing to say such things.

She would even whisper the words Sophie used, closing her eyes and trying to imagine what Sophie was doing, what was being done to her, for her to say those words. Wunmi would find herself imagining having that guy in bed with her, looking at her, doing things to her, hearing her say those words to him.

The first time Wunmi touched herself as she listened, she had been shocked with herself. But she hadn’t been able to help it. She had been lying in bed, her eyes closed, picturing what was happening despite herself.

In the darkness, her hands had worked her nightgown up, up and then off until she had been lying there in nothing but her panties. Both hands had cupped and stroked her breasts, teased her nipples until, biting her bottom lip, she slipped one hand down over her panties and cupped her pussy.

She was aching there, aching and wet and it felt so much better with her hand cupping herself there.

Hearing Sophie’s wordless moans of pleasure, hearing the rhythmic noises Sophie’s bed was making, Wunmi had slowly rubbed one finger along her slit, over her clitoris, touching herself through the thin cotton, imagining a guy’s weight on her, imagining him moving on her, imagining his cock sliding into her where she was so wet.

The thought made her breath catch. She rubbed herself a little faster, with a little more pressure. In the darkness, she could hear a faint wet sound from her pussy. She could feel her wetness soaking through her panties.

Wunmi had spread her legs wider apart then, one hand cupping and squeezing a breast, squeezing her nipple. Her other hand had slipped under the elastic band of her panties, past the sparse scattering of black fluff, seeking and finding the slippery heat between her lips.

“Fuck me,” she had whispered, echoing Sophie’s moans. “Fuck me hard.”

And in her mind, she imagined that happening to her, imagined that male weight rising and falling on her body, imagined the plunging penetration as her fingers moved easily on her, making faint wet sounds that she could barely hear but that felt so good.

Wunmi’s fingers felt good. Sophie’s moans and sobs and cries of pleasure told her that what Sophie was feeling must feel better by far. She was feeling hot now, her nipples swollen and rock hard, her pussy so wet.

“Fuck me hard … give me that big cock,” she’d heard.

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