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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife II (18+)

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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife II (18+)

Again, I decided silence was the safest reaction, instead of raising a querying eyebrow. After a second she added, more decisively,

“She needs me to agree to this. Nnamdi needs you to agree to it.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to sleep on this, and maybe talk about it after a night’s sleep?” I asked, definitely not wanting to betray any clue that this idea was starting to seem dangerously appealing to me. “Bisola, if you ask me to do this, and I have…intercourse…with her, there’s no coming back from that.”

Surprisingly, she slid closer to me and with her mouth a couple of inches from mine, she slid her hand down to my boxers and placed it on my cock. “But this dick belongs to me, doesn’t it Edwin?” she asked, and slowly began to circle her hand on my cock, through my boxers.

“I am the only woman you want, and will ever want, aren’t I?”

I became hard incredibly quickly, the erotic images my mind had recently been producing contributing to this. As her hand began to slide up and down my hardening shaft, I whispered, “You are the only woman for me, the sexiest woman I have ever known.”

“And if you were to do this thing for Chioma and Nnamdi, it wouldn’t be making love would it?” She sighed as my hand reached to her soft full breast and began to knead it. “It would be a mechanical thing, to do what needed to be done for your seed to go inside her. Nothing more than that?”

I leaned in and kissed her, drawing in her mouth with my tongue, before replying, “We could leave most of our clothes on, I could close my eyes and think about you, and it would be over without any passion.”

She continued to work my now erect dick, reaching down once to caress my balls. “Tell me you won’t be any less than 100% mine, Edwin, that you can do this without feeling anything for Chioma.”

I pulled her in close to me and ran my hand down her back to her curvy ass, fondling her. “This is the only body I want…that of my beautiful sexy wife…you are the only woman I have ever or will ever love and the only woman to whom I can make love to.”

That seemed to seal the deal, because her hand lifted up from my cock and snaked behind my neck, and she moved her body into mine while we started to french kiss, our tongues entwined. “Put that big cock in me, Edwin, I want to feel my husband fill me up.”

My hand gripped her ass while we kissed passionately, my mind now completely focused on pleasuring my wife. Bisola knew I loved it when she talked dirty, and she also knew I liked her complimenting my penis, which was now at its fully engorged state. She started to grind her pelvis into my thick 9 inches, while we both endeavoured to work our underwear off our hips and down our legs.

No sooner had we lost our briefs than she pushed me onto my back and swung her legs across me, straddling my hips with her legs while facing me. She hungrily reached behind herself and gripped my cock, positioning it at the entrance to her cunt. Then she made a small moan as she slid down onto me, an expression of wanton lust on her face.

“Oh, Edwin… I love your cock,” she whispered breathlessly, as my full length entered her smoothly. She put her hands on my chest and then slowly began to work my cock inside her, grinding her clit against me.

“That feels good,” I replied, reaching up to tease her large nipples with my thumbs. I felt her pussy slide around and down my hard length, enjoying the sensation, watching her arousal build.

“This is the only pussy you want, isn’t it?” she asked, while locking her eyes onto mine, her blonde hair tousled around her now flushed face.

“I love being inside you, this is the only pussy I want,” I replied, but again unfaithful thoughts surged into my mind…an exquisitely tight pussy stretched around me, milking me of my cum…

Bisola was a good fuck, there was no doubt about that, although after the second child had been born I had noticed that she had lost some of the tightness she once had enjoyed in her vagina, and this loosening had been significantly compounded by the twins (she was back on the pill now, so number 5 was not an issue).

Hell, childbirth and years of being stretched around my thick penis were bound to loosen any woman’s muscles, and Bisola made up for this with her undoubted passion for sex and for my cock.

She was bringing herself close to a climax now, lifting herself up and down on my dick with increased force and speed while continuing to rub her clit against me. My large hands started to squeeze and knead her soft breasts while her own hands reached for my shoulders.

She started to grunt with pleasure as she pounded her pussy onto me, her breasts bouncing in front of me, and I felt my own orgasm drawing nearer.

Finally, she started to climax, and I felt her whole body tense as the first wave of orgasm hit her, the convulsion in her pussy creating a delicious sensation in my dick. I felt the familiar tension in my balls building as she continued to orgasm above me, moaning my name, and as I drew close to cumming my eyes closed in pleasure.

…and the face I could see in my mind’s eye had black hair and brown eyes and was not the face of my wife but rather her best friend, whose petite features were contorted into an expression of lust as a wave of my spunk landed on her face…

The unfaithful image set me over the edge, and I opened my eyes again as I started to cum inside my wife, shooting my load into her spasming pussy.

“Godddd….” I whispered, shocked by the intensity of the visual image that had set me off.

Bisola felt my spunk shooting inside her as she orgasmed, and she crushed her breasts down onto me, her hair falling down around my chest, locking her mouth onto mine to kiss me while our orgasms subsided.

“Did you like that baby?” she finally said, breaking the kiss and looking down at me with a happy expression that she always adopted after making me cum, her face flushed in the afterglow of sex.

“That was fantastic,” I replied.

“And your cock belongs to my pussy, doesn’t it?” she asked, staring at me intensely. “And it always will, won’t it?”

“Forever,” I replied, with sincerity. But even as I said the words I was thinking about what it would be like to fuck her best friend, what Chioma’s cunt would feel like wrapped around my cock.

“Then I am going to say yes to Chioma and Nnamdi,” she announced, before kissing me again.


So there we all were, two evenings later, sitting in Nnamdi and Chioma’s front room, Bisola leading the conversation in the prelude to the first pregnancy attempt.

“I am going to set out the rules,” said Bisola, “which I have agreed with Nnamdi. Edwin, Chioma, please listen carefully, because this is all-important.”

I nodded while Chioma murmured a yes. I was determinedly trying not to stare at Chioma, the woman who in about 30 minutes’ time would in all likelihood be laying beneath me with my penis shooting cum inside her, but I hadn’t been able to avoid noticing that she looked radiant today. Bisola’s conversation with her the day before, agreeing to her plea for help and organising this gathering tonight, had obviously lifted a large weight from her shoulders.

Chioma was wearing a sleek close-fitting white silk blouse and black jeans, casual but sexy, with her make-up lightly done but attractive and her hair loose around her shoulders, looking full and glossy. It was the right look, I thought with bemusement, for having sex with your husband’s best friend in the annexe bedroom of your house.

“Rule 1,” continued Bisola, “I am agreeing to let you have up to 5 separate attempts to get pregnant Chioma, all during this month’s fertility cycle. If you can get pregnant over the course of the next 5 nights, that will be wonderful, but if you don’t, I do not want any of us to ever speak of this again and I will not agree to Edwin doing this again.”

Chioma nodded in agreement, and this was obviously something they had already discussed between them. I noted to myself that Bisola was quite impressive when she adopted this all-business persona, such that she appeared to be now discussing this in an entirely matter-of-fact way, which seemed quite surreal.

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