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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife [Finale] (18+)

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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife [Finale] (18+)

Hey guys!

How are you? Hope you had a fantastic weekend? I just have two things to talk to you about before today’s story. First, the planning for the party is going swimmingly well. If you’re part of the people willing to donate, I sent an email last night about the event, there are some details in there that you need. If you’ve not gotten the email, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram (@deolububble). Also if you’ve not registered. Do so now! We’re closing the form soon.

So, the first thing is cleared up.

Now for the second thing, Deolu Bubble is going international!!!! Someone blow the airhorn…

We are hoping to spread into the US in the long term, we are making strategic partnerships, and trying to get more known in the US market amongst African Americans and Carribeans. One idea we are trying is to use mass produce these cute little cards, pictures below, and hand them out to people that we think will enjoy the story. If you’re in the US and want to get someone of these cards to distribute in your area, feel free to write me up at or message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (DeoluBubble), and we will ship it to you. You’re such a big part of us.


I responded in turn, sliding my large fingers down her perfectly toned stomach and reaching between her legs, finding her clitoris with my index finger.

“Ahhhhh……..” she whispered in response, as I started to circle my finger on her clit, and I could feel that she was very wet already and was extremely turned on.

I leaned across her to place my mouth on her other nipple now while I continued to slowly manipulate her button, knowing that I had found the exact right spot by the way her breathing deepened. “Like that?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yesssss…” she replied, dreamily.

I had decided that I was going to use my fingers to bring her to her first orgasm, that I was only going to slide my cock into her after her passion had already exploded once.

“You have such a sexy slim body,” I whispered to her, while I tongued her nipple and increased the pace and pressure of the circling of my digit on her clit.

“You tooo…,” she responded, her legs spread fully open to give access to my hand. “Ohhh…that’s so nice.”

“I have been thinking about doing this to you all day,” I added, while my middle finger joined in with the manipulation of her clitoris, feeling her moisture immediately as it pressed upon her.

“Ohhh…me tooo…” she moaned, and I knew that her climax was building.

“Thinking about your delicious body, and all the things I am going to do to it to give you pleasure. Like this.” My tongue was lapping her nipple between words, my fingers now properly frigging her clit, ever more quickly and firmly.

“Uh-huh…ohhhh…. that’s so horny,” she uttered, both hands now on my neck and hair, pulling me onto her breast. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……”

Then she started to climax around my fingers, her back bucking up off the bed and her pelvis trying to grind itself into my hand. I momentarily released my mouth from her breast, but then my tongue found her again while my fingers did not release her, and I felt her whole body start to shake in orgasm.

My cock was incredibly hard and I knew that I would not be able to resist fucking her for much longer.

She continued to shake as her climax took her, finally reaching down to place her delicate hand on my wrist to implore me to release her clit. I did this, and also moved my head up from her breast, before placing my hands on her hips and moving her body so that her feet came just short of the edge of the bed.

I moved above her, edging forward so my face was just inches from hers, and positioned my dick at the opening of her cunt.

She looked at me with an intense lustful expression, so different to the situation and the look of trepidation just 24 hours earlier when I had found myself poised over her on this very bed for the first time.

“Fuck me,” she urged me, and then I was in her again, my cock sliding into her inviting cunt.

This time there was no cautious and gradual entry, and instead, I was inside her in one firm steady movement. Immediately I could feel again the incredible compatibility of our sexes, could feel how well I filled her and how perfectly she contained me.

“Fuck….” I moaned, her heat and tightness far surpassing the sensations of Bisola’s cunt the night before. I then started to fuck Chioma, her hands on my shoulders, and whispered, “This feels so fucking right.”

There was no shy reticence on her part tonight either, no pretending at the start that she was not feeling me and trying to avoid moving her hips with me. Chioma was wantonly fucking me from the outset, her cunt gripping and releasing me in its wonderful warm hot interior.

“Your dick, inside me,” she panted, while I stretched her around my cock. “It feels so goooddd…I never knew…never knew I could feel this full.”

I leaned in and we kissed for a few seconds while the fucking continued, my cock pistoning in and out of her, banging into her cervix, her legs already moving to grip me into place and her hand sliding onto my ass to try to pull me ever deeper into her.

“Your pussy surpasses anything, anyone, I have ever been with,” I replied, knowing that the incredible sensations she was providing me with and the erotic nature of her words were going to cause me to cum more quickly than I was accustomed to.

Her cunt was dripping with moisture, my balls feeling the wetness coming out of her as they slapped into her.

“This is so goooddd,” she panted, “I love being fucked by you….hammer me with your dick, pin me to the bed and fuck me.”

I needed no more encouragement, and I started to pound into her with increasing force and passion, her tiny frame writhing under my large muscled body, our mutual sounds of lust filling the room along with the sound of creaking bedsprings.

This was sex that was perfection, two bodies united in mutual lust, a cock and a cunt that were made to fill and to receive each other. I was grunting loudly while she started to moan loudly with every insertion of my cock, pressing herself into me and gripping me.

She finally arched her back against me, and panted, “Nnnnnnnnnnn…….ohhhhh……you are the best fuck of my life.”

Then it was too much for me, the pent-up desire of the last day exploding from my cock and gushing into her, my cum filling her and shooting into her cervix.

My balls seemed to be releasing a torrent of cum inside her, and the feel of my spunk filling her immediately sent her over the edge, and she in turn started to cum.

Once again her cunt quivered around my dick deliciously in the grips of her orgasm, the fantastic rippling feeling extracting every last seed of cum from my body.

My mouth and hers locked onto each other as we expressed the pleasure we were feeling with and the desire we were feeling for the other person by sliding our tongues into each other’s mouths.

“Mmmmmmmmm……” she moaned, “Fill me up with your cum, give me what my husband cannot give me.” She continued to grip and squeeze my still hard dick with her pussy walls, helping to maintain my erection.

We kissed again, then I replied, “I want you to have all of my cum, every last drop, my sexy horny lover.”

She looked at me with intensity, and I realised what word I had said, the term I had used which acknowledged openly what we now were. After a few seconds, she whispered, “I love your cum inside me….lover.”

Then we were kissing again, her hands caressing my back and ass, knowing that we had just crushed another psychological barrier which both brought us closer together while drawing us further away from our vows to our spouses.

The sexual work of her hands, mouth and cunt as we embraced kept me hard inside her, then it seemed the most primitive thing to be withdrawing from her before standing up, and urging her to, “Lean over the side of the bed.”

She did so without hesitation, her pert small round ass-cheeks and her cunt displayed to me as she stood up, then turned to lean forwards to place her hands on the bed. Then I was in her again, entering her from behind, my cock slick from our mixed fluids.

“Ohhh….ohhhh….ohhhh,” she started to moan immediately, her body shaking with each forward thrust I made. I gripped her hips, marvelling at how slim her hips and waist were compared to Bisola, as I pulled her exquisite cunt onto me.

She had a fantastic ass, and I savoured the view of her body from behind, her head tilted forwards as she received the thrust such that her lustrous black hair fell forwards over her face.

The comparisons and contrasts between fucking two different women in this same position in the space of 24 hours immediately came to me, charging me erotically as I fucked Chioma from behind.

I loved my wife, but this petite woman in front of me now, this woman who moaned and groaned with every slam inwards of my cock, this woman had supplanted my wife as the prime receptacle of my lust and desire.

“God, how did I survive without experiencing fucking you,” I moaned as I took her from the rear, my large hands gripping her hips firmly.

“How did I survive without your cock inside me,” she responded, “Ohhhh… it feels so fucking good filling me up.”

This was surpassing even the sex of the night before in its intensity and sheer physical euphoria, and again I felt myself drawing closer to orgasm. This time she reached her climax before me, however, and she started to almost shriek with delight as the third wave of orgasm hit her, her whole body convulsing and her cunt pulsing around me as she came.

I was unable to outlast her by much, however, and for the second time that evening my spunk entered her, joining the cum that had already been mashed into her cunt by my pistoning dick.

Her whole body shook around me and she fell face forward onto the bed, drawing me with her, still inside of her.

We lay like that for minutes afterwards, the occasional pulsing of her cunt keeping me semi-hard while she held me in place, some of my spunk seeping out of her but no doubt lots staying within.

She lay with her face to the side, and I nuzzled her neck while we basked in the physical joy we had just experienced together. Part of me wondered how long we had been up here, whether our spouses had started to wonder where we were and what was taking so long. Another part of me did not care and simply relished being on top of a woman I was lost in lust for.

Chioma looked sleepy, in a slightly dreamy state, and she whispered, “Thank you, lover.”

I kissed her cheek, trying to find the will to break this intimacy, but knowing that I would have to. My heart was pounding. How was I going to be able to give this up, in 3 nights’ time?

The End

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