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Average Joe: Chinyere’s Day Out II (18+)

Soon one of the spa workers came into one of the rooms to light some candles. “Let’s check the sound,” Olu said.” He turned up a volume knob, and through the speakers in front of the TV, I could clearly hear the attendant rustling around.

Then she turned on a small CD player in the room, and we all heard some pleasant music. “All the better to massage you by,” I thought to myself.

Olu turned to me and said, “We may have to wait a while. Chinyere’s probably going to want to take advantage of some of the other areas of the spa before she gets her massage. Wait here. I’ll go check on her progress and let you know when things are about to get started.”

While I was waiting, several customers came into the rooms for their massages. I had a bird’s-eye-view of some fairly plump, middle-aged housewives getting patted and rubbed with all kinds of techniques — mostly by female therapists. Although I got a couple of good flashes of breasts and ass, nothing very exciting happened.

There was some chit-chat and some pretty contented sighs from the women clients that I could hear perfectly, but that was about it. No wandering hands or sexual innuendo. . .just professional rubdowns with all the vital areas covered by the sheet for the most part.

The sessions lasted about an hour, and the women all seemed very relaxed and refreshed when it was over. I was beginning to think Olu had overhyped this thing when the door opened, and he came in.

“She’s just finishing up with the mud bath. She should be here in a few minutes after the shower.”

My stomach suddenly was doing flip-flops. I hadn’t expected to get so keyed up so soon, but my mouth was dry, and my cock was already stirring when I saw Yinka walk into one of the rooms and start to make some preparations.

He seemed very casual and self-confident, and I couldn’t help but think again what a macho this guy was. Suddenly he turned and looked right at us through the camera and gave a big thumbs-up sign. I jumped when he said loudly, “Showtime!”

Yinka left the room, and only moments later, Chinyere came in and closed the door. My breath caught in my throat. She was every man’s wet dream. Dressed in a big robe, her hair was done up with a clip, and her skin seemed to be glowing. She had that look of someone who just got out of the shower, and even on the TV, she looked unbelievable.

I watched as she glided over to the table and undid the tie on her robe. She slid it off her shoulders, and Olu and I stared at the screen as she slowly revealed her magnificent body: World Class breasts — not too big, but just right for her small frame — topped with small nipples that already looked like they were at attention.

As she dropped the robe and pulled back the top sheet on the table, we both admired her firm features. I noticed that she had trimmed the downy triangle of hair between her legs. She gracefully pulled herself up on the table and laid on her stomach. . .then reached back and pulled the sheet back over almost to her neck.

She was modestly covered, but the sheet left little to the imagination — molding itself to every curve and valley, including the twin globes of her perfect ass.

“Damn. . .” I heard Olu mutter beside me. I couldn’t have agreed more.

My wife shifted around and settled on the table, placing her face in the opening and resting her arms and hands up above her head. I heard her give one of those contented sighs; then there was a light tapping at the door. Chinyere raised her head slightly and said, “All set….come in!”

Yinka came into the room and quietly closed and locked the door. He walked over to the CD player and turned down the volume of the lazy music a little, then walked over to the table and gently placed a giant hand on Chinyere’s sheet-covered back. She looked like a little girl compared to his size.

“Hi, my name is Yinka, and I’ll be your massage therapist today. How are we treating you so far, Chinyere?”

“Heavenly. . .” I heard Chinyere’s voice, somewhat muffled between her arms. “I could really get used to this!”

Yinka chuckled pleasantly as he moved over to the table with the oils. “Hey, the best is yet to come.”

There was a full-length mirror on one wall of the room. While Yinka had his back turned to my wife, I saw her raise her head slightly and quite obviously look him over in the reflection. Her eyes widened noticeably, and I detected a slight smile play across her pretty lips as she rested her head back down.

I’m pretty sure Yinka knew very well that he was being checked out too. When he turned around he had a big grin on his chiselled face while he rubbed some warm oil on his palms. For the first time, I also noticed the sizeable bulge in the front of Yinka’s white shorts.

“So is there anything special that you want me to work on today. . .any areas that have been bothering you?”

Chinyere sighed again and said, “Nope. . .I’ve never really had a massage before. You’re the expert. . .I’ll leave it in your hands.” Then she giggled at her own bad pun.

“OK. . .you just relax and leave everything to the expert,” Yinka laughed as she folded the sheet down to expose her lovely back. . .keeping her ass modestly covered. He moved to the side of the table and began applying firm strokes with both hands up and down the full length of her back. Occasionally he would vary the length or the pressure, then he would use his fingers to work specific areas that felt tense.

This went on for quite a while. Yinka worked her entire upper body, including her neck, shoulders, and arms. Nothing much was said between them and I was beginning to think Chinyere had gone to sleep. The only thing that really kept me on the edge of my seat was a couple of times when I noticed Yinka’s fingers stray to the sides of her breasts which were mashed underneath her.

But she made no movement to protest or stop him, so everything was cool.

After some time, Yinka pulled the sheet back up on her back and moved back around to the side of the table. Reaching down to her feet, he slowly pulled the sheet up and folded it just below her buttocks. I was not surprised to see that Chinyere held her legs close together. As she stirred a little and shifted on the table, I wondered what was going through her mind as this handsome stranger worked on her. Just an inch or so more, and the guy would have a pretty good view.

Yinka poured some more oil on his hands and then started to work on her feet — one of Chinyere’s most sensitive areas. She loves a good foot massage and there have been many times when we have started there and moved to nights of heated passion.

As he worked her tiny feet, Chinyere made the first sound I had heard in a while. It was a mix between a soft coo and a moan. She raised her head again and whispered softly, “Oh, you certainly are good at this.. .”

Yinka smiled, and I could see that he was slowly moving her legs apart as he worked her feet. By the time he started to move his stokes up to her calves, her legs were almost to the edge of the table. But he was still working mostly from the side, and I didn’t think he could see much under the dark shadow of the sheet from his angle.

Gradually he moved his way up her legs, kneading and stroking every inch — past her delicate inner knees, up to the backs of her thighs. His large hands almost went around her entire leg as he worked the oil into her skin. As he moved upward, his hands began to brush against the sheet — moving it up little by little with each contact. Soon we could start to see the soft curves of her ass come into view.

Now he was just grazing the hint of perfect, rounded flesh visible beneath the cover. His strong movements caused her hips to move up and down beneath his grip. As he worked the tops of her inner thighs, his hands would move together in between her legs, and I was sure that he was only inches away from heaven.

He stopped there, however, and moved around to the foot of the table. Using long strokes with both hands, he started at her feet and pushed up both legs until his hands came to rest just below her ass. Every stroke caused the sheet to ride up a little more, and I knew from where he was standing now he had a perfect view between her legs. . .and it was obvious that he was taking full advantage of his position.

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